Billions of users use different mobile applications in their day-to-day life. That is why Mobile app development is growing rapidly. During the lockdown period, people badly need a source to stay in touch with their loved ones and work partners.

And the Great news is, in 2024, authorities in the United Arab Emirates have lifted the ban on many audio and video calling applications. Here are some of the best audio and video calling apps available in the country.

Botim Video Call App


The UAE government approves of only a handful of audio/video apps and Botim is one of them. It's free everywhere in the world except in the United Arab Emirates. Users only need data or WiFi to use the app.

You can make HD voice and video calls worldwide with this app. And you can send images, videos, and voice notes to your loved ones anywhere in the world. 

Botim charges 50 AED per month for users who use it on their 3G/4G cellular data. The second price package comes at AED 100 per month and allows users to use Botim on their house WiFi too. Furthermore, it offers plenty of special offers and discounts to its users. You can find Botim on Google Play and Apple app store.

Zoom Video Call UAE


Zoom wasn't on the list of video calling apps the Dubai government had approved previously. It is now allowed and free for everyone. Check Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download Zoom Video Call app.

It is a very famous internet calling application. Zoom allows professionals to conduct video conferences and remote meetings with other staff members.

Many video calling apps that work in the Emirates are handled by a local telecom company. This isn’t the case with Zoom. 



Voico is an audio/video call app that is free to use for Du users in the Emirates. Its salient features are video/audio calling, group functions, texting, and translating. Voico UAE app is part of their campaign called “It's good to be home”. 

Users can download the Voico UAE application for Android and iOS devices also on their desktop or mobile devices. They only need a functioning UAE mobile phone number to register and internet connectivity to make calls.

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications company or Du said that the company understands people’s need to keep in touch with their friends and family, therefore, it has launched a free video/audio calling service for its consumers. 

Microsoft Teams App

MS Teams

Teams at any company need to make creative choices and collaborate with each other. A shared chat-based platform facilitates both of these things.

Microsoft Teams is one such collaboration software. It is particularly helpful for teams in very big firms, or that have a lot of remote workers or a significant number of team members.

It is basically an internet video calling app specially designed for workplaces and overseas conferences. It is a platform that allows team members at an organization to collaborate with each other easily.

Users can share files and documents that could be seen by all group members at any time.

Download the Microsoft Teams app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

C ME App

C ME Video Call App

It is among the video calling applications that run in the united arab emirates. It allows users to make HD video calls internationally.

C ME app is one of the internet calling apps that provides a substitute for residents who want to make calls to their loved ones at reasonable prices. People residing in Dubai and Sharjah can avail of its messaging feature as well to share images, emoji icons, files, videos, and audio clips.

And you can chat with your buddies in a group chat. Etisalat, du, and Virgin Mobile offer internet calling plans in the country for C ME. The app is available on Apple’s app store and Google’s play store to download on your mobile phones and tablets.

HiU Messenger


It is a free video calling app in UAE for you to make calls around the world while sitting in any Emirates. It user friendly and allows you to make numerous quality voice and video calls to any palace over a mobile data network or Wi-Fi.

It also has a messaging option like the app we mentioned above. You can connect with your friends through messaging, sending videos and pictures, and sharing locations. 

Bottom Line

People in UAE always stay concerned about the best ways to contact and collaborate with people sitting in remote areas. This is a good sign that the authorities in the Emirates have eased the ban on some apps which facilitate high-quality audio and video calls.


Which video calling app works in UAE?

Microsoft Teams is one of the video calling apps that work in UAE.

Which VoIP is working in UAE?

BOTIM, HiU Messenger and C'ME provide VoIP services that aren’t blocked in the UAE

What video calls are not allowed in UAE?

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), video calls through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple’s FaceTime are not allowed in UAE.

Is FaceTime coming to UAE?

There is no official announcement yet if FaceTime is coming to UAE.

Why is UAE blocking VoIP?

The UAE government blocks VoIP services because they are not licensed by the government and therefore do not generate revenue for the country.

Does Telegram video call work in UAE?

According to TraveliZta, voice and video calls on Skype and FaceTime are banned in the UAE, along with similar app-based VoIP services like Telegram.