Facial recognition technology has become an increasingly important part of our lives. 

From unlocking our smartphones to identifying suspects in criminal investigations, facial recognition has a wide range of applications. we'll take a look at the top 10 facial recognition apps in 2024.

1- BioID

Based in Germany, BioID is a biometrics agency that has been working for almost fifteen years. It created a cloud-native facial recognition app with a multi-factor feature that users can access from any device via APIs. 


  • It has Image verify facial identification 
  • Liveness detection. BioID operates through biometrics to authenticate individual persons
  • It also allows you to sign in to other compatible apps and sites with face recognition

2- Face App

Face app is a cross-platform face recognition app released in 2017. It gained popularity after major actors, singers, and athletes started using it to detect their faces worldwide. 

You might have noticed the global trend of people sharing pictures of their old selves. Face App started it and gets called the best ancestry face recognition app.

It offers filters like hairstyle, age, smile, Genderswap, and skin tone lightening.


  • Styles photos to engage people
  • Hollywood filter for selfies
  • Enable you to post your new and old images similar to other social channels
  • Let you replace the picture’s background with one tap
  • Let you apply lens blur and color filters

3- Luxand

Luxand is a world-class top-tech firm with a package of numerous services and applications registered under Luxand’s head. Luxand Face SDK is a face scan app on the google play store. 

Users only need to touch any identified face and name it, and the application will remember and identify it further. It is a perfect face recognition and detection app for AI developers who need a solution for their Delphi, Java, C++, and .NET applications.


  • Save a face’s picture from various angles, which allows it to recognize it from any angle
  • Allows you to transform a recognized face into a 3D animated avatar
  • Face aging API helps you view your face when you would age older
  • Face enhancement API enables you to remove facial imperfections by enhancing skin complexion and improving pictures
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices

4- Blippar

A London-based AR agency developed Blippar primarily for recognizing daily items. They aimed to use the app for augmented reality marketing for multiple businesses.

But, Blipper has recently launched its Public Figure Facial Recognition feature, which can recognize photos of 370K celebrities to get to know them. Halos is another incredible face-detection feature that the app launched in 2016.

Deep Learning computer vision is a type of AI technology that powers Blipper. The content it shows is either from the company-built AR experience or by people who utilize their API for marketing purposes.

Blipper also has data on various things, which it provides when a user scans that thing. It can tell you your pet’s breed if you take a picture of them. It identifies people’s faces as well as business logos


  • Available on both iOS and Android and runs on tablets and mobile phones
  • Can identify related pictures and real-life objects through a device’s camera
  • Shows electronically designed pictures as a cloak that users may engage with and enjoy
  • It allows you to produce and tailor their AR face features to show their moment, mood, or identical celebrity
  • Lets you scan a place and will inform you about interesting things about it

5- AppLock

AppLock is a free face recognition app developed by a software organization based in California, called Sensory. It features robust security because it limits the access of unauthorized people, protecting account details, personal data, and other apps.

You need to sign up on the app by picking from the 3 pre-chosen voice unlock terms or tailored unlock voice phrases. Having done that, you register your face while saying your picked passphrase. 

Finally, you need to sync the applications you would like to unlock through app lock and choose a safety level for each app.

Typically, app lock offers 2 levels of security:

1- Truly secure mode — need you to access your applications via both face and voice recognition
2- Convenience mode — requires your voice or face to unlock the applications


  • Use sophisticated deep learning technology to ensure solid protection
  • Link up the face identification tool with speakers, which gives it voice identification power, allowing you to use it to open your mobile phone.
  • Enable you to make a backup verification option which may help you in case your phone is not able to recognize your face or voice
  • Runs without internet connectivity
  • Furnish a smooth user experience
  • Available on the Google play store 

6- Face2Gene

Based in Bostin, FDNA is an artificial intelligence organization that designed a free facial recognition healthcare app called Face2Gene.

It assists healthcare professionals to perform accurate and in-depth genetic assessments. Face2Gene can become the next big thing in the app development landscape of the healthcare industry.

This application also uses Deep Learning technology like a few other apps on our list. Its algorithms rely on syndrome gestalt, which developers constructed on syndrome-specific computation-driven classifiers.

Then, the app transforms the scanned image of a patient into de-recognized face descriptors and compares them with syndrome gestalt to determine resemblances with the best-matched syndromes having analogous morphologies.


