If you are looking for an effective and efficient way of saving money on your vacations, you might be wondering what the is hopper app. Well, it is a modern, full-service travel platform that reduces the stress of booking your travel itinerary. This accredited online travel agency brings four primary vertices together including hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals, and flights. 

Hopper For Vacation Rentals

The Hopper Vacation Rentals app has been gaining a lot of popularity for being a one-stop-shop and reliable platform for travellers. This is an amalgamation of an attractive business model, fun, and loyalty. 

This Gen-Z-focused platform aims to target people under the age of 35. According to the research conducted by Hopper, 40% of its potential customers prefer homes over hotels, and 24% do not have any preference among the two. The good part is that this becomes even more beneficial for hosts, providing an engaging and enthusiastic service while getting potential returns. 

What Things Do Rental Hosts and Property Managers Need to Know? 

  • Bookings can only be made through the Hopper application. 
  • There is no commission fee for the hosts. It asks for a discounted net rate by adding a dynamic markup. The prices are exceedingly low for guests and cheaper for hosts in comparison to other online travel agencies. 
  • It does not hide the details of guests from the hosts. 
  • Guests can search for the properties/homes by using a search filter like number of bedrooms, location, price, and more. 

How Does Hopper Work? 

This online travel agency and application is responsible for tracking the overall cost of car rentals, house rentals, airline tickets, and hotel rooms to give historical analysis to potential users of whether the current price is more or less than the fare for a given date. 

Unlike other online travel agencies, Hopper restricts its online functionality to the application. However, through the website, you can find price information and booking capabilities specifically for hotel rooms, while the application provides information for hotels, rentals, and flights. 

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What Are The Features and Amenities Of The Hopper Application? 

This application is responsible for saving big bucks on travel. Hooper predicts the prices one year in advance with 95% accuracy. It helps in booking flights and hotels when the prices are comparatively low, therefore, saving up to forty percent on the expenses. 


It is connected with over above 200 airline carriers, consistently monitoring the prices in real-time to let the users know what is the perfect time for booking. An average of $65 is saved per flight booking. 


Hopper vacation rentals platform partners with top-notch hotels to provide exclusive deals from over and above 2 million properties all over the world. Hence, users end up saving approximately $61 per night. 

Rental Cars 

It features approximately 180 retail brands from all over the world. Through this, potential users can get a 20-25% cheaper rate and users can save an average of $40 per rental. 


This application features 2.5 million homes that are located throughout the globe and well-managed by a wide range of hosts and property managers. 

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Price prediction 

It shows you the cheapest days to travel by analyzing the data and predicting the cost of upcoming trips. This application informs you whether good deals are available or there is a price reduction. 

Price freeze 

The price freeze gives you the option to freeze down the prices for 21 days, giving you enough time to finalize the plan before making a booking. If there is a price reduction, you pay the reduced price. Whereas, if it goes up Hopper pays the difference of up to $100.

Flexible travel services

This includes various guarantees such as flight delay guarantee, flight disruption guarantee, and others. This is done to streamline travel-related problems like delayed flights and unsatisfying hotel accommodations. 

Carrot cash 

This is a temporary incentive that is specifically created for loyalty, reward, and promotional purposes. The carrot cash can be redeemed on travel bookings prepaid specifically on the Hopper application. One unit of this is equivalent to $1

What Are the Benefits Of The Hopper Application? 

A wide range of benefits helps users get substantial savings and at a very low cost, they can enjoy the most out of their trips. 

Price changes notifications 

When it comes to the Hopper application, price notifications offer a primary advantage. If you want to go on a trip, you can simply search for the destination and dates by clicking on ‘ Watch this trip ‘. Then turn on the notifications of the application on your phone. 

Can freeze travel price rates 

You need to pay a certain amount of fee to freeze your trip on your preferred date for at least 21 days. If there is an increase in the price, you are required to pay at the rate you freeze, whereas if the price decreases, you pay the decreased price. 

Savings of approx 40% on the flights 

You can save up to 40% of the travel cost if you get your booking done through this application. It can monitor the prices, predict the rates of airfare, send insider tips, and determine which dates are the cheapest in which you can travel. 

Easy to use 

You just need to enter the dates of travelling and relevant information to compare the best possible price. 

What Are The Drawbacks of the Hopper Application? 

Given below are some of the drawbacks that users experience with this application.

The app doesn't offer price matching : 

While Hopper gives the best and cheapest deals available, it does not match the price with other better deals. According to Hopper, the prices are always 100% fixed by the car rental, airline, and hotel companies. 

Non-responsive and hard-to-connect customer service : 

The customer service of house rentals does not respond to emails or answer calls instantly. Issues regarding flights and hotel rooms are not dealt with promptly. 

Wrapping Up 

Hopper has been downloaded by millions of people, used by travellers all over the world, and well-supported by the biggest institutional investors and banks of the world such as CapitalOne, and Goldmann Sachs.

In the Hopper vs Airbnb comparison, the flexible travel services of the Hopper vacation rentals application have helped a wide range of travellers reach their destination on time while booking a new flight or hotel.