Real estate and the UAE go hand-in-hand for it has been one of nation’s most thriving industries that has revolutionized significantly over the years. The second leap came with digital technology that further shifted many different commercial and corporate sectors from manual to automated procedures, leaving nothing untouched that also includes the property sector.
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  Digital transformation brought with it faster, reliable, safer and convenient procedures that can be executed from anywhere at any time; owning much to the mobile applications. From buying and selling a property to everything in between, almost everything now is at your fingertips thanks to the many amazing, efficient and handy real estate mobile apps. Have a look at some of the best property apps in the UAE for you to download today.


A complete suite for developers and an all-inclusive app for the real estate industry; Mashrooi has everything you wish to know about a particular real estate project. The app displays all project management’s imagery, status and a full-scale progress chart in both master developer and sub-developers mode. One of the most prominent features is the data which is fetched from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) Management System which makes it highly accurate, reliable and useful.

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Designed in particular to the lease and rental management operations, Ejari mobile app has been super successful amongst the property representative, agents, owners and management companies. Taking a holistic approach to all, major and minor leasing operations, the user-friendly Ejari app significantly reduces the time and cost incurred in lease registration while increasing security and safety for all parties involved. Some of the most notable features are Rental Index Calculator (RERA), renewals, funds and documents transfer, cancellations and much more making it a must-have to all those living in Dubai.

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Dubai Brokers

If agents’ queries, enquiries and concerns bug you, the Dubai Brokers app is the best bet to evade the questions while offering real-time precise details, verified by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) as well as licensed realtors. The Dubai Brokers app also let users select their preferred brokers based on key performance factors in the industry such as enactment, specialization and number of transactions so far. You can also have your ownership certificates verified which further save your valuable time and cost. Download mart Judge Legal procedures and formalities involved in real estate can be quite overwhelming as well as complex especially to those who’re unfamiliar or new to the industry. There’s even a smart app to get you across smoothly by the name Smart Judge; which is your ultimate legal advisor. The app will also keep all involved parties in the loop should there be any legal dispute, thus providing free legal consultation and verdict over the issue. If you’re an investor using Smart Judge; there’s also the Rental Dispute Centre app to deal with legal matters. Dubai Brokers Real Estate App

Smart Pay Service

Money management is another crucial factor associated directly with real estate and handling paper currency can be quite bothersome. With Smart Pay Service app, you can go cashless without compromising any transaction right from the convenience of your smartphone. It’s a secure, government-verified wire transfer payment channel (from selected banks only), credit cards/NQOODI wallet. The app also let you save multiple credit card details that can be used at any time when needed. Yet another added feature is quick and convenient access to your wallet balance and payment history.

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Smart Investment Map Portal

IMP (Investment Map Portal) app is your ultimate, legal advisor to allow investors in taking a well-informed decision. The app connects with any location off-plan project investors by sharing all the essential details on underdeveloped projects as well as for those in the pipeline, also includes developers willing to interact with investors from all over the world. With IMP app, you can perform safe and secure transactions too which further makes this real estate mobile app a must have.

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Rental Dispute Centre (RDC)

From the Dubai Land Department comes Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) app to make your real estate experience better. Just as the name says, the app’s purpose is to identify and resolve tenants/owners issues whereas users can register their disputes online, make relevant payment and special requests against your particular case and much more. The app offers complete functions from filing disputes and rental issues to mediation and other such disagreements, thus bridging communication gap between tenants and owners.

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Designed specifically for UAE-based realtors, BayutPro app provides tailored lead management tools aimed at boosting productivity. Registered Bayut agents can download the app, efficiently monitor and manage their leads. TruCheck and SmartLeads are value-added tools that come with the app to track listings, respond to prospect leads and much more. Other amazing features include one-touch email, call and/or WhatsApp interaction. Users can receive real-time data stats on customer’s preferred property types, average budget, location, featured amenities and other associated aspects.

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Another contribution of DLD to the world of real estate mobile apps in the UAE is ‘Makani’ which let users’ access accurate geographic location and relevant insights against a property. The app will ask for a special 10-digit ‘Makani Number’ to pinpoint exact entrance to a building or any other property type. Once installed, users are relieved from entering any complex codes, names or directions but simply the Makani digits and navigate accurately to the location from the convenience of their smartphone or GPS navigational devices. Value-added features include QR code and voice search compatibility, direct syncing with the contacts, voice-enabled navigation guide.

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Real Estate Self Transaction (REST)

The Real Estate Self Transaction or ‘REST’ app was introduced as a part of Dubai 10X initiative by DLD. It’s a comprehensive platform, enabling users to perform various online real estate transactions at anytime, anywhere. REST tops the list of best real estate mobile apps in Dubai to completely eliminate the hassle of paper documentation, digitising the real estate management and transactions while simplifying the entire brokerage procedure. Users can conveniently connect with realty services providers that include brokers, official DLD partners, developers, maintenance and much more. Users can also access DLD approved site plans, payment gateways, contract creating features, property valuations and various others.

Download Real Estate Self Transaction (REST) Android |Real Estate Self Transaction (REST) iOS 

Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI)

The Dubai Real Estate Institute or DREI in short is another DLD educational app that caters to potential investors, agents and common users by providing them essential training, education and awareness on the real estate industry. Users are likely to find their grasp on the industry to become stronger day by day whereas it also offers more than 70 different realty management courses in English and Arabic. This app’s a must download in 2022which is already contributing significantly to the industry. Brief Introduction on DREI Source: Adrian Huber


Whether dealing with commercial or residential properties listed for buy-and-sell, an independent third-party evaluator will surely give you real insight and determines the exact property value. Taqyimee is just your go-to smart real estate app that links with DLD approved intermediary valuators and property owners.

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No doubt, mobile apps further add convenience to the daily routine procedures by cutting down a lot of time, cost and grinding manual tasks associated to the real estate. Each of the above listed real estate app is unique in its own way so feel free to browse the list again and pick as per your requirement. Also read: Best Tips to Hire App Store Optimization Marketing Services In Dubai?