You might have different reasons to know your Etisalat mobile number check code, but let’s just think of a fun scenario. Imagine you're going about your day, your phone keeps buzzing with notifications, and all of a sudden, you realize it's gone. You start to freak out as you look for it everywhere, knowing that without your Etisalat number, you're totally cut off from your contacts, services, and important information. It's a massive problem that can escalate quickly, and it leaves you feeling anxious and helpless. But don't worry, there is a simple solution to this. First, try to remember where you've been and retrace your steps. Ask your friends or family if they have your number saved, since they might be able to help you locate your phone. 

But if you can’t find it through that, follow these steps to find it. Let's break it down to you on how to check mobile number in Etisalat.


Step 1: Dial *101#

This is your first move. Dial this code from your Etisalat line.

Step 2: Press 1 for Account Management

Once you've dialed, press 1 and hit send to manage your account.

Step 3: Select 3 for Account Information

Next, choose 3 to get information about your account.

Step 4: Pick Know My Number (Press 3 Again)

Once more, press 3 to know your number. You'll get a message with your Etisalat number.

Or, if you prefer another way, you can try finding your Etisalat number through its app.

Etisalat Number Check Code

NetworkEtisalat UAE
Number Check CodeDial *101*1*3*3#

In Short: Dial *101# or *101*1*3*3# number from your mobile phone to directly know your Etisalat SIM number. This will work on prepaid, postpaid and Data SIM cards.

How to Check Etisalat Mobile Number Using Its App

My Etisalat App. Download this app, create an account with your SIM number or OTP, and your number will be in the profile section.

How to Find Etisalat Mobile Number On Any Browser?

To do that, just visit the eMobileTracker Website. Enter your Etisalat SIM number and the security code to find out who owns the SIM card. It's like having your detective.

Etisalat cares about you. It listens to its customers to improve services, making life easier for everyone in the UAE. Knowing your Etisalat number is super important! With simple codes or tapping into an app, you can access vital info about your SIM card. So, keep these tricks in mind for next time. 

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What Exactly is Etisalat?

Etisalat Group is a big telecom group in Abu Dhabi. In 2020, they made a lot of money, about AED 51.7 billion, and they had a profit of AED 9.0 billion. They are good with money and have a strong history of doing well.

Etisalat started over 40 years ago in Abu Dhabi, as the first phone company in the UAE. They are a big company that helps people communicate in many countries, like in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Etisalat is very famous in these places, and people like what they offer.

Case Study: Etisalat faced issues with unauthorized SIM cloning and usage

Ever wondered why protect your Etisalat mobile number? This story talks about dealing with unauthorized SIM cloning and usage—it'll show you why keeping your number safe is a big deal.

Almost seven years ago, a person began receiving persistent calls from various numbers, all inquiring about a certain Mr. S. Initially, the individual dismissed these calls, assuming they were meant for someone else. However, the frequency of these calls escalated over time, and one caller even claimed to have spoken to Mr. S on the individual's number. Surprisingly, the individual had held the number for over a decade, making the situation perplexing.

Upon contacting Etisalat, the service provider, it was discovered that someone had obtained a clone SIM card under the individual's name three years ago. This individual had been using the cloned SIM to make and receive calls without the owner's knowledge. Despite this, the strange calls only began surfacing a few months ago. Additionally, unauthorized calls, including international calls to India and local calls to unrecognized numbers, were being made from the account, significantly inflating the bill.

Despite seeking assistance from Etisalat, they offered little help beyond acknowledging the existence of the clone SIM. Frustratingly, they provided no resolution to the issue and merely brushed it off.

Solution: Seeking Police Intervention and Further Investigation

With no resolution from Etisalat, the owner's next step was to escalate the matter to the police. However, their efforts hit a dead end as they lacked documentation to support the complaint, having initially approached Etisalat's customer service.

Undeterred, the owner visited Etisalat's business center to pursue the matter further. Despite their assurances, Etisalat's records failed to shed light on the issuance and activation of the clone SIM. Moreover, discrepancies in their system raised doubts about the legitimacy of the clone SIM and its usage charges.

The owner then filed a formal complaint with Etisalat, urging them to provide documentation regarding the clone SIM application. While this step might not have immediately resolved the issue of unauthorized usage, it aimed to clarify the circumstances surrounding the clone SIM's activation and usage.

So, the unauthorized cloning and usage of the SIM card have posed significant challenges, both in terms of privacy and financial repercussions. While the road to resolution remains uncertain, the owner is determined to pursue every available avenue, including legal recourse, until this matter is fully resolved.


Just dial Etisalat mobile number check code that is *101#, pick the right options for your account, and select "Know My Number". You can also use the My Etisalat App or go to the eMobileTracker website. Etisalat is all about making customers happy and coming up with new stuff, so getting your number back is hassle-free.