Can you perform your daily tasks with your smartwatch? Well, yes, using wearable applications.

Android and iOS app development has been booming in the last few years. Now, we have various full-fledged apps for smartwatches available in app stores.

These apps allow users to monitor their health, take photos, check social media use GPS, etc.

We have created a list of the best wearable apps for smartwatch users in 2023.

Wearable Apps for Smartwatches

1- AccuWeather

AccuWeather Smartwatch app

 Famous weather research and journalism body called Accu Weather developed this app. They created a cross-platform application that runs on android, iOS, windows, and wearable devices.

It is super convenient as your watch won't only tell you the exact time but also the precise temperature at a certain time.

An optimum user interface, smooth navigation, and minimalist design allow for a top-notch user experience, making it the number one weather app. AccuWeather follows the in-app purchase model of app monetization.


  • Optimized for small screens of smartwatches
  • Companion application delivers MinuteCast information, whistles, radars, or other bells
  • Free to install


  • Inconvenient scrolling
  • Doesn't allow changing locations

2- Google Maps

Google Maps App for smartwatch

    Google map is an extraordinary app that makes it easy to reach wherever we want by just looking at the map while driving. However, if you are anything like us, you hate looking at your phone again and again, to ensure you are going the right way.

    The solution is Google Maps’s smartwatch app which is simpler than its mobile device counterpart. You can place yourself and detect local points of interest while on foot and can measure distances.

    Google Maps’ wearable app takes help from Google voice assistant, which allows you to say your destination’s name, and the app will give you a few options.


    • Free app
    • An in-built compass 
    • A global mapping system helps you find any destination in the world
    • Offers traffic situations on the roads that lead to your destination
    • Offers alternate routes


    • Less performant and limited features
    • Can’t match the level of the smartphone’s Google maps app

    3- Spotify

    Spotify app for smartwatch

    Who doesn’t know about Spotify? It's probably the most famous music and podcast app in the world. The best part is that it is available for both Android and iOS and multiple devices, smartwatches included.

    Spotify has a massive collection of songs, albums, podcasts, audio episodes, and guided meditation sessions from all around the world.

    Spotify apps follow the monetization model of advertisements and are free to install and use.


    • Create playlists and add people to them to let them add more items to those playlists
    • Enable you to sync your app from many gadgets and continue your songs on any of them
    • High-quality user experience
    • Millions of songs are available


    The wear OS app is only accessible through premium packages starting from 4.99$ per month. Premium subscribers don't have to endure ads and can listen to offline music.

    4- Google Keep

    Google Keep App For Smartwatch

    We all feel the need to type our thoughts into our devices while on the go. Writers especially have this habit as they sometimes have a sudden inspiration for a poem or article. 

    This is why note-making apps have always been quite a staple. Google Keep is a feature-packed note-keeping app for smartwatches.

    You can create lists, cross items from checklists, pin notes, set location-based reminders, set events with details, and share with your pals through email or links.

    In addition, you can dedicate a color to a specific note for organizing your items in your app and add labels to separate notes to prevent mixing up.

    You can even vocalize your thoughts for the voice assistant to pick and write them. Amazing! Isn’t it?


    • Allows you to sync your smartwatch with other gadgets to automatically add your notes to them when you write them on your watch
    • Fantastic user experience with a neat interface and various pops of colors
    • Available for both Android and iOS


    • You can’t paint or doodle as you can on the mobile version
    •  You need to permit the app to access your phone list, camera, location, storage, microphone, and so on

    5- Water Drink Reminder

    Water Drink Reminder App

    We often neglect our health in the hustle and bustle of daily life and our rat-race lifestyle. If you are among those who forgot to drink enough water at frequent intervals, then your problem is solved.

    Water Drink Reminder is one of the phenomenal apps for smartwatches that tells you to drink water when you look at your wrist. Pretty convenient!

    The app calculates the optimum amount of water for you according to weight and height and then shoots reminders with regular gaps. You can use it on your gadgets, wearable and otherwise, ensuring that you don’t miss the reminder 


    • A water reminder in your smartwatch for forgetful people
    • Creates automated reminders on your smartwatch and mobile phone


    • Shrill notification sounds
    • Some smartwatch users complain of improper syncing

    6- Zombies Run

    Zombies Run Smartwatch App

    Zombies, Run is a game that uses augmented reality technology to augment the real-world environment around a gamer when they move.

    Its developers have made the most of interactive reality and GPS tools to mix with the idea of racing for life. As the name suggests, zombies are supposedly everywhere in the game, which is why they say Zombies, Run in the game.

    It is for people who love to play sinister games where players have to rush to save their lives. This smartwatch app bears a clean interface and smooth navigation.

    You need to install it on your mobile phone to access it on Wear OS on your smartwatch. The app makes money through in-app purchases and advertisements.


    • Compatibility with Bluetooth headphones
    • Free to download and play
    • More fun to play during the Halloween season
    • Available on both android and iOS


    • You have to subscribe to a paid plan if you want to integrate Zombies, Run with your iOS health app

    7- Multicalculator

    Multicalculator SmartWatch App

    You might think what the point of having a calculator on a smartwatch when you have one on your phone is? But, it would be helpful when you, say, forget to take your phone with you.

    Some people are experts at mental calculations, but most hate that. For those, the multi-calculator app is a blessing. It reminds us of 80’s bulky calculator watches. 

    Multi calculator only offers standard functions and currency converters currently for WearOS. But frankly, nobody is going to do complex mathematics on their watches.


    • Fast loading and working speed
    • Easily readable even with large figures


    • Limited calculator functions
    • Lacks graphic functions

    Bottom Line

    Developers thinking to enter the smart watch app development industry should consider several factors. These include the app’s core objectives, user interfaces, cross-platform support, monetization methods, and more.

    Still, the industry has got some attraction with the great earning opportunity it renders to those who dare to explore it. Don't fret if you are one of them. Just follow the lead of the successful smartwatch apps we have listed above, and you will be good to go!