When Instagram launched its boomerang app back in 2015, it marked a new era when users could easily capture life-like mini videos. A boomerang plays short video clips in a back-and-forth motion usually lasting a few seconds. 

Users love this humorous effect which lets them create interactive, aesthetically pleasing and short-form content for their socials. The popularity of the Boomerang app made others jump on the bandwagon and create similar apps. 

This piece briefly discusses apps like Boomerang for saved videos and how you can create one. Enjoy!

How to create a boomerang from a video on Android and iPhone?

You can create a boomerang for Android or iPhone using the free app from their app stores. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the app and set the camera lens on the item you want to create a video of
  2. The screen will show three buttons — flash (to increase or decrease the lighting), flip cam (to change from rear to selfie mode and vice versa) and shutter (to capture the image)
  3. Once you are ready to start shooting, hit the shutter button located in the middle and start recording
  4. After completing the recording, check the video and share it on your socials.

8 Best Boomerang Apps to Make Attractive Tiny Videos 

Here is the list of 8 best apps like Boomerang for saved videos. We have researched and tested these apps before suggesting below:




  • You can shoot new videos and upload existing videos from your gallery
  • Its powerful editing features help you crop, flip, and rotate videos as well as alter their playback speed
  • It has a lot of beauty filers, fun stickers, AR filters, animations and green screen effect that enables users to add a background to their videos
  • It boasts a wide library of sounds and sound effects
  • It enables users to record voiceovers
  • You can stream live videos to engage with your followers in real time as well as create a duet video with another TikTokker’s video.
You can teach and learn from content creatorsIt can make people addicted
Brands can boost their awarenessIt may damage teen’s minds
You can watch entertaining videos and share it with your palsDanger of cyberbullying
It has a global reachIt poses security threats such as scams and saved user data


Slowmographer App


  • It lets you create slow-motion videos
  • It has a single-tap shoot button and a bunch of other awesome effects for clips
  • It automatically makes a 3-second loop when you tap the shoot icon to make the photos come alive as GIFs
  • It automatically eliminates flicker from the boomerang
  • Its burst mode allows users to capture multiple shots one by one
It has an intuitive interfaceClunky interface
It lets you share the content on all your social media profilesLots of pop-up ads
It features loads of creative effects to make ravishing mini-videos-
It allows you to save the boomerang in your gallery to share it whenever you wish-

Loop Video

Loop Video App


  • It allows you to convert your simple videos into entertaining boomerangs with pretty loop effects
  • You can shoot from both rear and front cameras
  • You can create GIFs of a maximum of 10 seconds and mini-videos of 1 to 15 seconds
  • It saves videos in the gallery so that you may share them from the camera roll
  • It lets you share the boomerang on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube
A remarkable application to make a boomerang from a videoThe app may share your data with third-parties
A rare gem that enables you to incorporate loops without compromising the image quality-
It lets you stand out on all your social media profiles-

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  • It's a robust video editor
  • It allows you to make great videos with only a few taps
  • You can trim and merge clips, include written material and filters
  • You can send edited clips to your buddies through socials or email
Simple, neat and intuitive interfaceThe free version offers limited features
You can quickly add filters, effects and stickersThe app adds a watermark to your videos
It boasts multiple pre-built templatesYou can edit and export only five-minute clips in the freemium
It has several text styles and fonts-
It's safe to use-


Hyperlapse App


  • It is owned by Instagram
  • It lets you create time lapses easily
  • It takes the photo stabilisation technology from its parent to aid you in making cinematic clips
  •  It enhances your videos with amusing filters
  • The app shoots videos in high-definition
You can share your boomerang on all your social media accountsYou can’t add effect to an existing video
It has an effective time-lapse effectYou can only share videos on your Facebook and Instagram accounts directly from the app
It features a convenient-to-use interface-
It lets you create sleek time-lapse videos on your iPhone-


Scrubbies App


  • It's a great alternative to the Boomerang app owned by Google
  • It allows you to produce incredible videos without hassle that make you stand out among your friends
  • It features intuitive manipulation of speed and direction
  • It boasts several lit music effects that you can add with a swipe of two fingers
  • It lets you record funny faces and make them unforgettable
It lets you shoot beautiful video boomerangsThe app is available only on Apple’s app store
A user-friendly interface and a host of video effects-
You can share videos from your phone’s gallery as the app automatically saves them on your phone-


Flipagram App


  • The app lets you produce boomerangs from existing photos and videos from Instagram, Facebook and photo library
  • It allows you to make voice-over videos
  • It has an array of songs that you can add to your video
  • It enables users to develop slow-motion videos
It features many lit filtersYou can’t capture a video that is longer than 30 seconds
It boasts an intuitive and neat interfaceNo transition effect
Users can incorporate text and stunning effects into their videosYou can’t merge video clips on Flipagram
They can share videos to the Flipagram's community-
They can customize video titles-

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InBoom App


  • It's an iOS app used to develop boomerang videos
  • It enables you to make a 1-second loop of your video clips without hassle
  • It allows you to change the speed and direction of the shot easily
  • It captures videos in high-definition
  • It furnishes attractive filters and effects
You can show your edited videos to your friends by sharing them directly from the appYou need to subscribe to the premium version to benefit from most of its features
You can highlight the details in your video by trimming the unwanted areas-
You can create awesome content by converting your videos to GIFs, boomerangs and Live Photo-
You can enhance your shots by adding stickers and image layers-


All the 8 apps in our list for making boomerangs offer endless possibilities to create marvellous content. From creating an offbeat and personalized graphic style to producing genuine pieces of art, there is an app for that. With creativity and practice, you can create inspiring and fun video content using these apps like Boomerang. If you are looking for developers who can create an app like Boomerang for saved videos, contact us as we are the best mobile app development company in Dubai.