There has been a significant transformation in consumer shopping habits as more and more have started relying on online shopping and digital carts. A lot of online shopping applications in UAE reduce human errors and improve efficiency in the purchasing process. 

However, the success of online shopping is highly interlinked with the design and performance of the application itself. In fact, it is estimated that global e-commerce sales are expected to reach more than $7 trillion by 2024. 

A wide range of online shopping apps caters to the diversified needs of consumers in the UAE, selling virtually everything. Now that online purchasing and selling have become a norm letโ€™s look around and explore some of the great applications for all your needs. 

2024 Top Trending And Commonly Used Online Shopping Apps in UAE

Despite the continuation of customers buying from a physical store, it has become more convenient for users to shop from the comfort of their homes through reliable online applications.


Namsi app

It is one of the well-reputed names in the fashion industry that operates in the MENA region which is inclusive of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. Along with offering premium-quality clothing for men, women, and children, it also offers a wide range of accessories. Namshi stands out because of its incredible customer service that has resulted in the gratification of potential customers.

Download Namshi

Namshi Android | Namshi iOS


Amazon App

The user-friendly interface and easy-to-use Amazon application have been exceeding the expectations of prospective customers for a long time. 

Customers can shop in eight different languages, sixty-plus currencies, and secure payments (instant refunds and returns ) with faster service, the ability to track packages, and 24/7 customer service. 

Counted among one of the best shopping apps in the UAE, you can rest assured knowing that Amazon could be your go-to place for almost everything.

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Amazon Android | Amazon iOS


Carrefour App

Itโ€™s a one-stop shop that includes everything from hypermarkets, general stores, and cash and carry outlets. Whether you want to buy an electronic appliance, a grocery item, clothing, or any makeup product, Carrefour is a win-win solution for you. 

With this highly versatile application, you can avail the opportunity to shop with ultimate ease while discovering amazing deals. In addition to that, Carrefour also offers a myriad of financial services such as insurance, debit/credit cards, consumer financing, and others. 

You have the option to choose from a large variety of products from well-known brands available online.

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Carrefour Android | Carrefour iOS


Alibaba App

This is a multinational chain, based in China, which has now become one of the largest e-commerce platforms all over the globe. From makeup to beauty products to fashion to jewellery to electronic appliances, to homeware, Alibaba provides a multitude of products with exceptional services. Through this reliable online platform, buyers and sellers from all over the world can connect. 

Secondly, Alibaba has another platform, known as Tmall, through which businesses in China can sell directly to domestic customers.

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Alibaba Android | Alibaba iOS

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Shein App

Shein was established back in 2008 and offers a wide range of premium-quality products. This application has now become a one-stop-shop solution for shopping among a wide range of potential buyers. 

From clothing to beauty to accessories, Shein has now become one of the widely-known retailers all over the globe that provides premium-quality products at cost-effective prices. Its user-friendly website and mobile application have resulted in economical shopping with the utmost convenience. 

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Day To Day

Day2Day App

It's a hyperstore located in the main Dubai. Day to Day is one of the best shopping apps in the UAE that provides almost everything you need. It ranges from electronics, fashion products, pet supplies, kitchen appliances, and more. 

With timely delivery, this application provides a phenomenal customer experience to its prospective customers so that they have a seamless shopping experience while sitting in their comfort zones.

In addition to that, the neighbouring areas such as Karama and Al Barsha also get instant delivery which promises an enhanced user experience with free delivery.

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Day to Day Android | Day to Day iOS


OpenSooq App

Launched back in 2008, Opensooq is an online portal that facilitates the buying and selling process of a wide range of items such as cars, electronics, real estate, and more. This application dominates the entire market in the Middle East and also deals with interested customers in Saudia Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan. 

This platform is specifically designed with a clear focus on satisfying the clients and providing an optimum user experience. In addition to that, job postings, business listings, and announcements are some of the features of this application that set it apart from other competitors. 

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Opensooq Android | Opensooq iOS

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Noon app

Counted among one of the biggest platforms for online shopping, Noon has gained the interest and attention of many potential customers in the UAE. From beauty items to fashion products to apparel to grocery items, this application is a go-to place for all your needs. 

It provides reliable and instant delivery services of products in UAE, Egypt, KSA, and various other countries in the Middle East. Moreover, it's a well-renowned and known application for its mutually beneficial partnerships with domestic as well as international brands and retailers that offer different products to a wide range of customers, all at the same place. 

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Noon Android | Noon iOS

Brands For Less

Brands for Less

This highly versatile application offers fashion products for men and women, all at up to 80% less than the retail price. Itโ€™s home to over 2000 brands and offers a wide variety of clothing such as casual shirts, dress shirts, hoodies, jackets, and many more.

In this application, you need to place the order online and then pick it up from the store. With 100% original products and free shipping, more than one million people have downloaded the application and it has already become a trendsetter in the UAEโ€™s online shopping industry.

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Brands for Less Android | Brands for Less iOS


Talabat App

It is one of the popular food/grocery shopping applications in the UAE that was initially operating as a specific food delivery application, but now it has evolved and included groceries too. 

Talabat has its mart as well, and it includes various other shops as well. Since this application offers a variety of products, prices are also very affordable. You have a wide range of prices available, so you can choose the price that suits you the most. 

In addition, Talabat is a user-friendly and easy-to-use application with a seamless browsing and ordering experience. 

Download Talabat

Talabat for Android | Talabat for iOS

Which Online Shopping Application Should You Try in 2024?

Choosing the appropriate shopping application can make a big difference. Compare the features and functionalities of different applications to determine which one is ideally suited for you. Switch from physical to online for enhanced shopping experience, user-friendliness, convenience and flexibility it provides.

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