The cryptocurrency market is rapidly expanding as around 8,000 different cryptocurrencies already exist with more expected to come in near future. If you’re a seasoned miner or someone new to the world of digital currency, provided below is a list of best crypto exchange markets picked for 2024. But, let’s have a brief look at how it all works!

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms: Evaluation Criteria

No matter the exchange platform you use, digital currency trading can be extremely tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the latest industry trends. You would need to do some research on digital currency exchange platforms and websites for which the following factors are worth considering:

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Currency Support

One of the first and most important is determining the relevant exchange platform which actually supports your Cryptocurrency. It goes beyond the typical Bitcoin and Ether as you’ll need to know if the platform offers support for fiat currency as well as for the ones available at hand.

Deposit & Withdrawals

With currencies, it’s important to determine the transaction methods you would deploy which further narrow down the choices of Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and websites. Credit/debit card users as well as individuals who still rely on manual banking procedures even for simplest tasks like cash transfer will find cryptocurrency exchange and purchase websites useless. However, this wouldn’t be the case if the bank offers support for cryptocurrency.

Compulsory Fees

Like banks, Cryptocurrency platforms also charge against the service. That said, for each deposit, withdrawal, inactivity and/or CFD trading for instance, you will be charged a certain amount as a service fee. Transaction fees are an essential part that’s deducted by the service provider on each digital/cryptocurrency transaction.

Security Measures

Much like everything digital, security is among the most important factors to look into when dealing with Bitcoin or Altcoin trading platform. From security charges/funds to safety and privacy of user private information, best cryptocurrency exchange platforms go an extra mile with security by ensuring all transactions are super safe against all online frauds, hackers and scammers. Two-factor authentication, detailed user ID verification, asset insurance and up-to-date encryption protocols are a few of many other security measures taken by digital currency exchange platforms and websites.

User Experience

Much like any other website or digital platform, a well-designed and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading domain such as Ether, Litecoin, Altcoin, Bitcoin so on will surely go a long way in creating a positive impact and profitable returns. Dealing efficiently with digital currencies can be challenging for users if the user interface and functionality is over complex with poorly presented information. Another feature to consider is user reviews given against a particular digital currency exchange and support platform which gives a go-ahead cue on whether to opt for it or exclude from the list.

For Beginner here is an Introduction to Crypto Digital Exchange Platforms!

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Perhaps the world’s best crypto exchange platform, especially for Bitcoin; ‘Coinbase’ is the oldest cryptocurrency support and exchange platform that has been around since 2012 with highest number of satisfied user-base all over the globe. Till date, ‘Coinbase’ has managed to accumulate millions of users from almost every country worldwide and generated total trading volume of more than $300 billion. For someone interested in buying, selling and trading digital currency, ‘Coinbase’ is the best place to begin.


  • Cryptocurrency support is a lot bigger
  • User-interface is quite friendly and intuitive
  • Amazing security features

Download Coinbase Android | Coinbase iOS


With a huge trading marketplace for almost all sorts of currencies and assets, other than digital; eToro is an excellent place to be when it comes crypto exchange, trading and investment. 


  • Amazing reputation and among the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms
  • Trading fees is low for a few selected cryptocurrencies
  • For maximum convenience of users, it features CopyTrader and virtual replica account

Download eToro Android | eToro iOS


To all those new in the world of cryptocurrency business to protect the  wealth by investing in best business treasury reserve asset humanity ever had, Coinmama is perhaps the best place to start in a safe and secure way. The user-interface is quite friendly, streamlined and features a handful of currency converters with real-time customer support to kick start your journey smoothly.


  • Amazing choice for beginners
  • Also support credit/debit cards, bank transfers and various other payment methods
  • Excellent customer support

Download Coinmama Android |Coinmama iOS


Run by the most trusted New York-based digital marketplace company, Gemini is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for offer the lowest rates as compared to the competitive markets. Other than that, you’ll also find the highest number of cryptocurrency trade rates for amazing and profitable returns. Gemini also has some of the best mobile apps to boot along with a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange library.


  • As compared to many other digital currency platforms, trading volume is higher for Gemini.
  • Super fluid and advanced trading interface powered by ActiveTraderTM
  • Mobile app boot is excellent

Download Gemini Android | Gemini iOS


Known for its robustness and massive size, Binance has all it takes to earn a top place in the list of best crypto exchange platforms designed for both fresh and veteran traders. It also offers its own Binance Coin (BNB) that works over Binance Chain, designed to facilitate transactions, trade (buy and sell) digital currencies, submit transaction fee and much more.


  • Safe and secure platforms with the best standards for any cryptocurrency site
  • Transaction fees is very low
  • A pre-ICO stage incubator

Download Binance Android | Binance iOS


If you’re planning to trade cryptocurrency from scratch, being new to the industry, CEX.IO is a preferred platform known for simple and user-friendly functions. With many different cryptocurrencies and fiat options supported by CEX.IO, entering the world of digital currency has never been easier.


  • Staking opportunities for users
  • Margin trading & multiple payment options

Download CEX.IO Android | CEX.IO iOS


Ever since 2011 when we weren’t even familiar with ‘cryptocurrency’ as a term, Kraken has been offering its services to wider and steadier crypto traders, being the oldest exchanges in the market. Kraken tops the list of the best digital currency platforms for 2024 given to the highest security, liquidity and handful of crypto pairs that can be traded here. Other than that, the fees is as low as 0% which further adds to the many amazing features of Kraken.


  • Offers support on personal level
  • Highly competitive trading fees
  • Greater more robust security

Download Kraken Android | Kraken iOS


With more than 160 cryptocurrencies to offer as well as exchange options for fiat or crypto against Altcoins, ‘Changelly’ is you go-to digital currency platform that works more like a middleman than direct cryptocurrency exchange domain. It’s associated with some of the world’s best cryptocurrency trading sites to offer the best rates as compared to any other service provider in the market. Given to the faster transaction and flexibility it offers to users, Changelly has everything to be proud of.


  • Best security with a clean history
  • Cryptocurrency exchange fee ranging from flat 0% to only 0.5%
  • For more simplified trading and exchange procedure, users can also opt for Changelly’s pro-version.

Download Changelly Android | Changelly iOS


Comes with a wide variety of payment options for Bitcoin and Tether trading, Paxful is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform however, only support 30+ cryptocurrencies as of now. It has nearly 10 different options for bank transfer with some 125 different gift cards that can be traded for Bitcoin.


  • Purchasing Bitcoin and many other currencies with Paxful is simple and easy.
  • Real-time instant chat and experienced peer support
  • First-class safety and security

Download Paxful Android | Paxful iOS


Available to download on both Android and iOS, ‘Bisq’ is yet another peer-to-peer, distributed crypto and Bitcoin exchange platform. Being ‘decentralised’ and non-custodial, it’s fail-safe and robust thus letting only users to control their funds, making it unique from other exchange platforms like Coinbase and various others. In case of any suspicious activity, your account will be seized and suspended.


  • 26 payment options that also includes Zelle
  • Downloadable as a mobile app
  • Decentralised; non-KYC

Download Bisq Android | Bisq iOS

Listed above are some of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms to rule in 2022.

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