We know that Instagram doesn't offer any way to download content from its app. Sometimes we love an instagram video, picture, or story and want to keep it in our account or phone, but we can't do that.

Users can download IG videos using three techniques — web-based software, external apps, and screen recording.

This piece of the content revolves around the third way of getting Instagram videos and other types of content, using third-party apps.

App development is increasingly advancing. Now there are multiple apps available to download and keep content from Instagram. One such app is Instasaver. It is a popular Instagram downloader website and mobile application. Let's discuss 8 more apps like InstaSaver.

1- Pixwox


Instagram shows you who viewed your IG story means nobody can stalk you in private. But what if you want to navigate through Instagram without revealing your identity?

Pixwox is an Instagram story viewer app that allows you to download and view Instagram posts and stories the way you wish. Users can enlarge someone’s Instagram display picture and save it in high-resolution format. Also, you can automate downloading images, videos, stories, and highlights from the app.


  • Enables you to create IG stories without disclosing your username
  • Enable you to download exclusive content online without signing in
  • Nobody gets to see your Pixwox activity
  • Provide a safe experience for viewing posts

2- 4K Stogram

4k Stogram

4k Stogram is an app that lets you download Instagram pictures, videos, stories, and highlights from multiple Instagram accounts. Users can download hashtags, locations, and accounts for free.

You only need to enter the user’s name, hashtag, and location into the application and hit the download button to get content. 4k Stogram runs on macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu.


  • Let you save memories shared by a user from a private account
  • Let you view other people's Instagram feed easily
  • Allows you to save stories and highlights
  • Let you keep a backup of your IG account
  • Enables you to store posts by date

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3- InstaStories or StoriesIG


StoriesIG allows you to watch stories without revealing your username and download them for free on Instagram.


  • Help you view stories without an IG account
  • Enable you to download visual content to your phone
  • Free of cost
  • Allows you to see insta stories anonymously

4- Instalkr


Instalkr is another app that allows you to see stories privately on Instagram. It doesn't facilitate downloading but watching without the person knowing you stalked them.


  • Enables you to view the user accounts that stalk your profile easily
  • Let you anonymously monitor comments, likes, stories, subscriptions, and posts after the user removes them
  • Let you see an example report of the app for free

5- Dumpor


Dumpor is an insta story viewer and stalker app that helps you see profiles, stories, reels, tagged posts, and followers anonymously.

You only need to paste the insta location, hashtag, or profile name in its search bar and hit the button beside it. For example, if you search for a user name, the app will show you all IG users with the exact or similar name.


  • Download videos and pictures by placing the link to them
  • Watch IG content without signing in
  • Look for content through user names, locations, and hashtags
  • Assess likes, comments, profiles, and followers
  • It utilizes Instagram API but is not affiliated with it

6- izoomYou


Izoomyou is an app that allows users to enlarge their profile pictures from Instagram and watch and download IG content on their devices. Just like many other apps on our list, izoomYou enables you to find your desired profiles and stalk them without showing your identity.


  • Allows you to view, store, or download Instagram display pictures in high resolution
  • Let you download visual content from public accounts
  • Enables you to save IG highlights and stories on your device
  • Free app

7- FastSave


Fastsave is one of the top apps cherished by users to store media from Instagram. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times and offers you a start for free. It is available on both the app store and Google play.


  • Enable you to download images and videos from Instagram to your device
  • Help you Save media from all apps
  • Let you keep your reposted videos in your profile and send them to your friends through direct message
  • Allows you to download IGTV videos from FastSave

8- The Repost: For Instagram

Repost for Instagram

Your followers or friends on Instagram work hard to create content that makes them deserving of a shoutout. Sharing others' content on Instagram is a brilliant way to praise them.

Repost is among the most loved apps for downloading content from Instagram. The app’s authors have developed it to conveniently repost a picture or video from one profile to another.

It is a long-running application with higher ratings in app stores and provides a smooth user experience. The only drawback is that you can’t delete the watermark in pictures while using the free version.

Maybe the reason is to ensure that people don't share someone’s work without giving them credit. You only have to enter the links from Instagram to share visual content with credits to the original creator.

We recommend you ask permission from the Instagrammer whose content you are reposting before taking action. It only takes a direct message or a comment on the content, with a meaningful request telling them your reason to repost their content.


  • Free services with charges to avail of premium features
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Allows you to share pictures and videos from various platforms posted by your friends and followers
  • Show you how people engage with your products, services, brand, and profile

Bottom Line

Instagram is primarily a visual platform that shows videos as reels, stories, live and posts. People prefer videos on other types of content because they can watch them while doing other activities like driving, cooking, etc.

But users often forget the content presented in the video, so they want to keep their favorite videos safe to watch later. Apps like InstaSaver enables people to download content from Instagram on their devices.