PWA Development

Redefine the future with our progressive web applications, guaranteeing seamless collaboration and boosts digital success.

Boost Conversions,
Accessible & Works Offline

Experience seamless interaction, smooth navigation & increase in conversions with highly adaptive & advanced PWA development at Maven

  • Frontend

    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Angular
    • React
  • Infrastructure

    • AWS
    • AWS Lambda
    • GitLab
    • Heroku
    • Jenkins
    • Rackspace
    • Nginx
    • Docker
  • Backend

    • Node.js
    • Elixir
    • Go
    • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Phoenix
    • Express
  • Database

    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • MySQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • MongoDB

Secure, Fast,
Reliable & Economical

The future of web is in PWA & we have just the expertise to promise fastest, safest, reliable apps that are easy on your pocket.

  • PWA Development Approach

    We leverage only the latest technology stack like modern JS, microservice architecture & a hassle-free approach to develop tailored PWA solutions for start-ups & established business corporations as well as redefine complex IT structures. For our prestigious partners, we have developed ready-to-deploy PWA solutions.

    • Improve Product Discovery
    • Competitive Mobile Campaigns
    • Fully Secured Website(s)
  • Why PWA

    Websites built as PWA delivers exceptional user-experience & have blazing fast page loading speed even in uncertain network conditions. PWA can work in offline mode which gives them an edge over all others. For businesses to complete relentlessly in the highly saturated digital world, PWA development is the definitive solution.

    • Extreme Speed
    • Multi-Platform Approach
    • Offline-First
    • Push Notifications
  • PWA Shell Architecture

    We have trained professionals to develop exceptional and high quality PWA following the app shell methodology. Our approach with web development is coherent and astute that delivers measurable & highly profitable business gains. For PWA development in particular, we do it all with extra resonance for sure-fire success.

    • Top Google Ranking
    • Accelerated Development
    • Improve User Acquisition
    • Increase Conversion Rate
  • PWA Design

    We adopt app designs that are usable, scalable & easy to maintain. Our PWA solutions are highly customisable & integrable to accommodate the ever-changing digital landscape to drive long-term organisational success. We begin with a prototype before the final product for a perfect & satisfiable solution that fully meets the end-user’s goals & business operations.

    • React PWA
    • Vue PWA
    • Ionic PWA
    • Svelte PWA
    • Angular PWA
  • Scalable & Corporate

    At Maven Digital, we build highly reliable, agile, engaging & extremely user-friendly PWAs that are sure to win today’s dynamic & tech-savvy customers. Our PWA apps are immersive & totally business-featured with aspects such as push notifications, data analytics & web app channels.

    • Browser Compatible
    • Connectivity Independence
    • App-Like Interface
    • Safe & Secure

Mobile App Development Phases

Our mobile app development cycle includes different phases that oversees perfection in every way. From ideation to research, development & delivery, our team of professional app developers are aligned on a single platform to bring you rich, powerful, crisp & blazing fast apps.

Simple, Smart & Efficient Apps

We are always experimenting with latest technology in mobile app development to take charge of the game & lead by example. Check out what we're up to on our blog posts!

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

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