Short answer: No, the user doesn't get a notification when you screenshot their Instagram story, reel, post, or permanent message. 

However, Instagram notifies the user when you screenshot their disappearing picture or clip in the direct message thread.

Instagram Story Screenshot Notification

The screenshot is an incredible technique to save content you like on the internet or an app to check it out with ease the next time you need it. It saves you from having to find it and going through the steps to access it.

Some social media sites notify the user if some other user screenshots or screen records the content they posted on the platform. But does Instagram does the same? Let's find out.

Does Instagram Notify You When Someone Screenshots your Story, Reel, or Post?

No, Instagram doesn’t send notifications when a user screenshots your story, reel, or post. It allows you to take screenshots or screen records of others’ stories, videos, and posts, without them knowing.

When Does Instagram Notifies A User When You Screenshot Their Story on the Platform?

If someone sends you a video or picture that will disappear after a short while, Instagram will notify them if you screenshot or screen record it. Instagram will send them an alert saying “screenshot taken” under your name in their DM inbox and show a star beside the item in the thread.

Can You Ever Screenshot A User’s Direct Message Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can screenshot or screen record a user’s permanent DM, meaning it will not disappear after a short time. Instagram won't send them a notification, in this case, and only shows “seen” under your name in the message, informing them that you have read it.

Should You Screenshot Someone’s Content on Instagram?

It's natural to feel worried about whether the other person will know if you screenshot their content on Instagram, especially if it is private.

We recommend refraining from screenshotting or screen-recording someone’s private reels, photos, videos, stories, or messages. 

However, you may like to keep an individual’s story or other kinds of posts if they are general. People often share memes from their private and public accounts. If they relate to your situation, you might love to save them, and screenshotting is the best way to do it.

Screenshots also allow you to share something amusing or informative with your friends. You may also love to screenshot an emotional video or image that a user publishes on their IG story so that you can later view it as a beautiful memory.

It might interest you that the social media platform introduced the Instagram story notification feature in 2018 but removed it after a short while and hasn’t relaunched it yet.

Bottom Line

People might screenshot your Instagram stories, messages, pictures, or reels. So you should be careful in publishing confidential stuff on Instagram as you will only get an alert notification from Instagram if someone screenshots a disappearing photo or video you send to them as DM.