Big brands that launch smartphones, like Samsung, Sony, and Huawei, are introducing advanced smartwatches with remarkable features. Consumers love these products because they have a touchscreen interface and top-notch components.

Regular watches are slowly losing appeal because smartwatches can perform many functions similar to smartphones. Users can download applications on their smartwatches and link them to Bluetooth and internet connectivity.

Moreover, you can attend and make calls and send messages through these devices. This article will guide you on ways to link a smartwatch to a mobile phone. Stay along!

How to Connect My Watch to My Phone (Android)?

  1. Activate your phone's Bluetooth.
  2. Open the settings on your Android phone and select the option Bluetooth.
  3. Slide the toggle adjacent to Bluetooth.
  4. Tick mark its box to activate the Discoverable mode.
  5. Now, switch on the Smartwatch by pressing the power button until it turns on.
  6. Choose "Scan Devices" or "Search for Devices" at the screen's bottom while the blue tooth is activated.
  7. Pick your Smartwatch from the devices list, and a new screen with a code will follow.
  8. Make sure that code on the wristwatch and the code on your phone are the same.
  9. Navigate to your phone's settings and choose "Pair" to link the two gadgets.

Here you go; your Android smartphone and watch are now linked.

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How to Connect My Watch to My Phone (iPhone)?

  1. Switch on your Smartwatch and plug it into a charger.
  2. Download the Wear application on the iPhone.
  3. Choose "Start setup" from the app.
  4. Select a language following the advice on the screen and hit the <Agree to the Terms of Service> button.
  5. Using the steps on your iPhone's screen, navigate to the list of neighboring devices. First, tap your watch's name and then Pair.
  6. Check that the pairing code on your watch and iPhone are the same, then tap "Confirm" on your iPhone.
  7. After successful pairing, your iPhone will ask you to allow a couple of options.

Keep the wear app open on your phone so that both the Android watch and iPhone stay connected until they are close to each other. Remember, quitting the app on your iPhone results in a lost link. (it doesn't happen in Android phones).

We hope that this piece has helped you in efficiently using your Smartwatch. Remember that this blog only provides generic information and does not represent or endorse any product. You should check out more information on the websites of Apple and Google.