AdMob is a really cool mobile ad network by Google. There are lots of such platforms out there, but AdMob is one of the world’s largest CPC (Cost Per Click) mobile ad networks. Since 2020, AdMob has been killing it by producing more revenue for mobile apps each year. In 2022, they made a whopping $300 million in revenue for mobile apps. Some folks have been pulling in 2500+ Euros a month just by using AdMob by Google to make money from their phone apps.

People trust this platform because it has a diverse range of cutting edge tools and solutions that help people to monetize and promote their apps and mobile web applications. 

This article will get you through an AdMob review. You will understand why you should consider AdMob to make cash from your mobile app.

AdMob by Google

Why Choose AdMob?

Global Reach and Currency Support

AdMob is really cool because it works with lots of different money types, like Euros, Dollars, Czech Koruna, and Hungarian Forint. Check out the whole list of currencies AdMob supports. It helps developers make money without any demographic limit.

User-Friendly Interface

Ever wonder why folks like using Google Chrome and its search engine more than others? It's because they're easy to use and look good. Just like other Google stuff, AdMob stands out with its simple design, making it super easy for users.

AdMob Ad Review Centre

It gives you the power to choose which ads show up in your apps. This way you can have a smooth and safe experience with the brands. Later in this post, we'll fill you in on the different types of ad formats.

How AdMob Works

Using AdWords and AdMob by Google together can be a banger to get more people to download your app. It helps you customize who sees your ads based on your app ID and other important info. AdMob's mediation feature allows you to display ads in your app without spending more money. You use your own content, and these ads appear in your app. 

Checking how well your ads are doing is important, and the good news is AdMob works smoothly with Google Analytics. This gives you a bunch of important info about how your app is doing, like where your users are coming from, how much they're using your app, and even how much money you're making. You can also see details like screen views, sessions, app version, and screen size.

And if you want to get really specific, you can break down your audience into groups to see exactly how different people are using your app in the busy world of mobile app advertising.

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Ad Formats

Ad units are like little boxes in your apps that show ads to people. These boxes ask AdMob for ads, and then AdMob sends ads to fill them. When you make an ad unit, you just say what kind of ad and how it should look.


A simple ad you see at the top or bottom of your device screen.

AdMob Banner


Big ads that pop up when there's a pause, like when you finish a level or in-between videos.

AdMob Interstitial 

Rewarded Interstitial (Beta)

A full-page ad that gives you rewards for watching it during natural breaks or transitions.

AdMob Rewarded Interstitial


Ads that give you rewards for watching short videos or doing things like playing interactive ads and surveys. Good for making money from people using free apps.

Native Advanced

A customizable ad that looks like it belongs in your app, blending in with the content and supporting videos.

App Open

An ad that shows up when you open or switch back to an app, covering the loading screen.

App Monetization Strategies

  1. Free and Paid Versions

You can choose between a free or paid version of the app. The free one has basic features and may show ads to make money. If you want more, you can upgrade to the paid version.

  1. Free App with In-App Purchases

Here you give folks a free app that lets them buy extra cool stuff if they want. You can keep going without paying by waiting or using the app a lot. But if you want the really good stuff, you gotta buy it inside the app.

  1. Free App with Subscription

You make a free app that gives people some stuff, but if they want all its full version, they gotta sign up. This is common for apps that give you services or lots of stuff to read or watch. It's a way to get people using the app at first and then get them to pay for the good stuff later on.

  1. Paid App Model

You sell apps to the target audience only in a paid version, making sure you offer something special or useful. This is often done with productivity apps. You need to provide enough value to get people interested and make money.

  1. Partnership Model

This one lets you make money with your app by teaming up with brands or making partnerships. You can do it with a breeze if your app is popular with a specific group of people. Companies in that area might reach out to work together, giving you another way to earn money.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, AdMob  by Google, along with smart ways to make money from apps, gives developers a handy set of tools to do well in the tough mobile app world. By using AdMob and picking the right way to make money, developers can make cash and build a group of loyal users, helping their apps grow over time. If you're looking to make money fast and easy with your mobile app using AdMob, reach out to Maven Digital.