Mobile App Development Process

Research & Analysis

Exceptional results are achieved with incredible and deep research. At Maven Digital,our journey to mobile app development service kicks-off with 360-degree industryresearch to ensure your next app always stay ahead and stand-out among thecompetitors.

We explore and identify the user group and the market your app will cover to map thejourney from start till finish and even beyond. Our expert mobile app developersalso identify and remove potential roadblocks to ensure a super smooth journey andflawless app.

Planning & Design

A set of wireframes are created for every single app screen, including essential datato be incorporated. Our mobile app development UAE team aligns with you for aworkshop to review and iterate for a perfect final product.

We then brush the design with your brand guidelines to make the app look exclusiveand unique, the way you want. High-fidelity mock-up screens are presented before youfor possible iteration and production.

Production & Testing

Our in-house app development Dubai team then build the app on both Android and iOSplatform before a detailed quality check and testing for implementing the finaltweaks.

Final app version is then distributed amongst the internal team for UI/UX rightbefore the public release.

Delivery & Implementation

Your app is then placed on the relevant app stores for the public to download andexperience the awesomeness.

Our mobile app development UAE team continuously monitors progress and performancefor the app to ensure perfection and seamless experience.

Post Implementation

Delivering exceptional apps isn’t the end of the journey.

Our mobile app development services team offers full-time monitoring and support toensure extraordinary performance and visibility of the app in the app stores throughcrucial updates and patch releases.


Rich, Powerful & Efficient Apps

Turning Your Mobile App into an Interactive Solution

Professional & Flawless Mobile Apps

At Maven, we are a professional team of mobile app engineers, developers,software architects and digital maestros to make your app, the way youwant.

One-Stop for All App Development Requisites

Our mobile app development team works closely with you to ensure aseamless, robust, powerful, innovative and beautiful app.We are expertsat iOS, Android, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid, React Native & Flutterapplications.

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Building a super awesome and winning app is a big challenge. We are an official mobileapp development services company in Dubai to partner with start-ups and establishedbusinesses to grow, transform and excel on the digital landscape.

Our bespoke development process is supervised by a dedicated team of professionals toensure your app delivers accurate to th e core business objectives with post-launchsupport. We have diversified and skilled geniuses who are always at the core ofall-things digital to deliver blazing-fast, user-friendly and exceptional apps.






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Mobile App Development

We are proud to be trusted by visionary and ambitious brands, businesses, companies andentrepreneurs for our five-star mobile app development services. Our expert mobile appdevelopment Dubai team works with cutting-edge and advanced technology to ensure eachmobile app maintains high-quality standards and delivers glitch-free performance.

App Concept, Roadmap, Design & Prototype

The mobile app development process starts with a concept which our expert team seessuccessfully to make it a reality. We then create a highly-interactive prototype for testingand further development. Once approved and tested, we deploy the latest tech-stack onfront-and-backend keeping strict quality control standards.

Post-Launch Support

As a professional mobile app development company Dubai, we just don’t backoff once the apphas been designed and delivered. Our post-launch support is part of a continued journey toensure your mobile app performs at its optimum with enough flexibility for futuredevelopment.

iOS Application Development

We are a team of Apple master-coders, married to iOS app development as we talk inObjective-C and Swift and have a fascination towards Cocoa that’s simply incomparable. As adedicated iOS app development company in Dubai, we have dozens of cool Apple OS apps in ourproject portfolio.

Let’s Build an iOS App You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Programming gimmicks and setbacks are common and define us as human coders but, we followstrict standards to iOS app development guaranteeing flawlessness, clean andsmooth-performance apps.

Wireframing, Prototyping & Mock-ups

From the moment we receive a new iOS app development project, we start by building variouswireframes. These mock-ups are presented to the clients for reference. The iOS app development Dubai project kicks on approval of the prototypes.

Testing, Delivery & App Store Deployment

A team of quality assurance and analysts test the app against various quality parameters. Weprovide maintenance support and add-on features as the development progresses. The iOS app is then published on Apple’s official app store on finalisation.

Android App Development

We are one of the top Android app development companies in Dubai to have 15+ years ofexperience in providing super awesome, feature-rich, powerful and award-winning Android appsfor business transformation. For our team, Android app development is no less than apiece-of-cake as each of our app is carefully built using the latest and most emergingtechnologies in the industry.

Our Android Application Development Cycle

We are adept at developing full-fledged, top-notch, high-performing and super secure androidapp applications. Also, we help you migrate your existing iOS applications to Android.

Consultation & Code Audit

Along with Android app development Dubai services, we provide our clients and customers withproper consultation to keep them on-track of the entire process. We make Android apps basedon preferences and unique development requirements.

We review, analyse and enhance code quality to ensure your app performs at its optimum andremains stable all the way through.

Support & Maintenance

Our Android app development in Dubai support team is available 24x7 for our clients. We believein maintaining the relationship with customers. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Flutter App Development

Flutter mobile application development is for the smart generation and visionaries. Google's Fluttergives you just the perfect combination of speed and flexibility to capture the hearts ofyour smartphone app users. Our Flutter app development Dubai services give you the best ofboth worlds with seamless integration of both Android and Apple’s iOS.

Customized Flutter Application Development Services

We design flexible, beautiful, high-quality native apps in record time. Our highly skilledFlutter developers give life to your creative mobile app idea and imagination. You can haveyour desired features, designs, layouts and much more with our customised flutter appdevelopment services.

Migration & Integration

Whether you need a brand-new Flutter app or migrate existing app to it, we can assist youwith the full circle of exceptional, user-friendly and cost-effective flutter appdevelopment, Dubai services.

We take each client and customer as our family, ensuring that your vision is turned into areality with business-oriented and top-notch flutter apps.

React Native App Development

React native is the best thing that happened to mobile app development and we’ll make sureyou love it too. Leading businesses and brands have switched to React Native and haveunlocked it to its full potential. With low-cost development and quicker time-to-market,React Native app development offers many more advantages.

Our React Native app development Dubai process is seamless and strategic as we write freshcode for each using the Native framework. We are well-known for developing smooth and ReactNative mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

React Native Consulting, Development & Design

Our React Native app development team takes client briefing on the product, brainstorm on thebest ideas and proceed with the best.

As a leading React Native app development company, Dubai our team focuses on end results andlead with highly talented designers to ensure your app is amazing, unique and engaging.

MVP For Mobile Start-ups

React-Native is the best choice for MVP because it’s mostly about exploring the unknown.Instead of blindly guessing which platforms would target better, React Native apps are theultimate solution to speed up the development process.

Our Featured Apps

As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we have just the skillset to ensureyour digital experience remains flawless, rich and smooth. We fuel-up your idea from infancytill it becomes the next big thing in the world of mobile applications. Our apps aren’t justanother run-of-the-mill thing. We emphasise to bring unlikely and unexpected designs thatonly speaks brilliance while delivering richer, better and greater experience.

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Truly brilliant! Perhaps one of the rare mobile app development companies to provide solutions that holds up to their promise ofbeing highly innovative & unique

Delila Rayam

It’s one of those mobile application development companies to work with technologies that no otherhas imagined yet. Always creative, futuristic and visionary

Terrilyn Werme

Highly cooperative team providing ingenious and next-gen mobileapplications as well as scalable emerging tech for digitallyempowered business

Kyle Demayo

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