It's really important to know how to check mobile number in Emirates ID because it's how you get important messages and updates about your Emirates ID. Making sure your mobile number is correct helps you stay connected to government services. For example, when you sign up for something, they send a special emirates mobile number check code to your phone to make sure it's really you.

Step 1: Visit Federal Authority Website

Visit the ICA website by clicking this link.

Step 2: Go to E-Services

Find E-Services on the website. It's usually on the main menu or homepage. Click it.

Step 3: Click Emirates ID Services

In E-Services, find Emirates ID Services or something with a similar name.

Step 4: Find Your Personal Information 

Find where it says Check Personal Info or Update Details. That's what you're looking for.

Step 5: Enter Your Details

You'll be asked to type in your Emirates ID number and other stuff like your name, birthday, and passport details.

Step 6: Get Your Mobile Number

Once you put in your info, the system checks it and shows your Emirates ID info, like the phone number linked to it.

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Update Your Phone Number on Emirates ID Online

To update your personal info on the ICA website, first, you need to go to the Services section and then Smart Services. After that, you should click on Other Services and choose the Personal Information option. Then, you can select the Update Personal Information tab. Don't forget to fill in your name, passport number, Emirates ID, date of birth, and email. Also, you need to verify and update your mobile number by using an Emirates mobile number check code. Once you have done everything, review your details carefully and then pay $53 for the change. After you've paid, you will get an email confirmation. Wait for 2 to 7 days to check your Emirates ID status online, and voila! You're all done.

Protect Your Emirates ID Using Hesabati

What is Hesabati?

Hesabati keeps your identity and phone numbers safe from any misuse. You gotta have a valid Emirates ID and UAE Pass to use it. With Hesabati, you can see all the numbers linked to your ID and flag any fishy stuff. Just log in, follow the steps, and boom, you're good to go. If you spot any shady numbers, hit up the telecom providers. It's all about protecting yourself from scams and junk calls. 

How to Use it?

First, go to the TDRA homepage and find the Our Initiatives section. Click on Hesabati and then hit Learn More. Log in with your UAE Pass and hit the Create an account button to get your account set up automatically. After a short wait, Hesabati will show you a list of all your active mobile and landline numbers registered with UAE service providers like Du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile.

This list includes your account number, account type (prepaid or postpaid), cell phone subscription plan, and expiration date, which matches your Emirates ID card's expiration. If you spot an unknown cell phone number, it might mean there's an unauthorized SIM card in your name. In that case, click on File a complaint under the suspicious number to take action.

How to File a Complaint?

To report a sketchy cell phone number using your name, just get the Hesabati app and tap File a Complaint. Pick your mobile service provider, explain the issue, then hit Submit. Once done, you'll get a reference number to track progress, and TDRA will email you. Or, call TDRA at 800-12 to gripe. You can also reach out directly to your provider: Etisalat at 800 101, Du at 800 155, or for Virgin Mobile, use the Virgin Mobile UAE app for Apple and Android. 

Wrapping Up

It's super important to learn how to check Emirates ID mobile number so that you can stay in the loop with all the important government stuff and get updates quick. This article tells you how to double-check and fix your phone number using the Federal Authority's website. Plus, using tools like Hesabati helps keep things safe by letting you watch out for any fishy stuff with your identity or phone number. 

Just do what we told you and your Emirates ID info will be safe from sneaky access or scams. It's that simple. Paying attention and using what's out there helps you keep your personal info safe and makes sure you can easily use government services in the United Arab Emirates.