Are you looking for an Airbnb alternative to book a rental accommodation to spend your annual vacation? Airbnb is the number one online travel agency (OTA) that people look to to book a comfy apartment or a lavish space to spend their holidays.

However, many hunts for other similar options for multiple reasons. The good part is that many other apps, like Airbnb, have emerged in the past few years. Our Today’s blog entails the uses, positives and negatives of six such apps. So let's get started:

Best 6 Apps Like Airbnb

Vrbo App

Vrbo App

When to Use It?

You should use Vrbo when you need to compare while shopping. 

Vrbo comes second to Airbnb because it supplies far fewer choices in many markets and has more mind-boggling, not-so-userfriendly rules and customer assistance. Plus, users may only rent standalone units, in contrast with its rival, which furnishes shared accommodations and hotel rooms. 

So when should you use Vrbo? When you are hunting for a standalone rental house. Some of these units are listed on both websites and can be pocket-friendly on Vrbo.

Additionally, Vrbo’s search feature has a “total price” function that enables users to compare the actual price of an accommodation, including cleaning and other charges.

Pros of Vrbo App

  • Vrbo publishes a user’s vacation rental listing on their website as well as on HomeAway as they have joined forces. 
  • It enables you to handle your subscription status in two different ways. Firstly, the user will pay a 3% fee when they book their listing while the other approach lets them pay the annual fee of $499.
  • They have easily navigable and user-friendly websites for both mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Vrbo provides a free mobile app that alerts guests with push notifications.

Cons of Vrbo App

  • Mind-boggling cancellation policies 
  • Supplies only standalone homes and no shared accommodations

Download Vrbo App

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When to Use It? is a remarkable alternative to Airbnb for people hunting for an easy apartment or unit when travelling outside of your country. The app is recognized globally as an eminent flight and restaurant search platform. It also furnishes vacation rentals.

Multiple units particularly in the world’s prominent metropolises are for apartments in buildings handled by professionals. It means that you may not find the traits and elegance of more colourful accommodations listed by Airbnb in these spaces. However, it is more convenient to register for and check into these homes.

Pros of

  • A pocket-friendly and transparent platform to advertise properties
  • Partnerships with airlines
  • More professionally handled buildings
  • Numerous international properties
  • Great customer service

Cons of

  • Less attraction or character in the spaces
  • Limited portfolio

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Hipcamp App

Hipcamp App

When to Use It?

Hipcamp is a good choice if someone needs an inexpensive and attractive crash pad on the road. As its name suggests, it's a camping reservation app which has “glamping” options such as yurt rentals and airstream trailers that position Hipcamp as a powerful frugal substitute to Airbnb for voyagers craving a rustic experience.

Also, this platform proposes subdued spaces to spend some time for people on a budget and quirky experiences for adventurous souls. Finally, it's your go-to option for camping.

Pros of Hipcamp

  • This camping app offers more privacy as their buildings are usually larger than five acres, often with only one campsite where travellers can unwind without the distractions of city life
  • Its cost-efficient 
  • Every experience is unique and offbeat
  • Less hassle while talking with hosts

Cons of Hipcamp

  • Crude 
  • You may experience quality control issues

Download Hpcamp App

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Marriott Homes and Villas

Marriott Homes and Villas App

When to Use It?

You should use Marriott Homes and Villas when you wish to utilize points. Marriott is a hotel mega-brand that started as a house rental company in 2019 and has silently earned traction among frequent voyagers. The platform lures customers who rent vacation homes by letting them attain and redeem Marriott Bonvoy points. It is a heaven for travel rewards fans.

Airbnb and many other similar platforms don't offer rewards programs. So, there is no way for travellers to book holiday accommodation using points without spending money. 

On the contrary, travellers can easily get Marriot Bonvoy rewards via transfer partnerships and credit cards. 

Pros of Marriott Homes and Villas

  • A profitable option for travellers with points to burn
  • Accomplish and use Marriott Bonvoy points
  • Many properties on the site provide the chance to attain a full refund until ten days before you arrive
  • All condominiums and homes come with 24/7 support, kitchen essentials (utensils, cookware, a microwave), high-speed internet, a television, an in-unit washing machine, bathroom amenities and more
  • High-quality standards

Cons of Marriott Homes and Villas

  • You can register for the Homes and Villas program using your Bonvoy points but the redemption value isn't always the best.

We recommend you compare the cash and point prices of choosing a rental space to check if it's a desirable value

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Hopper App

Hopper App

When to Use It?

Hopper is the best app for people who need to find a vacation rental on the go. Recognized as a convenient travel-booking platform, the Hopper mobile application released a vacation rental program last year. In just one year, it has started offering 2 million houses to book around the world.

The platform proposes a powerful app experience for booking through mobile phones. 

Pros of Hopper App

  • It's user-friendly and simple
  • Fast and convenient to use
  • neater app interface than typical vacation rental apps

Cons of Hopper App

  • Hopper is only available as a mobile app which makes it challenging to open two different browser tabs to compare shop
  • It's hard to send information to other people who don't have the app

Download Hopper App

App Store | Google Play

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Local Vacation Rental Management Companies

Local Vacation Rental Management Companies

When to Use It?

You should use vacation rental management platforms in your locality if your area’s government has policies in place that keep a check on vacation rentals. 

Sometimes, a traveller checks into an Airbnb hotel and the host asks them not to mix up with neighbours. That might be a red flag demonstrating that the vacation rental company is banned by local law or the building’s homeowners association.

Famous vacation areas usually boast their local rental handling businesses like Seabrook in Washington. Most of the properties in that town are vacation rentals that Seabrook rents and run by itself.

Local rental businesses are often connected with the community much more than vacation rental behemoths might be. So, if you can’t find a desirable option through the apps listed here, a quick Google search might be what you need to find location operations.

Pros of Local Vacation Rental Management Companies

  • Supports local companies and hosts

Cons of Local Vacation Rental Management Companies

  • It's a risky business as the local vacation rental platform you are using might not be authorized by your local government

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Bottom Line

You can find many alternatives to Airbnb that offer some services that Airbnb doesn't offer. Vrbo allows you to book standalone rental houses for cheaper prices than Airbnb while serves easy booking and checking in when you are travelling internationally. Hipcamp is a dream come true for glamping lovers as this camping reservation platform proposes cheap yet quirky experiences. If you don’t like the fact that Airbnb and many other similar platforms don't offer rewards programs, Marriott Homes and Villas is for you. This vacation rental booking app lets users earn and redeem their points to book spaces for lower prices or even free. Voyagers can also checkout Hopper which is a convenient travel booking app or benefit from the services of their local vacation rental management businesses.