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We are Maven, a leading mobile app development and emerging tech agency in Dubai. Our app development solutions can change the way the world works. We empower industries, enterprises and brands for the connected future with the latest digital transformation strategies.


One of the top business organisations in the UAE, Injazat offers management and consulting services across a range of industries. To link Injazat with its potential customers, we created a powerful, feature-rich mobile application. The software has an intuitive user interface and a chatbot that can answer user questions.


I am super amazed by the quality of professionals in their team. I asked them to create a robust website for my small-scale business. That is exactly what I got. These people are skilled in digital forte. I am surely going to look forward for more help.


Throughout every location in Dubai, the company offers on-demand car maintenance. And for that, they needed a mobile app that was really functional and had an easy-to-use UI. For Jino, our team created a visually appealing Android application. For the app's sustainability, we added cutting-edge features like search, requests, and washing reviews.


One of the best apps for iOS users who want to improve their health by eating correctly is PicPax. Everything was hazy when the PicPax owner came over to talk to us. Our team established a clear development strategy and, in accordance, produced a stunning UX/UI and a clever algorithm to respond to user inquiries.

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iOS Application Development

Powering your vision, with iOS App Development Solutions.

Android App Development

Build Future Android Apps to Grow Your Business.

Flutter App Development

Let our Flutter mobile app developer team to take your business to new heights.

Mobile App Development

We are proud to be trusted mobile app development Company.

React Native App Development

Bring your vision into reality with our React Native app developers.

iOS Application Development

We are a team of Apple master-coders, married to iOS app development as we talk in Objective-C and Swift and have a fascination towards Cocoa that’s simply incomparable. As a dedicated iOS app development company in Dubai, we have dozens of cool Apple OS apps in our project portfolio.

  • Let’s Build an iOS App You’ve Always

    Programming gimmicks and setbacks are common and define us as human coders but, we follow strict standards to iOS app development guaranteeing flawlessness, clean and smooth-performance apps.

  • Wireframing, Prototyping & Mock-ups

    From the moment we receive a new iOS app development project, we start by building various wireframes. These mock-ups are presented to the clients for reference. The iOS app development Dubai project kicks on approval of the prototypes.

  • Testing, Delivery & App Store Deployment

    A team of quality assurance and analysts test the app against various quality parameters. We provide maintenance support and add-on features as the development progresses. The iOS app is then published on Apple’s official app store on finalization.

Android App Development

We are one of the top Android app development companies in Dubai to have 15+ years of experience in providing super awesome, feature-rich, powerful and award-winning Android apps for business transformation. For our team, Android app development is no less than apiece-of-cake as each of our app is carefully built using the latest and most emerging technologies in the industry.

  • Our Android Application Development Cycle

    We are adept at developing full-fledged, top-notch, high-performing and super secure android app applications. Also, we help you migrate your existing iOS applications to Android.

  • Consultation & Code Audit

    Along with Android app development Dubai services, we provide our clients and customers with proper consultation to keep them on-track of the entire process. We make Android apps based on preferences and unique development requirements. We review, analyze and enhance code quality to ensure your app performs at its optimum and remains stable all the way through.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Our Android app development in Dubai support team is available 24x7 for our clients. We believe in maintaining the relationship with customers. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Flutter App Development

Flutter mobile application development is for the smart generation and visionaries. Google's Flutter gives you just the perfect combination of speed and flexibility to capture the hearts of your smartphone app users. Our Flutter app development Dubai services give you the best of both worlds with seamless integration of both Android and Apple’s iOS.

  • Customized Flutter Application Development Services

    We design flexible, beautiful, high-quality native apps in record time. Our highly skilled Flutter developers give life to your creative mobile app idea and imagination. You can have your desired features, designs, layouts and much more with our customized flutter app development services.

  • Migration & Integration

    Whether you need a brand-new Flutter app or migrate existing app to it, we can assist you with the full circle of exceptional, user-friendly and cost-effective flutter app development, Dubai services.

    We take each client and customer as our family, ensuring that your vision is turned into a reality with business-oriented and top-notch flutter apps.

Mobile App Development

We are proud to be trusted by visionary and ambitious brands, businesses, companies and entrepreneurs for our five-star mobile app development services. Our expert mobile app development Dubai team works with cutting-edge and advanced technology to ensure each mobile app maintains high-quality standards and delivers glitch-free performance.

  • App Concept, Roadmap, Design & Prototype

    The mobile app development process starts with a concept which our expert team sees successfully to make it a reality. We then create a highly-interactive prototype for testing and further development. Once approved and tested, we deploy the latest tech-stack on front-and-backend keeping strict quality control standards.

  • Post-Launch Support

    As a professional mobile app development company Dubai, we just don’t back off once the app has been designed and delivered. Our post-launch support is part of a continued journey to ensure your mobile app performs at its optimum with enough flexibility for future development.

