Today, mobile apps have become the go-to for teachers to teach students, highlighting the importance of education apps for students and apps for teachers. Since technology is all around us, it makes it difficult for children in their fidgety years to focus. This becomes even worse when their curiosity is at its peak.

This embedded a non-realized idea of using mobile apps development for teachers to enable active learning in students. Modern students have a hyperactive mind which requires new innovative means to keep students engaged in learning, making the best education apps and mobile app for teachers crucial tools in today's educational landscape.

Best Education Apps Today

Today we have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of educational apps. Educational apps are the most popular category for iOS apps and Android apps. Certain apps support the learning process, whereas other apps do the teaching for them, showcasing the best apps for education and education mobile apps.

Here are some of the best educational mobile apps ideal for teachers and students:

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

With a total of 100+ million downloads, Google Classroom is officially the most popular educational app used by both teachers and students, making it a top contender among best Google apps for education. Google Classroom makes it easy for the teachers and the students to continue learning on the move and on weekends. It’s a paper-free solution to increasing pollution.

It’s essentially a space to distribute assignments to students and further communicate promptly whilst staying organized. Teachers can get closer to the students whilst getting computer-generated analyses that are effective in solving various issues that are faced by students every day. Google Classroom has the best and the most responsive app, which is likely the reason behind a staggering 100 million-plus downloads.



Kahoot combines games and learning under one platform. It has performed exceptionally amongst other iOS apps and Android apps. Since it was discovered that hands-on interactive learning through mobile apps has great benefits such as flexibility and continuous learning even in the most remote conditions, making it one of the most popular educational apps.

You can use different languages when interacting with Kahoot. These languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and many others. The app has received a total of 4.7 ratings out of 5 from a total of 503,000 reviews. Kahoot has a simple but very responsive app that makes learning fun and engaging. Download the app today to keep learning whilst being on the go or at home.

Seesaw Class


Seesaw Class by Seesaw Learning is an educational app with over 1 million downloads. It’s rated for all age groups, which makes it perfect for teachers and students. Seesaw Class is aimed at teachers who want to do their best whilst saving time. Over 200,000 classrooms around the world and most schools in the USA use Seesaw Class. New features provide teachers the ability to test the student’s knowledge and capabilities.

You can now increase the engagement between students and teachers exponentially. It inspires creativity in school-going students whilst teaching them to take responsibility. The digital portfolio makes it possible to increase the efficiency and productivity of students.



Quizizz is a learning app that is accessible from anywhere around the globe. One can either create their own quizzes to help learn and study. Teachers use this app to create custom quizzes to test the capabilities of the students. Quizizz today is used in schools, homes, and offices as it does not have any limits as to who can use the app.

The app has over 10 million-plus downloads with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 155,000 reviews. Everyone and anyone can use the application, which indicates its usefulness to both students and teachers, which explains the high download numbers. Quizizz is the top-ranking app among other iOS apps and also Android apps that are solely for educational, learning, and development purposes.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is all about turning any classroom into a community. This is another popular choice for learning. The app has a 4.8 rating out of 5 from a total of 557,000 reviews and 10 million-plus downloads. The app is ideal for everyone who wants to learn and continue growing. Class Dojo provides a communication medium between the teachers, parents, and students, allowing them to connect. The high rating suggests that the app is appealing and also useful in actually helping students learn. Its rating suggests that the app is nothing less than a best seller.

It increases the engagement between the students and the teachers whilst encouraging the students to overdo themselves each time. Furthermore, teachers use Class Dojo to promote learning, which automatically creates a strong positive working environment. Despite the idea and the success, there have been certain issues that persist at times, which include bug fixes and glitches.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, available in both Android apps and iOS apps, has been providing students with the ability to learn free of cost for years now. The remote app-based academy provides all necessary subjects with further additional support material such as resource packs, quizzes, and others to test the ability of the students in real-time. With over 10+ million downloads, the app has gained considerable popularity as it gets an average ranking of 4.3 stars out of 5 thanks to its 156,000 reviews.

From mathematics to science, the app provides learning courses for each to allow the students to learn whenever they feel like it. However, certain complaints have arisen in the past amongst the users, one of which is difficulty in navigation. Which suggests a poor design and further UI/UX development. It is important to ensure a proper streamlined navigation bar to allow quick and easy navigation.

It is one of the few apps that rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue from sales instead of using ads that at times are quite distracting. Such decisions have contributed greatly to the success of Khan Academy globally since its introduction as it’s a popular choice amongst seniors, juniors, school-going children, and teachers as well.

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