Digital Wallet App Development

Digital wallets are the new normal when it comes to secure, easy & convenient transactions done with a simple tap. Maven Digital provides digital wallet app development services to businesses & individuals alike, based on their unique requisites & platforms. We help you stay ahead in the payment gateway revolution with a fully secure, feature-rich, safe & secure mobile wallet app for Android, iOS, Wearable & other devices.


Specialised Wallet
App Development Process

We have a professional team of software engineers, finance gurus, corporate leaders & tech veterans to collaborate on a single platform & come up with the best wallet apps with cutting-edge features. At Maven Digital, we also integrate the latest payment gateway technologies like NFC, QR Code Configuration, Bluetooth, iBeacon and more for a faster, reliable & friendly app.

  • App Upgrade

    To ensure your wallet app continue to return smooth, fast & secure performance, upgrade is a must after a certain period. At Maven Digital, our Digital Wallet App development services also offer after-sales upgrade and support to keep the app on top of all. We integrate highly advanced payment gateway for better & faster cash transfer with exceptional user experience.

  • Bug-Fixing & Security

    We ensure all our apps including digital wallet apps perform in a flawless & uncompromised manner. Our specialised QA and technical team ensures delivering a bug-free wallet app that’s as fast as it claims to be, adaptable to the latest user-case scenarios, tech empowered and returns improved performance in every way.

  • App Maintenance

    A mobile/digital wallet app should be updated after a certain timeframe to ensure smooth, reliable & best performance. Maven Digital offers maintenance solutions as part of our digital wallet app development process to keep our user base satisfied & secured.

Quick Fixes & Tracking

We have a professional team to review every transaction, keep a track record of the app’s performance, user activities and much more. Our maintenance team also keeps on monitoring issues and fixes them in time before affecting the app’s performance as well as to prevent transactional crash in between.


Mobile App Development Phases

Our mobile app development cycle includes different phases that oversees perfection in every way. From ideation to research, development & delivery, our team of professional app developers are aligned on a single platform to bring you rich, powerful, crisp & blazing fast apps.

Simple, Smart & Efficient Apps

We are always experimenting with latest technology in mobile app development to take charge of the game & lead by example. Check out what we're up to on our blog posts!

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

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