AR/VR App Development

Reality Beyond Its Physical Characteristics

Technology has adopted the characteristics of a dream; to create a reality that isn't there yet. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality App Development AR/VR technology is an emerging reality with the capability to serve purposes widely.

AR/VR is a glimpse of the future and perhaps becoming a partial part of our normal lives as well. The inceptive technology is currently cutting across the industries to assist the clients in improving business pitches, functions as well as customer service.

For virtual technology to take place, we don't just snap our fingers but we make it work technically. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality App Development AR/VR app development requires analytical skills at every stage. As we sure are creating a reality in its absence.

Maven Digital believes that a vision is a dream we see without eyes open and so we create AR and VR apps for you. Our app developers assist several industries as to how and why they should integrate AR/VR technology into their business. We take pride in the successful consultation of many businesses when it comes to augmented reality.

Our approach towards AR/ VR technology is modern and changes as the technology is modified by the creators. Our Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality App Development AR/VR app developers make sure that you receive the latest features of the AR/ VR apps with services provided by us.

A Combination of Real and Virtual World

Real-time Interaction:

The present is the reality and that's what we target in our AR/VR apps. The persistence in the AR/VR interaction and surreal experience in real-time is our goal. We believe in creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. AR/ VR exists beyond the digital screen and that's what we implement. Every object observed during the experience is supported by the errors coding of our experts.

Accurate Registration:

An AR/VR is only as real as the accuracy of the scenario. Our Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality App Development AR/VR app developers work tirelessly to achieve the accurate and precise 3D registration of virtual and real objects. We ensure that the combination of augmented reality and real-time interaction experience is enhanced by the accurate representation of the objects. It is our sheer responsibility to make an object that may exist miles away appear within a few feet of you.

Visual Pitch:

Dependence on the PowerPoint presentation to charm your investors is a thing of the past. Pitch your business vision in its truest form with AR/VR based app development. Our team is capable of creating apps that give a virtual tour of your business pitch. Technology is the perfect tool to create a vision of a unique idea. We can specifically incorporate the element you require for the presentation. We create a personalized experience for your future goals.

Smooth Transition:

Our practices are regarding neurological well-being and an equal experience for everyone. Glitches aren't something that you will find in Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality App Development AR/VR apps created by us. We ensure persistence and smooth transition from present reality towards augmented virtual reality. Smooth transaction combined with real-time experience is the charm that creates an irreplaceable experience.

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Apps For Smartphones & Tablets

Our specialised AR/VR app development services further enhances performance & functionality of mobile devices by tapping into their specific features. We do AR/VR App development in native platform tools.

  • 24/7 Consultancy

    AR/VR tech is the hottest in market & we at Maven Digital make sure your business lead the game with bespoke requirements & an app that delivers on its promise.

  • AR/VR Cardboard Applications

    Google Cardboard is one of the most economical mobile device viewer powered by AR/VR tech. We have just the development expertise to deliver outstanding AR/VR app that leverages the Cardboard viewer function.

  • AR/VR Desktop Apps

    We can enhance AR/VR experience by tapping webcams & AR/VR media plugins for large, powerful & static devices made for desktop. Our range of successful AR/VR desktop apps have already delivered for entertainment, educational, gaming & corporate purposes.

  • AR/VR Game Apps

    We take great pride in our AR/VR games for players to experience interactivity & immersiveness unlike anything. Our AR/VR game characters & objects are based on real-world situations that promises unlimited entertainment & increased in-app purchases

  • Support & Delivery

    We provide continuous support & after-sales services to ensure a bug-less, crash-free & flawless AR/VR apps that operates smoothly & high in performance.

Experience Reality Differently

We work with the latest in AR/VR tech to enhance & enrich user-experience for multi-purpose digital products & devices. Each of our AR/VR app is highly interactive & serves better in every way.

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