Digital Currency is the Future

Digital currency is the foreseen future for all industries. Now we are transmissioning from card transactions to a cardless world. Digital wallets are complementary products to the increasing importance of digital currency across the globe.

Digital wallets are an innovative solution to reduce security risks and increase the customer service rate by offering payments from mobile phones. A digital wallet is a product to safely secure your currency, cards, and rewards. Additionally, the wallets work as both payment and receiving mediums of digital cash.

Digital Wallet App Developers at Maven digital are the biggest enthusiasts of digital wallets. The process of creating digital wallets as per each client’s requirement is creative, innovative, and includes a modern approach. Our experts believe in the implementation of the latest features in digital wallets while simultaneously studying the UI design for an enhanced customer experience.

Our approach towards digital wallets app development is completely innovative and aligns with the industry standards. Whether your business comes under the automobile or the retails industry, we create a streamlined process of sending and receiving the payments. We are combining technical expertise with a unique module.

Wave GoodBye to Machine, and Wave your Payment Digitally

Hardware Wallets:

Hardware wallets are a digital medium where you can store your private keys on the device. The hardware wallet supports both online and offline transactions. In the era of cryptocurrency boost, develop your business with hardware wallets compatible with several web interfaces.

Mobile Wallets:

We offer Digital Wallet app development for mobile. A digital wallet easily installed in the user's phone and let your customers carry it casually. with the innovative technology now get a digital wallet capable of both paying and receiving sides of the wallet.

Online Wallets:

Now get a digital wallet that runs on the cloud for cryptocurrencies and supports easy access to multiple devices. along with easy functionality over the internet, you can store multiple currencies simultaneously.

Awe Your Audience With the Innovative Payment and Vault Methods

Encrypted Wallets:

Digital wallets never leak any information and prevent third parties from hacking your details. Digital wallets use encryption to protect the data transmission during a transaction. There is no involvement of a third party. The transaction is done between two parties only.

Authorized Security:

Forget the nervousness of storing card details for online transactions. Store the details of your digital wallet at every website and remain secured. Digital wallets use one-time use codes and biometrics for each online and offline transaction keeping your money safe and sound.

Wallet Contents:

Serve digital; wallets with the capability to store loyalty cards and gift cards digitally. Our Digital Wallet app developers create digital wallets with an excellent UI/UX experience that helps your customer use the loyalty rewards and points at their convenience.

Swift Payment:

Count to 10 seconds and your payment is done. That's how fast digital wallets assist your customer payments. The swift payment reduces the time by half at all outlets. Additionally, it also aids online payment without the need to enter the card details.

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Specialised Wallet
App Development Process

We have a professional team of software engineers, finance gurus, corporate leaders & tech veterans to collaborate on a single platform & come up with the best wallet apps with cutting-edge features. At Maven Digital, we also integrate the latest payment gateway technologies like NFC, QR Code Configuration, Bluetooth, iBeacon and more for a faster, reliable & friendly app.

  • App Upgrade

    To ensure your wallet app continue to return smooth, fast & secure performance, upgrade is a must after a certain period. At Maven Digital, our Digital Wallet App development services also offer after-sales upgrade and support to keep the app on top of all. We integrate highly advanced payment gateway for better & faster cash transfer with exceptional user experience.

  • Bug-Fixing & Security

    We ensure all our apps including digital wallet apps perform in a flawless & uncompromised manner. Our specialised QA and technical team ensures delivering a bug-free wallet app that’s as fast as it claims to be, adaptable to the latest user-case scenarios, tech empowered and returns improved performance in every way.

  • App Maintenance

    A mobile/digital wallet app should be updated after a certain timeframe to ensure smooth, reliable & best performance. Maven Digital offers maintenance solutions as part of our digital wallet app development process to keep our user base satisfied & secured.

Quick Fixes & Tracking

We have a professional team to review every transaction, keep a track record of the app’s performance, user activities and much more. Our maintenance team also keeps on monitoring issues and fixes them in time before affecting the app’s performance as well as to prevent transactional crash in between.


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