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Case Study

The company provides on-demand car care anywhere in Dubai. And for that, they required a highly functional mobile app with a user-friendly interface. Our team developed an aesthetic Android application for Jino and integrated advanced options such as search, request, and washer review into the app for its sustainability.


PicPax Nutrition

Case Study:

PicPax is one of the finest apps available for iOS users who are eager to get fitter by eating well. When the PicPax owner approached us, everything was quite vague. Our team laid down a concrete development plan and accordingly created a magnificent UX/UI along with an intelligent algorithm to answer user queries.



Case Study:

Injazat is one of the leading corporate groups in the UAE providing management and consultation services in various domains. We designed a high-performance, feature-rich mobile application to connect Injazat with its prospective clients. The app features a user-friendly interface and an intelligent chatbot to entertain user queries.

What Clients Say About Our React Native Development Services?

“Overall Great experience with Maven Digital. I worked with them for seven-months to develop my idea that I have always wanted to build and they helped me get from nothing to publication on the App Store & Play Store. I would highly recommend them to you based on my experience working with them.”

“Great development team to work with. They're great for people who are new with web and app development as well as experienced clients. Great communication and design team, I'll definitely use them again for any future projects.”

“We are very happy with the work provided by the team. They completed all the steps required, ready to go live with the app and website. We want to work with the team and wish for a long relationship, we know the team will be here for us and ready to assist with all the changes. Very professional and willing to work with the additional requests. Thank you.”

Best React Native App Development Company in Dubai

Build Faster, Securer, Functional & Dynamic Mobile Apps with React Native

We are Dubai’s #1 mobile app development company to serve start-ups, established businesses and enterprises, SMEs with their architectural strategy development and full support to gain a winning edge in a go-to market.

Our React Native app developers are extremely refined and carry years of experience in working with various programming languages like Java, Swift, Objective-C and many more. We promise high-performance, feature-rich and engaging multi-platform support React Native mobile apps.

Why React Native?

To build and deliver cutting-edge mobile apps for Android and iOS, React Native is the most advanced global app development framework, powered by Facebook. It is a modified and convenient JavaScript framework to help businesses in creating world-class apps for React Native WebView, Android, iOS and UWP. React Native is developers’ most preferred, popular and growing programming languages globally.

Cross-Platform Development with React Native

As a pro React Native App Development Company, Maven Digital gear-up businesses and brands with highly interactive, intuitive and rich-in-function cross-platform apps. Here’s how future-focused companies can change the game with React Native:

Quick Market Time

React Native comes with the best-in-class JavaScript library, third-party plugin support and an extensive library of React components to streamline the entire app development process without compromising on quality and high-end user interfaces. Code reusability can significantly reduce app development time by 50% approx.

Faster Performance, Speed & Application Development Process

Programmers dealing with the React Native model for the next big thing will find the platform highly scalable, convenient and feature-rich. Code reusability between both Android and iOS is nearly 75% which allows our React Native developers to offer speedy delivery of the project in a cost-effective way.

Astonishing UI/UX

For any mobile application, UI/UX must be super engaging, smooth and seamless that redefine a user’s journey from better to best and beyond. JavaScript inheritance with React Native promises incredible app design and a stunningly rich UI/UX to deliver engaging results.

React Native Development Services We Offer

Native & Hybrid App Development

Whether your project concerns native app development or perhaps needs specialisation in cross-platform, our React Native Developers in Dubai promise scalable, high-performing and robust mobile apps that improves turnaround time and returns impressive results.

Migration & Consultation

For an existing app to be transferred on another platform, React Native features support seamless migration without compromising performance and effectiveness of the app. We also offer tailored mobile app solutions to help achieve your corporate goals with the best strategy.

Support, Maintenance & Widget Development

As a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, we also offer technical support and maintenance services to our clients post development and delivery of the app to fix issues and monitor specific React Native Model system for perfection. Our expertise in widget development covers a wide range of smart devices, wearable and React Native WebView system.

Our React Native developers are expert with all three options that are available with a React Native Modal; a type of React Web View to decide alignment of the content where it needs to be slide, fade and/or remain intact (none).

Primary Services

React Native Android App

React Native iOS App

React Native Customization Service

React Native UI/UX App

React Native Support & Maintenance

Our Tech Stack

Mobile app developers at Maven Digital are always on top in the fast-paced world of software development and architecture. We work closely with businesses, brands and clients to help them go digitally incredible with lightning-fast mobile apps to keep their customers connected and making them come back for more. We work with the latest and industry-standard tech stack tailored for each business and project needs.

Frontend Technology:

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript

Navigation: React Navigation

Utilities: Lodash, Ramda, Moment.js

Middleware: Redux Thunk, Redux Saga, Redux Observable

Networking: Axios, Contentful, Apollo, GraphQL

Testing: Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha

App State: Redux

Forms: Redux Forms

Bundle: Webpack

Backend Technology:

Hosting: AWS, Rackspace, Heroku

Configuration: Chef, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes

Pub/Sub Messaging: gRPC, RabbitMQ

Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch

App frameworks: Rails, Trailblazer, Hanami, RSpec

Hire Maven Digital for Your React Native App Development

We are proud to have a top-of-the-line React Native team of designers, developers, consultants, support and maintenance professionals with an extensive industrial experience that help our clients and future-focused users rich, scalable digital solutions for performance boost.

