17 million daily active users or DAU visit the Duolingo app, which has broken all previous records of app engagement and growth. Educational applications like Duolingo for schools are increasingly using the ‘streak’ feature, which is having a profound impact on user sessions.

Duolingo adopted a streak approach to retain its app users. This method succeeds in efficiently urging consumers to come back to the platform daily to keep a high streak. It means they don’t skip a day of app usage.

What is Duolingo Streak?

Duolingo App

A Duolingo streak refers to the number of days a user has finished their lesson in a row. Once the user finishes a lecture/class on the website or app, their streak rises by 1 day.

The app offers a reward when you complete your XP Goal every day, which you set when you make a Duolingo account and may be modified by going to the <coach> section in settings. 

Duolingo shows the daily XP goal with a small flame or fire icon and makes it grey when you fail to complete the goal. The icon becomes lit as you complete the streak by completing your session for the day. 

Analyzing The Streak Approach

Duolingo App The Streak Approach

Duolingo has used the streak approach since its launch in June 2012, which has helped it win its rank as one of the leading education apps today. In June 2023, the platform attained an extraordinary milestone when its daily active users (DAU) reached a record 17 million.

Generally, education applications have seen continuous download lows below pre-pandemic levels when educational institutions start running again. On the other hand, Duolingo downloads are growing sustainably, displaying no indications of decline, which is super impressive.

Two educational applications, Drops and Busuu recently applied streak on their platforms and witnessed a prominent increase in overall sessions. Busuu experienced a notable 15% surge in total sessions in the first month after adopting the ‘streak’ strategy. 

Duolingo App Streak Feature Session Counts

When analyzing the weekly session and time spent on language applications, those that implement streaks show remarkable user engagement. Duolingo language app is a particularly outstanding instance of this trend. 

The statistics don't establish that the streak feature can work for all types of education apps

The statistics don't establish that the streak feature can work for all types of education apps, but its possible perks are considerable. Mobile app developers of an education app should add this feature for success if their goals are to improve app engagement, retain a high number of daily active users and diminish churn.