Apps like tiktok and tiktok its self have taken the world by storm, outpacing even social media giant Facebook as the most downloaded app in 2020.

This video-sharing platform has captured the hearts of millions with its intuitive interface and engaging content. It arrived on the scene just as consumers were shifting towards shorter video formats, and quickly rose to prominence as a result.

According to a survey conducted by Nikkei Asia, TikTok's success can be attributed to its ability to cater to the preferences of modern-day users.

What If TikTok Goes Down or Gets Banned in Your Country?

India has banned Tiktok. It rings a bell for TikTokkers making money from the platform in the US and elsewhere. 

The social media and video-sharing application dodged a national ban in the USA just two years ago. Plus, some states in the United States of America cracked down on TikTok in late 2022.

Therefore, TikTok content creators or Tiktokkers should find alternatives before the platform gets pushed back into the state they live in.

Best Alternatives Apps For TikTok

1- Youtube Shorts

Youtube videos are often long as the content creator wants to provide as much information as they can in the video. Users now prefer shorter videos, but youtube’s culture seemed hard to change shortly.

So, youtube launched Youtube Shorts, which allows users to create small videos for the audience that prefers them. Youtube shorts came soon after TikTok and IGTV and soared in popularity quickly.

Its popularity probably owes to the fact that the YouTube administration offers youtube shorts as part of the main platform, making a different section. It means you don’t even have to download a new app to start using Youtube Shorts.

Youtube content creators can push their content through the main app and increase their views without putting in the extra effort.

You can create videos spanning less than 1 minute for the youtube shorts section and navigate through them similar to TikTok. You can republish your TikTok content as youtube shorts to earn more followers. 

Influencers also publish spinnets of their upcoming videos in the form of youtube shorts so that the content catches much attention even before they upload it.

2- Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a TikTok alternative for social media users. Instagram likely considered TikTok’s popularity a threat, so it quickly launched its Reels feature within the main platform.

Released in 2020, IG reels made waves as a new way to create and explore short entertaining videos. Instagram has a huge user base which aids content creators in trying new ways of making videos.

Reel’s UI is intuitive and offers a solid music collection, and a diverse range of incredible effects to enhance the videos. It also furnishes the ability to slow down or fast forward a part of or full Reel.

Users can opt for posting the Instagram Reel they created on their feed, in their stories, or just in their profile’s Reels tab.

3- Triller

TikTok is a fantastic video-sharing social app, but editing videos on it takes time and skills. The developers of Triller noticed the gap and came up with an AI-driven video editing and sharing application.

Triller was launched as a video editing software that has now included social features. Triller beats TikTok as a music-centric platform since it allows you to use a full soundtrack in your video, compared to 15 seconds of TikTok.

Moreover, it lets you pick songs to form your Spotify or iTunes library to add to your content. Triller’s slogan is “You Do You” which means you do your job — shooting the video, and the app will take care of editing.

The software even assesses your movements and adapts them to the rhythm of the music you select. Its unique algorithm does editing automatically and quickly. 

Users don't need to set the brightness, add filters, use the correct song, etc.

Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, and Kevin Hart publish videos edited by this app on social media channels such as Snapchat or Instagram. Celebrities love its intuitive and friendly interface.

The app calls its videos “Trills” and offers a live streaming service known as Triller TV. In addition, it features a song catalog with the latest playlists and tracks to add to the content.

4- Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the marvelous social media platforms for you to create and share videos? It is much like Titktok but allows one to shoot a 60-second-long video.

Tiktok fans usually have Snapchat installed on their devices while they create content on one app and share it on the other platform. This strategy helps video content creators and brands get more views and followers.

Snapchat is more fun than its rival TikTok, as it lets you capture a photo, top it up with filters, and send it to your friends. Users keep sharing videos and images with other people to make a streak.

Snapchat also has a massive daily user base, which makes it stand out as a significant social media channel.

5- Dubsmash

Dubsmash was the first video-editing social media app that became all the rage soon after its arrival. People loved its lip-syncing feature, which was unavailable in any app at that time.

Wanna-be actors would lip-sync to movie dialogues and songs and share the videos. TikTok hit the app stores, and Dubsmash went into the background.

TikTok stole Dubsmash’s popularity mainly because of its solid features, and users migrated to its platform. Dubsmash has introduced new features to get in the race again.

It now offers basic features such as setting time limits, lip-syncing, and altering video speeds, and advanced features like adding emojis, text overlays, animations, special effects, music variants, and filters.

Plus, it has categorized its news feed into two parts. One enables users to check the latest viral trends, and the second allows them to view their friends’ activities.

Dubsmash undoubtedly deserves a special place on this list with more than 100 million downloads. You can start creating Dubsmashes if you want to take a break from TikTok.

Bottom Line

App developers are producing wonderful social media apps, considering the target audience and their preferences. Social media applications that adopt the newest technologies quickly stay on the scene, while others disappear after some time.

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1- What is TikTok?

Tiktok is a famous social media channel that enables you to shoot, view, and share videos spanning fifteen seconds on smartphones or webcams.

2- How TikTok differs from Youtube?

Tiktok serves smaller video clips, while Youtube allows users to share long-form videos.

3- Can I market my brand on Snapchat?

Snapchat offers a golden opportunity for brand promotion as it gets five times more swipe-ups than average clicks on other social media apps.