Ready for the biggest summit of the year? 3rd Edition Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit is all set to take place in Dubai Mall on the 5th and 6th of April, 2021, and will see 250+ senior level executives & decision-makers from the Banking & Financial Services sector as well as experts on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, Machine Learning, and RPA, come together under one platform, as well as 20 Live Demos/Exhibitors. Whether you are a C-level executive, VP, or Machine Learning enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to have vis-à-vis meetings with chiefs of major corporations and conglomerates to discuss the scope of Robotic process automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data in the future and pick their brains on the best growth hacks.

The two days program is the perfect opportunity for attendees to get to grips with AI & Analytics-driven culture, which would in turn help them expand upon the use of AI and advanced analytics as well as embrace the adoption of contextual banking to increase organizational success, gain profitable growth, strategize smartly and stay afloat in a cutthroat market. This is your one-in-a-lifetime chance to find out what other top institutions from the sector have up their sleeves, in order to come up with an implementable system. The summit will throw light upon the challenges faced by the financial institutions, as well as some emerging best practices on how to cope with them.

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In the age of intelligence, the lines between AI and analytics are blurring ever so fast, and as more and more organizations continue to jump on the bandwagon of an ‘AI-first approach’, Chief information officers, chief information security officers, and chief experience officers responsible for customer experience platforms, are looking for innovative ways to provide flawless banking solutions to their consumers and ensure customer loyalty.

To help them cope with these challenges, the summit will create conversation topics centered on overcoming the issues pertaining with the adoption of futuristic technologies. Listen to expert speakers from the Banking and Financial Services discuss the innovation and business transformation issues faced by the BFSI when it comes to embracing futuristic technologies, and learn how the Banking and Financial sector can not only adapt these technologies, but also become more intelligent about their customers through cognitive banking. Learn how ML, NLP, Predictive Analytics, and AI can help you deliver a highly engaging and positive customer experience, reducing friction and cost along the way.

Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit will help you learn through case studies, presentations, panel discussions and face to face meetings with technology experts. This summit is the perfect opportunity for attendees to equip themselves with the right tools and technologies to perform proactively and develop business opportunities to stand a shoulder above competitors.

Who should attend this summit?

This summit is perfect for all C-levels – CEO/CIO/CTO/CISO/COO/CMO, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads of AI & Analytics department, AI & ML enthusiasts from BFSI sector involved in Retail Banking, Digital Banking, Digital Transformation, Consumer Banking, Capital Markets, Securities, Private Banking, Wealth Management, E-Channels, FinTech’s, Online Services, Customer Experience Management, Information Technology, Business Innovation, Claims, Technology and Operations, Risk Management. Alternative Distribution Channels, Internet and Mobile Payment, and Business Intelligence.

This summit will help you determine which processes can be automated, and the use of the most up and coming technology to leave no space for human error, enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace, and boost customer visualization. Learn how the emergence and ubiquitousness of AI can serve to turbocharge data analytics and enhance customer experience manifolds. The key topics covered during the two day event will help you establish a robust business intelligence infrastructure and garner a 360-view of the customer.

Discover how AI is impacting Insurance, learn about the challenges of commercializing AI and how to build security, privacy, interpretability, and fairness into these systems in order to unleash the full value of AI. The summit will also help you create business efficiencies for immediate gains. Discover contextual intelligence and stellar planning can help you realize the vision of your organization. The focus of the summit will be to inculcate the benefits of by incorporating new technologies into existing legacy systems to meet customer expectations and offer a seamless service to your customers.

With a fast evolving business and technology landscape, banking CIO’s & CTO’s need to plan ahead for the future. Get a glimpse of banking in the future for being a disruptive digital enterprise. Listen to experts tell you how to set your vision and let you staff empower a framework that can lead to success in advanced analytics. If you haven’t already registered for the summit, do so now as soon as possible before the tickers run out.

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