React Native App Development

React native is the best thing that happened to mobile app development and we’ll make sure you love it too. Leading businesses and brands have switched to React Native and have unlocked it to its full potential. With low-cost development and quicker time-to-market, React Native app development offers many more advantages.

Our React Native app development Dubai process is seamless and strategic as we write fresh code for each using the Native framework. We are well-known for developing smooth and React Native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

  • React Native Consulting, Development & Design

    Our React Native app development team takes client briefing on the product, brainstorm on the best ideas and proceed with the best.

    As a leading React Native app development company, Dubai our team focuses on end results and lead with highly talented designers to ensure your app is amazing, unique and engaging.

  • MVP For Mobile Start-ups

    React-Native is the best choice for MVP because it’s mostly about exploring the unknown. Instead of blindly guessing which platforms would target better, React Native apps are the ultimate solution to speed up the development process.

Mobile App Development Company You Can Count On

That attractive and functional app of your competitor that is breaking records of success — Your business app can do better than it.

Maven Digital has the solution you earnestly need. Our mobile app developers have been creating mobile apps for clientele that spans across continents for almost 10 years.

With clients like Jino, our work speaks for itself. Come talk to our team and get an app solution for your business. You name your app’s goal — engagement, user growth, or brand awareness and our developer magicians will build a mobile app that will enchant your consumers.

How to choose a reliable mobile app developer?

What kind of mobile app does your business need? One that boosts your revenue and meets your objectives!

Meet the most reliable mobile app development company in Dubai — Maven Digital with a team that gets your point with the least communication and delivers on time with the least revisions. Want our services? Ping us now to talk to our fun-loving but experienced team.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

Research & Analysis

Exceptional results are achieved with incredible and deep research. At Maven Digital, our journey to mobile app development service kicks-off with 360-degree industry research to ensure your next app always stay ahead and stand-out among the competitors.

We explore and identify the user group and the market your app will cover to map the journey from start till finish and even beyond. Our expert mobile app developers also identify and remove potential roadblocks to ensure a super smooth journey and flawless app.

Planning & Design

A set of wireframes are created for every single app screen, including essential data to be incorporated. Our mobile app development UAE team aligns with you for a workshop to review and iterate for a perfect final product.

We then brush the design with your brand guidelines to make the app look exclusive and unique, the way you want. High-fidelity mock-up screens are presented before you for possible iteration and production.

Production & Testing

Our in-house team then build the app on both Android and iOS platform before a detailed quality check and testing for implementing the final tweaks. Final app version is then distributed amongst the internal team for UI/UX right before the public release.

Delivery & Implementation

Your app is then placed on the relevant app stores for the public to download and experience the awesomeness. Our team continuously monitors progress and performance for the app to ensure perfection and seamless experience.

Post Implementation

Delivering exceptional apps isn’t the end of the journey. Our mobile app development dubai services team offers full-time monitoring and support to ensure extraordinary performance and visibility of the app in the app stores through crucial updates and patch releases.

Turning Your Mobile App into an Interactive Solution

Professional & Flawless Mobile Apps

At Maven, we are a professional team of mobile app engineers, developers, software architects and digital maestros to make your app, the way you want.

One-Stop for All App Development Requisites

Our mobile app development team works closely with you to ensure a seamless, robust, powerful, innovative and beautiful app. We are experts at iOS, Android, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid, React Native & Flutter applications.

Android App Development Process

We split the Android development process into six key phases:


In the first phase, we note down your requirements for Android app development and craft a custom strategy.


In the next step, we analyze the complexities and hurdles involved in the project.


Once we have analyzed the complexity of the project, we plan ahead to streamline the Android app development process


The next step is to carve out an exemplary Android app design based on your preferences.

App Testing

While app testing goes parallel to app development, we carry out one final round of app testing in the end to eliminate all undiscovered bugs.


After your approval, Android app developers of Maven Digital deploy your app on the Play Store.

iOS App Development Process

To make your iOS app perfect by all means, we follow a sophisticated iOS development approach consisting of the following steps:

Market Research

We start with market research during which we study similar apps and the leaders of your industry.


In the second step, we analyze the competition in your industry and the complexities involved in your iOS app development project.


Then we create a wireframe of your iOS application - a layout of a mobile app that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on its pages.


Once the wireframe is approved by you, we will move forward with the design and development of the project.

App Testing

App testing is an all-important phase of our iOS development process. During this phase, our iOS app developers test your app for possible bugs and problems with the user experience.


And finally, we will deploy your app on the Apple Store.

IndustriesWe Serve

Real Estate Apps

Real estate application development is one of our specialties. Come directly to us to save time and get the best mobile app for real estate to boost your user engagement and brand awareness.

