EZ Money is a firm that provides financial services in many states of the US including Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Utah, North Dakota and Missouri. The company supplies an array of services such as money transfers, payday loans and installment loans. Founded in 1986, this financial services company is now operating in 100 locations in the United States of America.

What Services Does EZ Money Loan Provide?

EZ Money app provides these loans and services:

Payday Loans

It offers payday funds, which provide short-term loan opportunities for people who require money quickly to afford unexpected expenses. EZ Money often charges exorbitant interest rates and expects the borrower to repay the loan on the next payday. The amount of a loan depends on aspects like credit history and income. 

Installment Loans

Along with payday funds, this app also furnishes installment loans, which gives borrowers more flexibility in reimbursing their funds over a longer timeline. These loans bear a fixed schedule of payments, usually made every month until the fund is completely repaid. 

Money Transfer Services

EZ Money app also proposes money transfer services, letting users send and get money from countries and cities across the world. This service is especially helpful for people who want to rapidly transmit financing to family or friends in emergency circumstances.

While EZ Money provides an array of financial services, it’s crucial for borrowers to carefully contemplate the terms and conditions of the loans before taking them. Bigger interests and charges may make these funds costly, and not repaying them on time might lead to extra charges and a hit on the borrower’s credit score.

Salient Features of the EZ Money App

The app has these key features:

Fast Financing

EZ Money gives quick loans, which makes it a phenomenal choice for people who urgently need money.

Bigger Network

The app has a wide network of stores and a website, making it available to borrowers across the United States.

Lots of Repayment Plans

It supplies flexible payment choices to its clients, which allows them to pick a repayment plan that fits their monetary circumstances.

Safe Transactions

It employs high-level protection measures to secure borrowers’ personal and financial data, guaranteeing secure transactions.

Excellent Customer Support

The platform is recognized for its good customer service, offering swift and effective answers to client queries and concerns.

Regulatory Compliance

EZ Money functions in compliance with all federal and state laws and policies, which cements its trustworthiness and reputation.

Pros and Cons

Convenient and fast loan application processHigh interest rates ranging from 136.70 to 521.63 percent and charges
Several loan choices to pick fromDoesn’t work in all states
Availability of BTC operationsA few clients have complained about repayment and customer service issues
Can receive a loan in as little as 24 hoursFunds may result in a cycle of debt if the borrower doesn't repay on time
Can approve candidates with deficient creditCan require collateral in the form of bank account details or a post-dated check
Friendly and flexible financial services-
A reward program for regular clients-
Extra services like check cashing are provided-

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EZ Money loan provides various financial products to its consumers, including:

  • Short-term funds help people pay for unexpected expenses that arise before they get their next salary. EZ's money gives these payday loans to residents of the states where it runs. The Payday advance is up to 600 dollars.
  • Loans that the borrower needs to repay in regular installments during a period. EZ Money offers installment loans to residents of the states in which it operates. The payday advance is up to 1500 dollars.

Remember that the availability of these loans can vary based on the location where someone lives. 


The platform is a regulated and licensed lender, which hints at a level of credibility. The firm is licensed by different state regulatory authorities such as the Iowa Division of Banking, the North Dakota Division of Finance, the Missouri Division of Finance, the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, the Utah Department of Financial Institutions and the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner.

But like any lending app, EZ Money’s trustworthiness might rely on different customers’ experiences and satisfaction with the services. We strongly recommend conducting deep research and comparison before choosing a lender.

Funding A Loan

The process of getting loans from this app relies on the kind of funds someone is applying for. Once EZ Money approves a candidate’s application for payday loans, the money is usually transferred to their bank account by the next business day.

For installment funds, a borrower can get the loan either in the form of cash or money deposit into their bank account. The time taken before the loan amount reaches a borrower's account can vary based on the bank and the lender.

Keep in mind that EZ Money serves in some states, so the availability of funds and loan choices can vary based on someone’s location.

Loan Conditions in Different States


The payday loan advance is up to 445 dollars.


The initial line of credit starts at 200 dollars and can go up to 1500 dollars. Cash advance money should be taken in increments of 25 dollars, with at least 100 dollars necessary for each withdrawal. 


The payday loan advance is up to 600 dollars.


The payday loan advance is up to 500 dollars.


The funding amount provided for installment loans starts at 500 dollars and can go up to 1500 dollars.


EZ Money app helps salaried people cover unexpected expenses that arise when there is still weeks or day until their payday. It frees people from the desperation they may feel when they have no cash. This lender offers financing people require staying afloat.