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Case Study

The company provides on-demand car care anywhere in Dubai. And for that, they required a highly functional mobile app with a user-friendly interface. Our team developed an aesthetic Android application for Jino and integrated advanced options such as search, request, and washer review into the app for its sustainability.


PicPax Nutrition

Case Study:

PicPax is one of the finest apps available for iOS users who are eager to get fitter by eating well. When the PicPax owner approached us, everything was quite vague. Our team laid down a concrete development plan and accordingly created a magnificent UX/UI along with an intelligent algorithm to answer user queries.



Case Study:

Injazat is one of the leading corporate groups in the UAE providing management and consultation services in various domains. We designed a high-performance, feature-rich mobile application to connect Injazat with its prospective clients. The app features a user-friendly interface and an intelligent chatbot to entertain user queries.

Our Happy Clients Have This to Say

“Working with Maven Digital has been spectacular in every way possible. From idea to creation and the entire evolution process in between, the experience & results were fantastic. The team ensures optimum care and enthusiasm for all of its projects that it takes on. My mobile application was all that I was hoping for and I am so thankful I found a perfect match and company to help me out.”

“We’ve been very pleased with the apps that Maven Digital has developed. Historically, we’ve kept all development in-house, but on a whim, we decided to give the team a chance. Production time was fast and the final apps are very stable. We’ve now decided to expand the line of apps that we’ll have them build for us.”

“Team at Maven Digital really impressed us by building an iOS app to our exact specifications on an aggressive timeline. It’s a pleasure working with this detail oriented, reliable team. 10/10, I will collaborate again.”

Driving the Digital Innovation

Explore the Versatility of Emerging Technologies

The wavelength of technologies is infinite. The more we move into the future the more innovation aligns in our life. As the earth revolves, the technologies are evolving. At Maven Digital, we help our clients chase the wavelength of infinity.

Maven Digital is a proud part and contributor to the emerging technologies in Dubai. We smoothly transition between web app development to blockchain technology development projects for our clients. You pick the technology and we pick one of the experts for the development.

Our dedication towards your business growth is unmatchable. Maven Digital provides you a chance to capitalize on the merging technologies. We have a swift vision of providing a trustable web and mobile app development ground for our clients.

How Have We Come So Far?

Maven Digital was created to be a part of significant change. We changed our business model and stated our app developers experts as the foundation of the company. Our blinded trust in our employees' skills has aided the growth of the industry.

We have built a mobilizing team of different expertise for every technology. Our team includes revolutionary consultants to tech gurus all ready to serve your business goals. Maven Digital is the biggest support of techie leaders and we have homed the most significant ones.

The practical experience and eagle eye analytical skills of our experts are the prominent reason behind our success and continuous growth of the company. We put the same set of app developers and skills for our client's projects as we do for ours.

Like we say, let's grow together.

Professionals Understanding the EpiCenter of Digital Transformation

IT Leadership:

Our team is led by a visionary leader with a strong embark on the IT culture. With due leadership, the ladder to the ninth sky is now accessible and achievable. Along with supporting the very foundation of our agency, our leaders are dedicated towards nudging a path for the clients as well. We get the technical aspects just right.

IT Driven Data:

IT-driven data is the foundation of the surging success rate of our projects. We believe in a combination of industry and customer-oriented data analysis to create the best module for our clients. We separate the frequently witnessed features and turn them into an ideal component with the help of data-driven insights.

Rapid Expansion:

Redesign the architecture of your platform aided by the experts' adaptability of the industries. We use the term experts adaptability to reflect the evolving skills and expertise of our team. With such evolving skills, we aid the rapid expansion of your business. With one suitable technology, you can revamp your entire business. Experience immense growth in the era of digital transformation.

Technology Adoption:

Integrate technology into your business to fasten up the process of modern commerce adaptation. We are here to help you adapt to the technology which includes changes across processes, systems, business architecture, and strategy. We turn the gradual process into a quickly achievable project. The results are never compromised by the services of this platform.

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What programming language is used to develop apps for the iPhone?
Objective-C, Swift and C# are the programming languages that are mainly used for developing IOS applications. You have to make use of the XCode platform for iOS app development. Apple has also provided support for C++ on the latest version of XCode 4 which is currently available as a beta release.
How do I choose the best iPhone app development company in Dubai?
You can pick the best iPhone app development company by accessing their portfolio, client reference and expertise. When choosing an app developer think of complete applications including design, interface, coding, testing, app store deployment as well as maintenance. And most importantly don’t get driven by the high price.
Do you provide maintenance and support after developing an iPhone app?
We provide complete maintenance and support. We provide services like troubleshooting, enhancing legacy systems, updating security, etc. With regular maintenance of your applications, we make sure it is working at 100% efficiency all the time and helps in boosting your sales.
Is building apps for iPhone worth it?
iOS is among the most loved and secure mobile operating system with more than 900 million users worldwide. This makes iPhone app development a necessity for any business. iOS apps are secure and easy to use and help you build a relationship with your targeted customers.
Do your web design company also work with construction companies and architecture firms?
Yes, we do offer web design services to construction and architecture firms in the USA.
What are the latest mobile development trends?
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – FaceApp which rose to fame overnight because of its use of AI to use a user’s photo to show what they would look like when they are older and younger. As a security note, read the fine print when signing up for these free apps, your data will be out there for others to use.

Wearable Apps: Wearable technology is progressively growing around the globe. The number of connected wearable devices reached 453 million back in 2017 and is expected to reach 929 million by the end of 2021.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): AR and VR technology—one of the top mobile app development trends—isn’t just prepping and increasing high-quality gaming applications, it's also being leveraged in several other use cases.

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