Billions of users use different mobile applications in their day-to-day life. That is why Mobile app development is growing rapidly.  During the lockdown period, people badly need a source to stay in touch with their loved ones and work partners.

At that time, authorities in the United Arab Emirates alleviates the ban on many audio and video calling applications. Without further ado, let's have a look at the best audio and video calling apps in this country in 2022.



The UAE government approves of only a handful of audio/video apps and Botim is one of them. It's free everywhere in the world except in the United Arab Emirates. Users only need data or WiFi to use the app.

You can make HD voice and video calls worldwide with this app. And you can send images, videos, and voice notes to your loved ones anywhere in the world. 

Botim charges 50 AED per month for users who use it on their 3G/4G cellular data. The second price package comes at AED 100 per month and allows users to use Botim on their house WiFi too. Furthermore, it offers plenty of special offers and discounts to its users.

WhatsApp Calling

WhatsApp calling

You might know that WhatsApp is banned in the UAE forever. Luckily, now you can make a WhatsApp call to someone who uses the same WiFi service as you. It allows users to call family members upstairs or downstairs as they use the same internet services.

So, WhatsApp is still useless for UAE residents when it comes to calling extended family members. But, it can be useful to at least some extent. Professionals who deal with mobile app development in Dubai are happy with this decision as well as the users.



Zoom wasn't on the list of video calling apps the Dubai government had approved previously. It is now allowed and free for everyone.

 It is a very famous internet calling application. Zoom allows professionals to conduct video conferences and remote meetings with other staff members.

Many video calling apps that work in emirates are handled by a local telecom company. This isn’t the case with Zoom. 

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Like Zoom and WhatsApp, Google Hangouts was also not allowed in the UAE. Fortunately, it is now authorized and is free for all. Google Hangouts offers users fast access to talk to or make video calls with one person or group across channels.

It's a VoIP app which means a software app installed on a device that allows users to make and get phone calls. A user-friendly interface and good quality video and audio calls are two of its many useful features. 

People use it to make calls to family and friends as well as for meetings and classes.

However, the Google Hangouts mobile app doesn’t show status messages or display the names of people who are online. The app allows users to conduct group video calls with up to ten people. 

While you are on call, Hangouts automatically identifies and show the user who is talking at that time. It does so by showing little live shots of other users in the meeting across the bottom.



Voico is an audio/video call app that is free to use for Du users in the Emirates. Its salient features are video/audio calling, group functions, texting, and translating. Voico UAE app is part of their campaign called “it's good to be home”. 

Users can download the Du Voico UAE application from android and apple stores on their desktop or mobile devices. They only need a functioning UAE mobile phone number to register and internet connectivity to make calls.

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications company or Du said that the company understands people’s need to keep in touch with their friends and family, therefore, it has launched a free video/audio calling service for its consumers. 

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams

Teams at any company need to make creative choices and collaborate with each other. A shared chat-based platform facilitates both of these things.

Microsoft team is one such collaboration software. It is particularly helpful for teams in very big firms, or that have a lot of remote workers or a significant number of team members.

It is basically an internet video calling app specially designed for workplaces and overseas conferences. It is a platform that allows team members at an organization to collaborate with each other easily.  

Users can share files and documents that could be seen by all group members at any time. 

Skype for Business

Skype for Business

It is also a widely used Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) app. Skype applications weren't allowed in the UAE previously.  While skype for personal use is still banned in the country, Skype for business is allowed now. It is completely free for all organizations.

Teams at firms can use this mobile app for video conferences and meetings. Its other features include voice calling, instant messaging, document transfer, and debt-based calls to mobile telephones and landlines. It can be used on several mobile, desktop, and video game console sites.

Bottom Line

People in UAE always stay concerned about the best ways to contact and collaborate with people sitting in remote areas. This is a good sign that the authorities in the emirates have eased the ban on some apps which facilitate high-quality audio and video calls.