You probably don’t want to get stuck when navigating from the Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Mall, right? So you gotta know the best taxi app in Dubai that people are loving in 2024. We'll discuss the eleven best ones here. Taxi apps are vital globally, with the market set to reach $120.89 billion by 2027. Dubai, known for its tech focus, offers user-friendly taxi services. 

Dubai International Airport just doubled its taxi fleet, adding 350 new eco-friendly cabs. The Dubai Taxi Company did this to help everyone get around easier.  Besides that, The Dubai Taxi Company now has over 5,500 rides in their fleet. Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, the big cheese at the company, says they're doing it to cut down wait times and get people to their destinations quicker. Ahmed Bahrozyan, the guy in charge of Public Transport, says they're beefing up the taxi fleet because they're expecting around 88 million more people to fly into Dubai by 2024.

Plus, gone are the days when you only gotta pay taxi drivers in cash. Now with prepaid Visa cards like Pyypl, you pay for rides without carrying cash at all times, eliminating concerns about currency exchange rates for visitors. You can simply link your Pyypl card to your preferred taxi app and use it for payment. This method provides security, convenience, and enables you to track transportation expenses directly from the Pyypl app.

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Best Taxi App in Dubai

The best taxi app in Dubai includes: Drife, Careem UAE, Uber UAE, Blacklane, S'HAIL, Hala, DTC, Yango, AlTair Chauffeur, Arabic Taxi LLC, and XXRIDE. Keep reading for each Dubai best Taxi App review on their capabilities and features.


Drife Taxi App

Exciting stuff is coming up for UAE people as DRIFE is coming in the Middle East too soon. DRIFE aims to give you the usual taxi game by cutting out the middlemen and connecting riders straight to drivers. With Drife's new auction-style pricing, you will get taxi rides that are more affordable for riders and more profitable for drivers. Drive is kicking off with about 100 limos but aiming to include RTA cabs down the road. They’re bringing this fresh approach to Dubai's transportation.

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Careem UAE

Careem UAE Taxi App

With over 10 million downloads and 4.2 stars on app stores, Careem is the best taxi app in Dubai and worldwide. It was started in Dubai by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson and now they’ve got a ton of money, like $771.7 million. This shows people use Careem a lot and they like it. You get all kinds of rides, even book a Hala Taxi just for Dubai or go between different Emirates.

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Uber UAE

Uber UAE Taxi App

Another famous and best taxi app in Dubai, Uber operates in 10,000 cities across 71 countries. In Dubai, Uber UAE is a top-notch ride-hailing service that gets good reviews from happy customers. The price of an Uber ride can change a lot depending on where you're going. It's got a perfect rating of 4.4 out of 5, which shows that people trust it and are happy with it.

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Blacklane Taxi App

Blacklane has won awards as it offers really good prices. They're in 600 airports and over 300 cities in more than 60 countries. What's more impressive is they've managed to get over $103 million in funding. With their private chauffeur taxi service, they'll pick you up from the airport, your hotel, or any event reliably on their electric cars. They make sure to provide you super comfy, quiet, and classy taxi rides. They also give you a whole hour of free wait time at airports, so that you don't have to stress.

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S’HAIL Taxi App

S’hail helps folks in Dubai get around using different kinds of transport like buses, trains, boats, and even regular taxis. With its RTA account, you can see when your ride leaves in real time and figure out the quickest or cheapest way to reach your destination. And with S’hail share, where you can share a ride with other people going your way. You can also book taxis for long trips or rent them for a few hours.

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Hala Taxi App

Hala is super quick when it comes to picking you up. You can snag a Hala cab right from the Careem app. When you're booking through the Careem app on your phone, just look out for the "Hala Taxi" option. Starting at Dhs8, with a minimum fare of Dhs12, and Dhs1.91 per kilometer, you get affordable and smooth rides. And no matter where you're off to, there's always a Hala cab ready to whisk you away in the UAE.

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Dubai Taxi Corporation

DTC Taxi App

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has got fancy limousines too, and they’re always quick, always on time. They'll get you where you need to be when you need to be there. It's been downloaded over a million times and has a rating of 3.7. The drivers are professional and polite. Plus, you earn rewards every time you ride and enjoy free Wi-Fi while you're in the car.

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Yango Taxi App

Yango could become a fresh taxi service in Dubai, and it's already popular in lots of countries worldwide. They've got nice rides like the comfy Lexus ES. Yango is the latest luxury ride service in Dubai, promising to let you book multiple cars with one phone and find better pickup spots to get you where you're going faster and cheaper.

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AlTair Chauffeur

AlTair Chauffeur Taxi

Altair Chauffeur taxi app offers fancy rides in limousines for people who want to travel in style. Their service is all about luxury and top quality. They let you pick the car you want to ride in, and you pay based on how long you use it. Plus there aren’t any surprise charges for things like gas or tolls. You get clean, luxurious, and well-maintained, especially for airport transfers. They’ve got cars like the BMW7 series and Rolls Royce phantom. Their chauffeurs are really professional, making your ride enjoyable.

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Arabia Taxi LLC

Arabia Taxi LLC

Arabia Taxi LLC lets you track your ride in real-time, making sure you get where you need to be safely and on time. Although their respect and professionalism values are great, which is evident by its 5 million downloads and 3.8 rating, some people have reported problems. They warn that drivers might take longer routes to charge you more, and the folks in the offices might not respond to your complaints.

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XXRIDE is a new taxi service in the UAE and it's known worldwide. They highly value their customers and make sure you have a comfortable and safe ride that's just right for you. But some folks have had bad experiences with XXRIDE. They say the driver went the wrong way for 40 minutes or lied about being close when they weren't. Then, after waiting for 40 minutes, the ride got canceled, and they got charged and haven't gotten their money back.

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There are so many cool taxi apps out there in the UAE now, and you can even pay with stuff like Pyypl. With loads more people coming to Dubai soon, we need to figure out how to make it easy for everyone to get around. So, if you're thinking about creating the best taxi app in Dubai, hit us up at Maven Digital