A Technology Created to Access Your Apps With a Wrist Shake

Wearable apps are the trendiest technology and a signature feature for the top brands. After web and mobile development, wearable apps have also joined the bandwagon of must-have apps. If you are lagging behind, you have reached the right platform.

Maven Digital is a team of IT enthusiasts ready to shake up your business with the implementation of wearable apps technology. We have created a platform where investing in wearable apps seems favorable. To encourage our clients towards the wearable app we promote promising results, transparent benefits, and the cliche vibe it adds to your brand!

Wearable app development is a technical process but we have all the technical expertise one must need. We collect and analyze data of the competitive market, mark the pain points of the audience and use the insights to work on your project. Using such information helps us create a dynamic app for you that will rave over the market once launched.

We offer the most native, efficient, aesthetically pleasing Wearable app development services in Dubai. We are ready to turn any vision into a product using our experts' diverse knowledge and practical experience in the industry. Our Wearable app developers have successfully deployed wearable apps for all industries.

We Apply Modern Approach to Achieve Productivity, Accuracy, and Speed

Our Wearable app developers create the most sought applications with a beautiful native appearance and also have extensive experience creating custom wearable applications. Some of the basic features incorporated in the wearable apps of types include


A hand goes where the feet walk, creating an incredible space for navigation to the lengths beyond. navigate your route and store the data on your wrist with wearable apps technology. you can create customized tours and add them to your maps. you can also save your locations for the daily routes.


Never lose track of your route, phone, or even the watch with the wearable technology tracking system. The technology helps you locate your devices within a prescribed parameter while connected. you set alerts and alarms as well with wearable technology.

Health Sensors:

Stress creeps into our daily routine and initiates several minor health issues that sum up to many issues. Never miss a red alert concerning your health or change in the state of your body. using your body temperature and heartbeat, the wearable apps can detect changes and alert you based on the stored data. the application automatically alerts you if the condition is medically not ideal

Customized Notifications:

Check your notifications with a glance of an eye. The customized alerts on the wrist reduce the risk of losing the actual device. Adding to the overall security of your data and device. The wearable app shows notifications as per the priority set by you. Forget being bombarded with notifications, keep track of the important notifications only. Based on the advancement of the app, create even further options such as to reply, star, call, etc.

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Wearable Apps & Product Solutions

Our broad range of wearable app development services include but not limited to Google Glass, Apple Watch, Android Wear & countless other innovative wearable devices.

  • Smart Band App

    As a leading wearable app development company, Maven Digital have a brilliant team of experts with just the attributes to craft the perfect & customised fitness apps with seamless UI.

  • Smart Watch Apps

    Our wearable app development services cover Android & iOS technology using agile methodology to meet custom app development specifications with full supporting features.

  • Google Glass App Development

    We build high-end, feature-full, rich & custom specific Google Glass apps. Maven Digital have a dedicated team of glassware tech to make sure your next glass app returns amazing experience & outstandign performance.

  • AR/VR Apps

    Bring the experience & excitement of our AR/VR game development services on wearable devices that let users dive deeper into the fantastic world of gaming & unlock distinctive functionalities.

  • Design Excellence

    We develop for a range of iOS & Android devices that takes our experience with wearable app even further in delivering stunning UI/UX on both smaller & bigger screens.

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We are a leading mobile app & emerging tech development agency in Dubai with a highly talented team of programmers, designers, software engineers & IT gurus.

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