In modern times, whenever we face a problem or want some pleasure, we usually try to find a mobile app for it. You are hungry! Need a partner? Want to shop? Book a ride! Or Need groceries! All of these have an app for them.

As per Statista, users installed a gross number of 148 billion mobile apps from google play and the app store by the end of 2022. And this number is believed to reach approximately 181 billion by 2026.

The above figures clarify that mobile apps are essential for businesses to turbocharge growth and brand reach. Here are the best mobile app ideas that will dominate 2024.

Best Mobile App Ideas for 2024

1- Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

You might have used apps like headspace and calm. These apps offer mindfulness activities, guided meditations, and soothing music to help calm your stressed-out nerves.

Millions of people use these meditation apps after a long tiring day at the office, before a particularly stressful exam, or a difficult presentation to boost mindfulness and relaxation.

It makes meditation and mindfulness one of the best app ideas for developers. Users can pick from various themes and durations and monitor their progress with time.

Developers can include features such as journaling functions or daily reminders to assist people to add mindfulness to their lifestyle.

2- Goal Tracking Apps

Research says that 60% of people stop working on their new year's resolutions within 6 months while 25% abandon them in a week.

This is why goal-tracking applications are such a rage nowadays. The reason is that these apps allow users to document their goals and track their progress.

And the same research tells us that by jotting down goals, individuals are 42 percent more likely to accomplish them.

Therefore, app developers can do well by building a mobile app that monitors short and long-term goals. They can add checklists, milestone achievements, graphs representing monthly or yearly progress, and more. The sky is the limit! 

3- Social Media Apps

You might be thinking how can you beat social media giant apps like Instagram or Pinterest? But trust us, it's not that hard. A little smartness is all you need.

The trick is to target a highly specific user base. You can select a niche community you are well aware of, like the people in your profession.

Dog lovers can create a social networking application for their group. Dog parents may prefer your platform to Facebook or Snapchat as it gives them a personalized vibe.

Ponder on your hobbies, passions like fitness, reading, or any other thing. People love to be social as our brains are hardwired to it. So, social networking is an app idea that will never get too old.

4- Dating Apps

Dating apps have over three million users worldwide and have paved a more secure and personalized course for online dating enthusiasts.

Mobile has superseded the web and people spend most of their mobile device time on apps. Online dating mobile apps allow users to search for their desired match via several channels.

Your dating application should offer a unique profile creator, instant chat option, localized features, images and video sharing, advanced search filters, tagging, and advanced privacy and security features. These features will compel people to use your app and stay hooked on it.

5- Music Streaming App

Music streaming apps have changed the way people listen to music. Apps like Spotify, apple music has ridden users free from having to download their favourite songs to listen to them.

Consumers can stream the songs of their choice from an enormous music collection. They can develop customized playlists, listen to radio stations, and explore new singers.

App developers should add features such as offline listening and playlist sharing with friends in their music streaming apps.

6- Video Editing App

What makes a profitable app idea? One that incorporates current trends, the latest customer behaviours, and habits. Every Nick and Joe has become a video creator since smartphones became accessible to everyone.

People take a video of any memorable event or moment of their lives and even on the go. And they show off their video-making skills on social media platforms.

As everyone can shoot a video, the competition to stand out has increased. Previously, people used to hunt for good video editing software to edit their videos to perfection. 

Video editing apps replaced video editing software when mobile devices became more common than desktops or laptops. 

What do you need to do as an app developer? Try to offer video editing filters, features, and tools that popular social media platforms or mobile devices don't usually offer. And tada! Your app will become a success. 

Don't forget to let users link your video editing app with their social media platforms to upload the edited content straight from your app.

7- Grocery Delivery App

It's estimated that the grocery delivery app industry will be worth 630 billion dollars by 2024. 

After covid 19, grocery delivery apps earned a lot of attention as people start preferring contactless shopping. And now, we are all used to ordering food at midnight or groceries on the go.

It looks that people will ditch physical grocery shopping if they get the same experience in online shopping. And app developers should try to do that using an app.

It's an industry that is consistently booming and thus, have a lot of potential for growth and revenue.

Your application should allow users to order fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy items, frozen products, baked foods household goods, and other things provided by local grocery stores.

8- Employee Collaboration App

Team collaboration guarantees success in any company. Employee communication apps aids organizations in workers’ training, security, compliance, incentive management, etc.

Developers can build employee self-service apps to enable their workers to check salaries on their phones. Notification alerts are a great app feature to help companies inform their staff about future vents and urgent changes in scheduling.

Such an application allows users to communicate with each other even in crises or emergencies.

9- Augmented Reality Apps

These apps have been gaining traction for quite some time. You have plenty of options if you wish to build an augmented reality app. 

If you are a fan of the gaming app Pokemon Go, you know how augmented reality uplifts the user experience. You can develop an AR app to sell home furnishings. These applications allow buyers to view how a table or chair fits or looks in a room before they buy and put it in its designated place. 

Developers can use these ideas for almost any kind of business and build a digital solution that uses AR technology.

10- Ride-Sharing Apps

Ride-sharing applications are one of the best ideas for apps, thanks to their distinct service model. App consumers can immediately book their ride to arrive at a specific location by either sharing it with people or going alone.

App developers need to research unique ride-sharing app service ideas or one that solves a pain point that hasn't been solved yet.

A ride-sharing app should have an intuitive interface and offer a smooth user experience. Many people prefer to commute to work using ride-sharing services as they offer reasonable rates.

Travelling to any destination is becoming increasingly expensive therefore people love ride-sharing applications as they provide convenience and money-saving.

We recommend integrating digital payment gateways in your app along with deep time tracking and management functions. Your ride-sharing app should be user-friendly, safe, and accessible if you want it to succeed.


1- What makes a mobile app successful?

Three elements make an app successful when used in a smart combination — user, market, and product.

2- What categories of apps offer the most profit?

Gaming apps are the most profitable candidate while dating and music and video streaming apps follow them.

3- Is the gym and fitness a lucrative app idea?

Yes, it has a vast target audience including gym owners, personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, yoga instructors, and more.

4- What does a home security app do?

A home security application helps users lock their doors, check security through surveillance cameras and turn on lights using timers. Some apps inform tenants or owners about motion detectors that someone trips on inside or around the house.

Also, home safety apps can link with fire and medical services, and police to respond quickly to an incident.

Bottom Line

You can pick any app idea from our list but need to tweak it to transform it into a solution to a pain point that nobody has yet catered to.

Once, you like an app idea, create its MVP plan, build flow charts, develop visual mockups, decide on the timeline and budget, describe each function and build user stories. Then, present all these to your investor. 

You and your team need to decide whether you can pull off a specific app idea and generate revenue from it. 

Or ditch the hassle and contact our army of mobile app developers at Maven Digital. Our soldiers battle daily with challenges that come during app development and they have become pros at combating them. Get in touch to discuss your project!