  • Artificial intelligence gives the app feasible phenotypic characteristics and genes to aid in recognizing the possible syndrome
  • Provides access to London Medical Database to look for syndromes and check images and features
  • Helps in bioinformatics and finds out particular medical conditions like dysmorphic features and genetic disorders in patients
  • Let medical experts directly send patient examples in protected group forums
  • It gives access to particular groups or communities for doctors to talk about diseases in detail
  • Offers constant comments and feedback to users on proceeding cases
  • Available on both iOS and Android and runs on Mac and PC

7- FaceFirst

FaceFirst is one of the best free face recognition apps for the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. Military personnel can instantly match pictures of marines in the field against their databases using this app.

The app is also used by transportation centers and retailers since it helps them recognize human faces from distance. Common users may have a hard time using FaceFirst due to its complicated interface.


  • Facefirst helps users determine the identity of people, preventing identity theft
  • Have a massive database of known individuals
  • Sends emails and instant notifications
  • It helps the military in strengthening the community’s safety while ensuring that they don't arrest anyone innocent
  • Officials can make a watchlist to document suspected wrongdoers while they perform their duties on the ground
  • The app exhibits various customer engagement, surveillance, PC forensic facial identification, and mobile access control abilities
  • Provides a powerful SDK and API for integration into a range of platforms and systems
  • The app protects all user data from third-party access

8- Railer

Have you ever heard of taking rollcall of pupils using a face detection system?

Yes, a mobile application, Railer, developed by a Malaysian firm, can help you do that.

Railor is another top-quality facial recognition apps that operates on both apple and android platforms. School teachers can mark the absence of a particular student via this platform.

Thanks to its automation features and Biold connect technology, users get rid of a lot of manual work, thereby saving themselves from errors and other problems.


  • It helps institutions detect students who use proxy
  • Allows for checking of attendance of workers and pupils
  • Less manual work
  • A mobile attendance system
  • Supplies alert with timely rollcall reports to teachers/management
  • Offers analytics
  • Helps in handling the emergency, annual, sick leaves, or public holidays
  • Available on both apple and google’s play store
  • Allows organizations/institutes to monitor check-ins and check-outs of their pupils/employees

9- True Key

Intel Security developed Truekey as a free mobile application to detect faces. It is a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Truekey is a biometric technology-driven application like BioID, the first app on our list. It facilitates the protection and management of passwords using fingerprint or facial identification tools.

Truekey employs a unique face mathematical model to help users log in via their face. It is a truly amazing product of McAfee Security to ensure you can access your apps should you forget your password.

You only need to register on TrueKey once, and then all your mobile apps that demand a password will be fully synced for supreme defense.


  • It assists users in quickly signing in to their favorite sites
  • Offers you more control over your electronic identity by synchronizing your devices
  • It links up your passcode with one of the most powerful encoding algorithms AES-256, hence protecting it
  • Exhibits multi-factor verification, which authenticates users two times before allowing them access
  • Provides multiple unlocking methods as well as a simple face log-in

10- Face PHI

Online banking has made our lives easier as we don't need to rush to a bank to get some cash or for other purposes. However, the boon of mobile banking comes with an evil that is identity theft and scams, which are prevalent in the industry.

Financial organizations have to combat fraudsters and hackers to safeguard their consumers. FacePhi is a blessing for such banks as it helps them validate their customer’s identities before they benefit from online banking.

The company has developed various remarkable solutions for banks to help them provide their clients with a safe online banking experience. 

FacePhi’s face detection software is driven by its powerful algorithms. The software demands your data at the time of signing up and copies their face traits to configure patterns.

Face PHI authenticates a registered user’s identity every time they sign in via the name, which may be a pin, ID number, or card they give during registration.


  • Simple to use
  • You only need to capture your face with your camera, and the app will run a recognition check by comparing it with the picture in the organization’s data collection to allow access

Bottom Line

Future marketing will use human faces to target their audiences. Your company can take the elevator to success if it adopts facial recognition technology in the form of an app that complies with global data confidentiality regulations.

Users have welcomed the face identification technology with excitement and anticipation. They expect it to make their customer experience nicer like its preceding technologies that have been used in marketing and being used.

Maven Digital is a partner that you can walk hand in hand with toward your journey to success. We integrate face recognition programs in our mobile app solutions to allow you to boost your customer satisfaction, improving your bottom line.