The Al Hosn App has become an essential tool for many, offering a range of services and features that make life easier. But what happens when you need to change your mobile number on the app? This article will guide you through the process step by step.

Introduction to Al Hosn App

Al Hosn App

The Al Hosn App is a digital platform designed to provide users with a range of services, from health updates to digital ID verification. With the increasing reliance on digital platforms, it's crucial to keep your personal details, especially your mobile number, up to date.

Al Hosn has about 1,029,391 Registered User and 2,021,341 Daily Users.

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Importance of Keeping Your Mobile Number Updated

Your mobile number is more than just a way for friends and family to reach you. It's a key piece of information that apps like Al Hosn use to verify your identity and send you important notifications.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Mobile Number

Changing your mobile number on the Al Hosn App is a straightforward process, but it's essential to follow the steps carefully to ensure your details are updated correctly.

1) Logging in to Your Account

Start by logging into your Al Hosn account. If you encounter any issues, remember your login details might be linked to your old mobile number.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

If you're having trouble logging in, try resetting your password or contacting Al Hosn's customer support for assistance.

2) Navigating to Profile Settings

Once logged in, head to your profile settings. This is typically found in the top right corner of the app or under a menu labeled "Settings" or "Profile."

3) Changing the Mobile Number

In the profile settings, you'll find an option to change or update your mobile number. Enter your new number and ensure it's correct before proceeding.

4) Verification Process

After updating your number, Al Hosn will typically send a verification code to the new number. Enter this code in the app to confirm the change.

Reasons to Update Your Mobile Number Regularly

Security Concerns

Regularly updating your mobile number ensures that you maintain control over your account. It prevents unauthorized access and keeps your personal data safe.

Receiving Important Notifications

By keeping your mobile number updated, you ensure that you receive all critical notifications from the app, from health updates to appointment reminders.

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Common Questions About Al Hosn App

Is Al Hosn App Safe?

Yes, the Al Hosn App is designed with user security in mind, employing the latest encryption and security measures.

How Often Should I Update My Details?

While there's no set frequency, it's a good practice to check and update your details whenever there's a change or at least once a year.


Keeping your mobile number updated on the Al Hosn App is crucial for both security and convenience. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your details are always current, allowing you to make the most of the app's features.


Why can't I receive the verification code after changing my number?

Ensure that the new number is active and can receive SMS. If the issue persists, contact Al Hosn's support.

Can I change my mobile number to an international number?

It depends on the app's policies. Some apps allow international numbers, while others might restrict it to local numbers.

What other details should I regularly update on the app?

Apart from your mobile number, regularly check and update your email address, emergency contacts, and address.

How do I contact Al Hosn's customer support?

Most apps have a "Contact Us" or "Support" section within the app or on their official website.

Is there a fee for changing my mobile number on the app?

Typically, there's no fee for updating your personal details on apps. However, always check the app's policies to be sure.