Apps have become an essential part of our daily life. Applications have surpassed the IT field and have entered nearly all industries. Mobile app development has also become easier than ever because of no-code app builder tools.

Mobile applications provide innumerable use cases ranging from marketing to training. The good thing is that even non-techies can build great applications using no-code app builders.

Here are some of the best no-code app builders that you can use in 2022.



Bubble is a boon for non-technical people because it allows them to build an app with zero code. Users only develop a prototype to test out their app’s concept and then put it on customer-facing channels. It all happens without any CSS or HTML.

Bubble allows users to view how it functions by modifying their own homepage. Bubble is a competitor of great no-code app builders like Appy Pie and Airtable. 

Even investors agree that it is a superb in-class no-code application builder. Bubble has collected more than a hundred million dollars to blow a breath of life into its no-code app builder. 

Appy Pie

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an extremely powerful no-code app builder that lets you build multi-functional native applications. It has color themes and pre-set templates that you can tailor according to your requirements. 

Appy Pie is perfect for everyone's needs no matter if you want to develop a dating app, e-commerce app, gaming app, or delivery app. 

In addition to that, it provides courses on creating apps for people including students and mobile app developers at all levels. If you are a UI/UX design services company, you should get your employees to take their courses.

This platform allows you to edit the user interface in real-time. Apart from app building, it allows you to test your application and analyze it through its analytics tools. You can use and update your application even without the internet.

Furthermore, it runs on Android and iOS and offers free and paid versions. Lastly, it isn’t completely error-free. Like any software, you may find bugs sometimes. Also, some people think that the software offers fewer options for what kinds of adverts are added.



For big brands and enterprises, Airtable is a gift because they utilize it to handle their data. It is a very dynamic app builder that works like a project management tool. 

It is a spreadsheet-based software that helps businesses develop app products customized exactly for what employees need. With a user-friendly design and ready-made templates, it helps product, advertising, HR, operations, finance, and sales teams achieve new heights of productivity and discipline.

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You can discover various ways to see data and can transform your base into a functional product. Airtable helps business professionals simplify and automate workflows.

Other features include syncing information across tables and teams as well as seeing effects straight from Airtable. Users can include more than fifty pre-built applications in their products. 



ClickUp is a cloud-native and full-service project management and collaboration software. Its uniqueness lies in its over 35 ‘ClickApps’, and over 50 action points for automation, reports, files, and more. 

ClickUp has revolutionized the process of mobile app development in Dubai. It provides an incredible no-code app builder that links various sources of data to make workflows and funnels for the highest efficiency. Businesses of all sizes can make attractive wikis or documents with styling options and nested pages.

Pre-made templates and drag-and-drop functionality make it a user-friendly platform. Users can embed bookmarks, include tables, and more to edit docs for any requirement from knowledge bases to roadmaps.

Clickup can be used with more than 1000 tools as extensions. Teams can handle all of their operations in a central place by syncing calendars, messaging applications, cloud databases, and more.



AppSheet is a unique no-code application builder tool where you can build and design a full-service application in days with zero code. 

With more than 3.5 million mobile apps built, AppSheet apps can click pictures, record locations, create reports, scan barcodes, implement logic, send emails, and more.

The best part is their easy tutorials and videos to guide you through. It means you can create a multi-platform app in no time. Moreover, it collects rich information and uses machine learning to automate processes. 

Users can access the platform from both their computer systems and mobile devices. 



If you are looking for an app development tool and data entry solution that can run without internet connectivity, Ninox is for you.

Ninox is a cloud-based app-building software built to enhance business processes via a modifiable platform. This platform is created with drag-and-drop spreadsheets, charts, forms, and reports.

Designed to create database apps, Ninox offers Gantt, Cards, Kanban, and Diagram views. Users can choose separate templates for meetings, events, contacts, accounting, invoices, timesheets, etc. The best part is that you can use it on Cloud, iPad, Mac, Android, iPhone, and others.

Small and large enterprises can streamline their workflows and collaborate with their team remotely. Ninox is being successfully used by businesses from IT, and construction. Real Estate, med-tech, and other industries.

The only problem is that some of its features are limited and the platform also needs some finishing. But still, UI/UX design service companies can benefit from this software.

Bottom Line

No-code application development tools let regular people belonging to any part of a company create the app of their dreams. They can build a new app solution or streamline functional processes.

You can use any of the no-code app builder platforms from our blog depending on the requirements of your enterprise. You can begin utilizing free trials before buying the full software. 

If you have some know-how of coding, then opt for a platform that also offers low-code options to gain full app development experience.