Games allow us to leave the stresses of daily life behind for a few hours and enjoy sheer entertainment while appreciating our skills.

Even if you feel like you are not being as successful as you want to be in your life at a certain point in time, you can feel good about yourself by winning a couple of games.

It is what has made playing games one of the number-one pastimes for most youngsters. Game developers have been coming up with refined ideas and launching new games for the past few years. Many games launched a decade ago still top the charts in 2024. 

As mobile app development is our passion, we rounded up statistics to find out which games still rule the hearts no matter how many new kids appear in the town.

Enjoy this curated list of the most popular games of 2024, according to the charts.

Most Loved and Most Popular Games of 2024

1- Minecraft

Launched on 18 November 2011, Minecraft is the child of Mojang Studio, which has a reputation for constant upgrades and version launches.

Minecraft registered 600 players soon after its launch, and more than 238 gamers bought the game’s copies on different platforms.

You can guess the immense popularity of this game, thanks to the passion and vibrancy the game pulls off with its features. Gamers can build banks, hospitals, courtrooms, meeting squares, storage rooms, town halls, underground bases, and more.

You can explore world-generated structures like villages, Nether Fortresses, dungeons, deserts, temples, ocean monuments, strongholds, abandoned mineshafts, and more. The best part is the level of interaction with other people Minecraft provides to the players. 

2- Candy Crush Saga

You might remember the days when Facebook introduced Candy Crush as their in-browser game, which soon soared in popularity. The game soon left Farmville behind, the most favorite Facebook game at the time.

It is now called Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular games in the world.

As per Digi Day, It was the top-grossing game across all app stores for 21 consecutive quarters in the US. As the game celebrates its tenth birthday, we can say Candy Crush was the trailblazer in the new era of mobile games. 

According to Business of Apps, It was among the first freemium applications that earned more than 1 billion dollars.

3- PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG took the battle royale game landscape by storm with its arrival and made people crazy with the excitement it incites in them with lots of offerings.

In this game, a player fights with around a hundred other players in a battle royale and tries to shoot each other. You and the other players land on one of the maps with a parachute.

Then, you can look for ghost towns, buildings, and other locations to detect armor, weapons, vehicles, and other gear.

Though, many other multiplayer games arrived with duplicated titles to get success as battle royale games like PUBG. Fortnite replicated PUBG and left it behind with its quick decision to arrive on consoles. 

PUBG offered a premium model, which might have made people shift to Fortnight. But then the game leaped back and offered a free model and a mobile app. reports that PUBG is now the most-played game worldwide. 

4- Solitaire

Developed by Microsoft, 400 million people play solitaire currently to release the daily stress of their tough jobs. 

You might not believe that Microsoft created solitaire to teach users how to use a mouse. No one knew the game would become an addiction.

As a built-in software in the windows operating system, solitaire is a free game for Windows users, while mobile device users can install its free app.

What attracts people towards Solitaire is its guidelines and rules that are as clear as crystal to follow. It takes time to master the game, but once you do it, you may win about 80 percent of the time. It is the beauty of this age-old game.

Consecutive wins in Solitaire often lead to an obsession with the game. Regardless, it is a game that can help you shed your day-to-day worries after a worrisome day at the office or school.

5- Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

This game is available on both Google Play and AppStore. It is among the most popular video games inspired by a franchise.

Players can build and tailor their favorite characters from Star Wars movies like champions from the last Jedi, the rise of skywalker, and the Mandalorian.

This game can make adrenaline rush through your veins by letting you defeat enemies and soar to the top by ruling the galactic holograms in a distant cantina.

Star war fans can fight empire stalwarts, and rebel leaders through eons while building high-class dark and light side squads and gathering heroes from the movie’s universe.

6- Call of Duty: Warzone 

Created by Activision, Call of Duty: War zone is the favorite game of all millennials and generation Z users, especially those who love action and thriller movies.

With 6 million online players, this game has gained a lot of traction from its launch in 2020. The game is available on play stations 4 & 5, Xbox One, X/S, Xbox series, and Microsoft windows.

The sound of shooting and the thrill can keep you hooked for hours at a time with this game. It is fun for habitual Fortnite players who get bored of its comic escapades and desire a realistic game.

7- Among Us

Created by Play Everywhere and InnerSloth LLC in 2018, Among Us, is among the most popular games right now, with 8 million players.

How did Among Us reach this astounding figure of 8 million from a tiny community of avid and dedicated gamers when it was only found on mobile platforms and didn’t even have online multiplayer?

Its popularity owes to the social aspect, simplicity, convenience, and speed. You can chat with people within the game, work as a team and even install private games with your pals. 

It feels good when you notice your teamwork, communication, and observation skills are getting better during the game. It is a light-hearted video game that has gathered a lot of fans in a small time.

8- Grand Theft Auto V

GTA is one of the most downloaded games, with 170 million copies sold. Grand Theft Auto is the pioneer of open-world games and looks stunning at first sight.

It allows you to choose from three main characters with distinct ideals and personalities to play as them. It is the perfect game for people who love to socialize when playing, as you can enjoy yourself with your buddies. The activities are endless including bunker missions, CEO/VIP challenges, PVP game modes, races, or the ever-stressful heists.

If we look at other aspects, GTA exhibits brilliant campaigns, graphics, constant updates, and more. The game’s authors have saved themselves from the angry feedback from GTA players by implementing microtransactions in a new way.

9- Pokemon

Pokemon is among the most famous games of our time. Released in 1991, players still can't get enough of the game that gives off classic plus modern vibes at the same time.

With the same gameplay, Pokemon has been changing locations, characters, and more. It has grown to be a competitive video game which has prevented its popularity to become faint.

Regular players learn multiple types of strategies and pokemon to use within the game to win. Pokemon games’ supporters believe its game mechanics to be unmatchable and robust in the gaming industry. 

The game offers a distinct mixture of amusing action serials and reason-backed strategizing. It is an incredible video game that you can play in a bit cerebral way and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

If action-packed thrilling video games within the open world are not your cup of tea, the Pokemon games series can be a blessing for you. The ability to make tactics depending on the underlying calculations of the game mechanics is what differentiates this highly enjoyable game.

You can develop strategies based on type effectiveness, items, base statistics totals, damage, probability, weather effects, and more.

Bottom Line

Gamers have been very happy with the release of new generation consoles and some of the best games, such as Forza Horizon 5 in the past couple of years.

But players are also wary of the bad functioning of Battlefield 2042, the absence of more PS5 exclusives, and other things. It has made them go back to older games that they might not have played.

However, avid fans of ever-green games are still making them rule the charts and statistics in 2024.

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