Saudi Arabia wants to stop using cash by 2030. They want 70% of payments to be digital in ten years. Right now, 76% of people do online banking in Saudi Arabia. Because with all the fancy brands there, it's way easier to transfer money online than carry cash around. Arab News says that 93% of people in Saudi Arabia use the internet, which is higher than the world average, which is only 53%. Almost every bank in Saudi Arabia lets you bank on your phone or online.

So, if you want to know which mobile banking application is best and which ones lets you do any of these things there, this article is for you:

• Move money within your bank

• Send money to other Saudi banks

• Send money overseas

• Pay bills to companies like Saudi Electricity Company and Mobily

• Stop or report lost cards

• Ask for a new card

• See your bank statements

• Handle loans and payments

• Talk to bank helpers

Best Mobile Banking Applications in KSA


STC Pay has a scan-to-pay feature where you can just scan and pay at places like restaurants, stores, or gas stations, making payments without cash super quick. You can even withdraw money from ATMs without needing a card, and send money internationally. What's neat is that Saudi Telecom’s STC Pay Wallet is expected to get even bigger in the market from 2020 to 2025. Online Banking in Saudi Arabia has a rate of 94%. And these contactless payments now, showing how much people are switching to using their phones for paying. With STC Pay, you can split bills with friends, send money, buy things, get paid, and keep track of what you're spending.

SNB AlAhli

SNB AlAhli lets you do simple banking things like checking how much money you have, keeping an eye on your transactions, and getting new cheque books straight from your phone. It's got helpful stuff like electronic statements and easy ways to manage your card, so you don't have to go to the bank. Plus, you can transfer money online locally and internationally, use your credit card for cash, change your PIN, and keep tabs on when your credit card will arrive. These apps show that SNB is working hard to make banking easier for people today in Saudi Arabia, with better online banking that meets modern needs.

Loop Wallet

Approved by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), this mobile banking application can be linked with your Apple Pay, credit card, or debit card. It aims to make transactions smooth, connect seamlessly with your contacts, and confirm transactions with phone calls through Unifonic. After going through serious security checks, they even gave the app a makeover to make it more attractive to users. The results show better software quality thanks to skilled experts, making the digital wallet safe and easy to use for everyone.


Urpay is a new digital wallet made by Neoleap. It makes handling money easier in Saudi Arabia. With Urpay, you can pay bills online, send money to other people in Saudi Arabia or around the world, and find better ways to send money home. Urpay makes it cheap to send money overseas by teaming up with banks worldwide. It also lets you use QR codes to pay for things or get paid quickly and easily.

Alrajhi Bank

Alrajhi Bank offers the biggest and best services when it comes to online banking in Saudi Arabia. And that’s evident with its 5 million users. Their app gives awesome rates for sending money abroad, and it works well with different payment services. You can keep an eye on your money using the "Financial Positions" part of the app. Plus, you can apply for new stuff, handle your accounts, money, and cards, check out IPO investments, and get help from customer support, all from the app. Some folks say opening an account, whether you're Saudi or not, can be a hassle. But even with that problem, lots of people still think the app is great overall.


Bankiom is a really cool mobile payment and money transfer app that has everything you need! It's really easy to use, and you can do all sorts of transactions with it. You can buy things online, sign up for services, pay for stuff in apps, and much more. But what really makes Bankiom special is how fast it can transfer money. It's perfect if you need to send money fast and safely. You won't find a better banking app anywhere else.

Alinma Bank

The Alinma Bank app is really helpful for managing your money. It has lots of cool tools and services, like calculators for loans and exchanging money, virtual cards, and clear descriptions of bank products. It's easy to use and has handy features like hiding or showing your account balances, sharing QR codes, and giving detailed info about traveler cards. People who’ve been using Alinma for a long time now call it reliable. Unlike big banks that mainly care about big companies, Alinma is known for taking care of regular customers like you and me. It's the first choice for people who want friendly customer service and a system they can count on.

Enjaz App

This mobile banking application lets you transfer money online, add people you want to send money to, and pay with any Mada card. It also has tools to convert money from one currency to another, figure out how much it costs to send money, and it can be used in languages like English, Arabic, Tagalog, Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, Indonesian, and Bengali. You can send money right away using services like Tranfast, Western Union, or Enjaz Easy. But some people have had issues, like one person who couldn't send money to an Indian account even after talking to customer service and going to branches.

AlJazira SMART

Aljazira Smart has a modern UI. It's easy to use and works on all Android phones. You can log in quickly using your fingerprint or a PIN. You can set up your homepage just how you like it, with the stuff you do most often. Plus, it uses cool augmented reality to help you find the closest bank or ATM. Khaled Alothman from Bank AlJazira says they're focused on making banking easier and safer. He thinks the new version of the app will make banking even better for customers.


PayPal is really popular because it's easy to use for folks in the USA. You can use it to send money both within the country and to other countries, it's fast, and setting up an account to sell stuff is simple. Since they made an Arabic version in 2015, lots more people in the Middle East, especially in places like the UAE, are using it. But in some places like Jordan, it's not as easy to use, and some people don't trust banks. Instead, folks in Saudi Arabia prefer apps like STC Pay and SADAD Payment Apps because they're easy to use and they work well for what people need.


PhonePe helps you pay bills, refill your phone, and even put money into mutual funds using your credit card, BHIM UPI, wallet, or debit card. You can also buy insurance, refill your DTH, get gift cards, and pay at online or offline stores, all with PhonePe. PhonePe is better than other UPI apps because you can add money and use it to refill your phone, pay bills, or shop, all in one place, straight from your bank account or wallet. You don't have to worry about whether it's a bank holiday or not—PhonePe lets you handle payments anytime, anywhere, whether it's through QR codes or sharing contact details. 

Mada Pay

Mada Pay uses a contactless payment option to keeps your info safe when you buy stuff online or at stores. It works great with Apple Pay. But remember, it only works with debit cards, not credit cards. And sometimes, it's a pain because you can't use it online, only at real stores. Some folks also don't like that it doesn't work with Google Pay. Plus, it's a hassle to open the app, swipe a certain way to turn on NFC, and then pay.


With SABBMobile, you can move money, pay lots of bills, and handle your money stuff. You'll know when your credit card gets used and it's easy to handle your debit and credit cards. But, there are users who run into issues like not getting OTPs when they were overseas with roaming on. They said other bank apps worked fine and they got OTPs from them. Even when they called customer service, they couldn't fix it. They reckon all the features are good to go, just need to switch networks or try again later.

Apple Pay and Google Pay 

Apple Pay and Google Pay are really popular digital wallet apps in Saudi Arabia. Lots of people use Apple Pay because almost everyone has an iPhone, iPad, or Apple smartwatch there. It's easy to use for buying stuff online and at big stores. Google Pay is great for paying without touching anything in shops and for getting tickets for buses and trains. It's simple to sign up and add your cards.


More and more people are using mobile banking applications in Saudi Arabia. These apps let you easily transfer money online and pay bills, making life simpler. There might be a few hiccups here and there, but Saudis really like the convenience and security of digital banking. As tech keeps improving, banking in Saudi Arabia is becoming more digital, making things easier for everyone. So, if you're thinking of creating a mobile banking app, Saudi Arabia is the place to be right now. You can get in touch today with Maven Digital and make an app that stands out from the competition.