Picking up new habits and throwing away bad ones requires time and effort.  A study from the University of London found that it usually takes between 18 to 264 days to form a new habit. To make this process easy for you, you can try a free habit tracker app. It helps you keep an eye on your progress each day and reminds you about problems you run into that affect your good routine.

And besides that, using any of these free habit apps will make your mind clear, help you perform better at work, keep your daily lifestyle organized and cherry on the top: make you feel good.

According to a research, students who use habit tracker apps find it easy to keep themselves motivated to follow their routine as they get constant reminders.

But the challenge is, there are also too many free habit apps out there. You can get confused which one’s the best. Fret not. Here we tell you 10 best and free habit tracker apps we have in 2024. Without any further ado, let’s get in.

1. DailyHabits

DailyHabits App

DailyHabits helps you get things done without any fuss. It shows your whole month on a basic calendar, so you can see how you're doing and where to focus. And you don’t need to stress about streaks breaking. DailyHabits is all about flexible goals, making it cool to slip up now and then. But you don’t wanna do it deliberately ofcourse.

It works on Android and iOS, and it's easy on your phone. The web version is free because it’s all about helping you do your best. With this free habit app, you can start those positive changes today and keep them going for life.

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2. Productive

Productive App

Productive is about sticking to your habits with a simple design. It's easy to add habits and track progress. Successful days have a green line, while missed days show an empty circle. It keeps you motivated without unnecessary stuff.

The app offers weekly challenges and programs with educational content for habit-building. Downsides are ads in the free version and limits, but they’re tolerable. Bottomline is Productive is good for customizable habits and tracking trending habits.

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3. Habit Tracker, SImple Goal App

Habit Tracker, SImple Goal App

If you're all about keeping things simple in your daily routine with a daily routine app for free, you're gonna love The Habit Tracker, Simple Goal App. It's like your buddy for making habits without any confusing stuff. The app has a super easy and neat look, so you won't get lost in a bunch of buttons.

You can track your habits easily, create a bunch of them, and even check out some cool stats about your habits. It'll also remind you to stick to your habits, both overall and for each one. And guess what? You can put handy widgets on your home and lock screens. There's a dark mode as well, if you're into that.

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4. Streaks

Streaks App

Streaks is all about helping you do the same good things every day. It works smoothly with Apple Health, so it can keep track of your steps and mindful minutes without you doing anything extra. What makes Streaks cool is that it works with Apple's Shortcuts app. This means you can make things even easier by setting up shortcuts to finish your habits with just a tap.

The app sorts your tasks into three groups: good habits to start, bad habits to stop, and tasks with a set time. The cool part is that timed tasks can happen over and over, so you can make routines like doing a bunch of 25-minute sessions. If you’re an Apple products user, this app is best for you.

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5. Loop

Loop App

Lots of people have downloaded Loop because it's different - it's open-source. That means anyone can mess around with the app's code. If you're good with tech stuff, you can make it your own. But no worries if you don’t know how to. 

Because Loop is super easy for everyone. You just tap and hold to track your habits – mark them as done, missed, or skipped. The app also shows smart stats, like a calendar, to see how well you're sticking to your habits. Loop is a cool app that values your data. You can save your info easily as a file. It's free but only works on Android, not on iPhone or other device.

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6. Everyday

Everyday App

Everyday makes your daily habits more fun by turning them into a game. Each time you finish a habit, it's like adding a block to a board that lights up. Try to fill your board with colors by sticking to your habits. This game works on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and Android, and your progress syncs across all your devices. Even when you're working, browser extensions will remind you to stay on track.

The free version lets you track three habits. It's like having a friendly habit buddy with you all the time. There's also an offline mode for when you're not connected, making your habit journey colorful and enjoyable.

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7. Habitica

Habitica App

Habitica makes tracking your habits like a game. It's like playing a video game, but you're the main character. You pick a character, set up your habits, daily tasks, and manage projects to score points. When you do good stuff, your character gains experience and money.

You can use the rewards to buy cool stuff for your character, which makes it even more fun and keeps you motivated. The app has a big community where you can join groups and guilds. It's like having buddies to challenge each other.

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8. Done

Done App

Done does just what it says – helps you get things done faster and better. It uses horizontal bar graphs to show how you're doing. The design is clean and easy, with bright colors making your habits pop.

What's neat about Done is you can organize your habits into groups and write notes about them. So, if you like thinking about and writing down your habits, Done is good for that. It also works with Apple Health Kit, does some basic automation, and lets you save your info as a .csv file.

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9. HabitBull

HabitBull App

HabitBull keeps things simple with a straightforward design, making it easy to spot the day you missed on a habit. The cool part is that HabitBull gives you graphs and charts to visually see how well you're doing with your habits. It helps with comparing your success to your goals. You can aso export all your data in CSV format for later use.

And here's the awesome part – you can customize how often and how many times you want to do a habit. Whether it's working out twice a week or any other routine, HabitBull makes tracking super easy.

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10. Habitify

Habitify App

Habitify is like a mix of a Bullet journal and an online sheet tracker, but way simpler. It takes Unlike other habit trackers, Habitify looks more like a note-taking free habit app. You can make folders to organize your habits and see them based on the time of day. This app goes further by having ready-made templates for common habits like yoga or an end-of-day review.

There's also a cool section for challenges. You can either start your own challenge or join someone else's. They also got monthly and weekly challenges, and a leaderboard to keep you on track. The app even logs your mood using smiley faces when you log your habits to see if your mood affects your habits. What else do you need?

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Wrapping Up

So you see there are lots of habit tracker apps out there in 2024 as more people are investing in bettering their lives. These applications make it easy for you to stay on track with good habits. They show progress and send reminders to keep you organized and motivated in your daily life. 

Want to build a habit tracker app that’ll rock the Play store and Apple store? Contact us now!