Healthcare Apps

Our healthcare clients are highly satisfied with our extraordinary healthcare mobile app development services. Serve your patients well by placing your organization on their phone’s home screen.

Banking and Finance

You need mobile banking application development services that furnish impenetrable security and easy account management to users. We create banking and finance apps with avant-garde features.

E-commerce Apps

Double your user connections and sales with a lightning-bolt-fast e-commerce app. What sums up the best E-commerce app development? The right info at the right places, every important page a click away, and heartwarming animations.

Food Delivery Apps

Our scalable, profitable, and bespoke app can enhance your digital presence as a food delivery business. Get our food delivery app development services to skyrocket your revenue while making ever-lasting customer connections.

On-demand Apps

Maven Digital is an on-demand app development company with integrated and feature-packed solutions that gets the highest ratings on app stores. Contact us to get a mobile app that doubles your return on investment!

We love collaborating with companies that have great ideas

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What is the difference between Native App development and Cross-platform development?


In native application development, default language and IDE for bothAndroid and iOS is applied such as JAVA/Kotlin and Android Studio forAndroid platform whereas Objective C, Swift and XCode for iOS appdevelopment. On the contrary, cross-platform supports a framework inwhich coding is done only once and can deploy the app in iOS, Android,and hybrid app supporting devices. As a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, UAE, we have just the expertise to work amazingly onboth.


Do you provide a ballpark application development cost for the project?


Yes, we will provide you with an estimated cost at the earliest which isnormally after the first call conversation. By having an approximateidea of the probable cost, it’ll help you to identify financialfeasibility of the entire project. This ballpark estimation is based oneducated or predefined guesses based on previous experiences, so do keepin mind that the final cost may vary from that which is discussed.


What to do in case of new OS releases in both iOS and Android?


Whenever a new OS has been released, you should first test the mobileapp in the updated version and jot out all the points that arenonfunctional. Once done, you should connect with our development teamto provide a quick solution that actually works.


How much does it cost to hire a mobile application developer in Dubai?


Type of Mobile Developer - Average Hourly Rate

Basic/Intermediate iOS App Developer - $45-75+

Basic/Intermediate Android App Developer - $35-60+


Can you change the app after post-launch?


We highly recommend that you kick-start the project by releasing the simplest version of the mobile app and proceed with updates and changesin time to come.The purpose is to deliver certain assumptions and test them whilethey’re in their infancy else you won’t be able to perform any changeonce the app is released or uploaded on the app store.This is where AGILE development approach comes in handy however, weprovide each developer ample time to make necessary changes and improvethings for the better.


I have an app idea, can you help me start?


Yes, you can contact us by filling out the form at the top of this page, and our consultants will call you or email you as soon as possible. However, if you are in a rush, you can talk to us right now by calling on this number +971 4 596 9865. Our team will discuss with you your app’s concept and objectives. Hard selling isn't our thing. So, feel free to contact us if you need any help regarding mobile app development in Dubai.


Do you develop mobile apps in Dubai for both Android and iOS?


Yes, our mobile app developers are experts in creating cross-platform apps that run on both Android and iOS as well as platform-specific or native apps. Most businesses want their mobile application to run on both web and mobile phones. Therefore, we work with development frameworks like React Native and React that allow us to swiftly support all platforms.


Does your mobile application development company in Dubai create web apps too?


Yes, nearly all apps we develop also require web apps behind the scenes to run them. When you log into an application, a web server in the backend works for it with the information that inspects if you are allowed to sign in or not.


What if I want to get an app developed urgently?


In some cases, we can develop a mobile application for you in less time, and in some cases, it won't be possible for us. Depending on your project, we may be able to complete it earlier by devoting more mobile app developers to it. Sometimes, we won't be able to do that due to limitations in terms of technology, security, or app requirements.


What programming language is used for mobile app development?


Kotlin, Rust, Java, C++, and Python are commonly used languages used for mobile app development in Dubai.


How much does it cost to build an app?


It depends on the complexity of the mobile app but the range is between 10,000 to 100,000 dollars.


How much time does it take to build an app?


Mobile app developers in Dubai usually take two months for smaller apps, three to three and a half months for mid-sized apps, and five to six months for larger mobile applications.


What are the significant perks of developing Mobile Apps?


Significant perks of developing mobile apps include reinforcing consumer bonds, boosting the brand, providing customers 24/7 access to a company, offering superb buyer insights, reducing costs, and acting as ideal marketing tools.


Does Maven Digital build mobile apps for all platforms?


Yes, we develop native android, iOS, and Windows apps and cross-platform applications that run on all operating systems.


Maven Digital, a Synonym of Quality, Trust and Distinction

We deliver on time and work to exceed expectations. Our teams are solution-oriented, and proactivity and agility project.

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