Cost-Effective Solutions

React Native offers reusing the codebase for both Android and iOS apps to save your precious time and budget.

Agile Strategy & Result-Oriented Approach

Our approach with React Native development is agile and innovative to ensure bug-free applications, guaranteed to achieve impressive outcomes for your unique business needs.

Transparency & Quicker Turnaround

For a smoother, streamlined and flawless development process, it’s important to keep everyone on the same page which we make sure of right from the beginning.

Ours are highly professional developers to offer you dynamic solutions that return instant outputs without compromising the quality and features.

Things to consider before hiring a react native development company:

We have shortlisted a few points which you have to keep in mind before hiring a react native development company

What platform to choose?

The question is, what type of mobile app would you like to build? Here platform refers to a different operating system (OS) for your smartphone. As we all know, the operating system is the soul of a smartphone and the apps. The two dominating platforms in current dates are iOS and Android, and these platforms have a large number of users. To choose both platforms and develop two different apps for iOS and Android would double uptime, cost and resources. So, the solution as to your queries is React-Native app development.

Time and cost-effectiveness

This is one of the major attributes to consider while selecting react native for app development. Well, it seems surprising how building an app for both platforms can save time and cost?

Yes, you heard, right. Mobile app development with react native requires less time and money instead of developing two different native apps.

The success of react native app development projects

Yes, off course, there is a success as we delivered some great projects of app building using react native app development technologies. We have delivered successful, user-friendly projects using react native, (name of projects) scroll down to know more about our projects.

The popularity of react-native among other cross-platform apps

There are many cross-platform development frameworks available these days. There is a cut-throat competition as well. React native competes with similar frameworks like




But if we make a comparison between all frameworks, react native is most in-demand and above all technologies.

Our React Native Apps Are Better

We are experts at React Native to deliver 99.9% safe, reliable, high-performing & crash-free mobile app development with a native feel & brilliant qualities.


Full-Cycle React Native

We are a team of expert designers, developers & quality assurance professionals to make sure your next React Native mobile app leaves no stone unturned in delivering perfection beyond usual. Our app development cycle covers your product from beginning to deployment & beyond that.


The Code Audit

For seamless performance & a technically perfect app, we offer our clients code audit services for future scalability. Our team dives deep into finding, analysing & removing all sorts of weaknesses & bottlenecks for an app to stand its ground.


Security & Backup

Our app security & backup services ensures your react native mobile app remains on the fast track with flawless & bug-free performance. Our mobile app development team constantly monitor & improve te app architecture for ultimate business scalability & uninterrupted operations.


Server-Side APIs

Let your worries on a serverless React Native App fly away as we can extend the app's functionality & flawlessness by adding a backend to it. Our team would create a server for the app & an API to ensure efficient & effective communication.


Consistent Delivery

Our React Native mobile apps adds more value to your business & guaranteed to excell at performance as well as user-friendliness.


What apps are built with React Native?
When talking about Facebook as a React Native creator, it seems not surprising to mention that this biggest social network is using its components in its own products. Their Ads Manager has become the first creation of the company written with React Native. Apart from this, tech and business giants such as Instagram (which belongs to Facebook too), Pinterest, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Walmart, Tesla, Wix, and many others are using this framework to a greater or lesser extent in the app architecture.
What are the key advantages of using React Native over the native approach?
Cross-platform development has become a great alternative to the development of exclusively native mobile applications. This system has the key benefit of saving development time and costs. It's achieved due to reusable code and pre-built components.

Developers do not need to build a separate mobile app for each platform with React Native's ease because 80-90 percent of a codebase can be shared across platforms, depending on the application's complexity. Besides, the JavaScript development team can build an efficient app for iOS and Android using this framework without digging into the nuances of each OS's ecosystem.
What product/company is a good fit for React Native?
A native app coding usually means higher costs, longer release time, and, sometimes, inefficiency. React Native, on the contrary, allows cutting development time and bringing agility while creating an app, as well as efficient processing and providing better user experience. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best options for development teams that want to support the same code base between a website and a mobile app for iOS and Android.
Can Apps for iOS & Android look OR behave differently?
Yes! But this comes at a cost because different code has to be written for both platforms. And even then, it’s much cheaper than developing two native apps.

React Native was built in a way that separates Android and iOS logic, so it’s possible to make them look and work differently while still being able to share most of the functionality between both platforms.
What is react native app development?
React Native is a cross-platform, an open-source framework used to create apps for iOS, Android, Android TV, macOS, Web, and Windows. It allows developers to utilize the React framework in combination with native platform abilities.
Can we link iOS and Android code in React Native?
Yes, we can link iOS and Android code in React Native. React Native framework works with parts written in Swift, Java, and Objective-C.

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