Are you a cardio lover or a person looking to find the motivation to achieve your fitness goals? You are in for an exciting adventurous surprise as we are back with the best walking app that pays you to walk in 2024. Hence, tie up your shoelaces and be ready to earn countless rewards, and earn a bonus for getting yourself back in shape. Now you literally can have your cake and eat it too. Following are some of the most popular walking apps among which you can find the best app that pays you to walk for you: 



Evidation monitors your activity and compensates you with points for engaging in activities such as walking, biking, running, and swimming, among others. By tracking your physical activities through Evidation, you can accumulate as many as 80 points per day. Plus, if you weigh yourself, meditate, or tweet about health-related matters using the app's features, there is a chance to earn six extra points for each task conducted daily – with a limit of up to 30 bonus points attainable within that duration.

Earning the highest number of points every day would allow you to obtain a $10 gift card after roughly three months.

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Charity Miles:

Charity Miles

Charity Miles rewards you for walking on behalf of a charity that you select. With the Charity Miles app, you can stay active and make a positive difference for charity through its various features. You can join the community and make a difference by connecting with others while walking, running, cycling, or participating in other activities to raise money for charity. Logging in is a breeze in this app you can simply use your social media credentials or an email address. Also, this app is compatible with any kind of activity tracker or fitness band. Hence, you can decide on philanthropic initiatives from more than 40 groundbreaking world-changing organizations to make a difference.

Charity Miles offers flexible activity options and is the best app that pays you to walk, it allows you to engage in a diverse range of activities such as walking, running, dancing, biking, etc.

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Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

HealthyWage offers the opportunity to earn cash prizes by participating in weight loss challenges. It is the best app that pays you to walk, you can document your progress visually by capturing and sharing photos of victory and before-and-after shots. Engage in an Enthusiastic Community to collaborate with fellow members to acquire backing, motivation, and responsibility throughout your pursuit of shedding weight.

Keep track of your progress in losing weight and measure how close you are to achieving them and also earn cash! This app helps you monitor your daily step activity to remain active and inspired with Step Tracking.

To verify your initial and final weights, produce and submit weigh-in confirmation videos. Easily withdraw your winnings or begin a new challenge. Check your position amongst other players in the HealthyWage community with our Standings and Rankings feature. Discover and participate in diverse HealthyWage contests.

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PK Rewards:

PK Rewards

Earn coins through walking and exercising with PK Rewards, which can be exchanged for gift cards or cash. The PK Rewards application presents an enjoyable and effortless mode to receive benefits for gaming proficiency, particularly in the Pirate Kings game.

With the PK Rewards app, you can monitor your performance and log any workout activity - from basketball to baseball and beyond. By investing effort in your training sessions, you accumulate coins that enable access to rewards courtesy of top brands such as Lululemon, Amazon, or Nike. The application even delivers tailored attainment scores for each session so that the exertion invested translates directly into earnings – indeed, the more strenuously engaged a user is during exercise routines will equate with their earning potential!

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Paceline rewards you with gift cards for achieving a minimum of 150 minutes of walking per week with your wearable device automatically keeping track of your workouts.

Although the app is free, signing up necessitates using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. This enables verification of your identity and collation of spending information to assist the company in determining which incentives to provide.

Paceline recently introduced a credit card that amplifies your cash-back incentives when you complete 150 workout minutes every week.

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Optimity incentivizes walking and presents multiple rewards. In addition to walking, Optimity offers compensation for various healthy practices. By drinking water, responding to health surveys, and engaging in daily exercises such as stretching or mindfulness activities, users can accumulate "gems" rewards.

If you consistently achieve your step goal, Optimity will reward you with bonuses. Your daily gem count of 10 is multiplied by the number of days that make up your streak (up to a maximum of 50 gems).

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Miles App:

With the Miles app, you earn rewards for every mode of transportation used to cover your distance - be it walking, driving, or even unicycling. You don’t need to worry about manually opening the app each time as trips are tracked automatically! The miles app is ideal for travelers who are constantly on the move. 

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LifeCoin rewards those who take many steps outdoors by offering them compensation through gift cards, merchandise, or cash via PayPal.

For every 1,055 steps you take, one LifeCoin will be added to your earnings with a maximum limit of five coins per day. However, several users have reported issues concerning inaccurate step tracking.

To earn a reward, you must accumulate 2,500 LifeCoins through the app. This translates to walking roughly around 1,250 miles before qualifying for a $50 gift card - hence an exceptionally high redemption threshold.

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StepBet is another app that pays you to walk. It can assist you in earning money while losing weight by walking if that piques your interest.

StepBet makes weight loss into a game. You join by investing your own money (a bet on yourself) that you will accomplish your exercise objective for an allotted number of weeks.

Using your fitness tracker's step count history, StepBet sets challenging goals for you that are still achievable. If victorious in reaching your set goal, the pooled money pot is divided among yourself and other winners within the group. Nonetheless, if unsuccessful in meeting the goal expectation, then you forfeit your bet.

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WinWalk closely resembles other app that pays you to walk but sets itself apart by not asking for personal information or login credentials during sign-up. This feature will benefit individuals who seek a pedometer app while being concerned about safeguarding their privacy.

By paying you a coin for every 100 steps and limiting the daily maximum to 100, it encourages you to keep walking. If you reach your daily step limit consistently, you can expect to receive a $5 gift card after approximately three months.

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Benefits of Daily Walking:

Incorporating regular walks into your routine can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Walking, a simple yet powerful activity, provides numerous health benefits that apply to individuals of all ages. Here are some compelling reasons why walking is crucial:

Reduces Risk of CVDs:

Walking for approximately 30 minutes each day can minimize the possibility of heart disease by decreasing your resting heart rate, blood pressure, and LDL (also known as "bad" cholesterol) while reinforcing your cardiac muscles and enhancing cardiovascular fitness. Individuals who walk regularly encounter fewer instances of heart attacks or strokes.

Stress Management:

Regular walking can aid in managing stress by increasing heart rate, decreasing stress levels, and minimizing the likelihood of conditions like stroke or cardiomyopathy. Additionally, it can boost mood as it stimulates endorphin release.

Managing Weight: 

Walking is a successful workout to shed extra pounds. It's gentle on the joints, cost-free, and an activity that you engage in regularly without any added effort.

Elevates Self-esteem & Builds Confidence:

Increasing self-esteem is possible by setting and achieving small walking goals. Walking also helps in building confidence as it is a form of traveling. It brings forth new and interesting discoveries each day and helps you explore while reducing your body weight at the same time.

Don't forget, a 10-minute brisk walk every day adds to your general well-being and is included in the suggested 150 minutes of weekly physical activity for grown-ups. So tie up those shoelaces and experience the advantages that walking provides! 

Walking and Fitness apps getting popular day by day. Fitbit, a well-known wearable fitness and health tracking gadget company, earned an impressive 4.18 million U.S. dollars while its Google-powered mobile app generated 4.12 million U.S. dollars in revenue this year. This indicates that the walking apps integrated with Fitbit are predicted to experience continued growth in future years.

Source: Top fitness and sport apps by revenue 2024 | Statista


On an ending note, taking a daily walk for just 30 minutes can significantly enhance or sustain your overall well-being. Walking regularly is an effective means to raise cardiovascular fitness, fortify bones, decrease excessive body weight, and amplify muscle strength as well as endurance capabilities of the body. Moreover, it lessens susceptibility to ailments like cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis along with some cancers. Hence utilize your time for walking and achieve fitness goals by using the best app that pays you to walk. And if you want to build a creative and intuitive app, contact Maven Digital, to develop the best app that pays you to walk in Dubai.