iOS 15.3 didn’t come with many exciting and new features. Rather, it was released primarily to fix bugs found in iOS 15.2 as well as to include updates to enhance security. The users were a bit disappointed as they were anticipating a full-fledged set of new features in iOS 15.3.

If this sounds familiar, your disappointment should end now. Apple has released its most exhilarating iOS 15 update until now which is iOS 15.4. Finally, on 14th March, Apple released iOS 15.4 to the public. It's the latest update of iOS 15.

The apple team had been beta testing for almost 60 days before they issued iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4. Can’t wait to explore the new features included in the latest version? Then, let's delve deep into the slew of features and functionalities of this update.

Face ID While Wearing a Mask

This is the handiest feature in times of Covid-19. As the pandemic becomes our new normal, iPhone users started facing a problem while unlocking their phones through face identification. The problem was that the software couldn’t recognize them in a mask.

Here comes the latest iOS release which allows the phone to center on the features of the upper area of users’ faces to recognize them.

Apple has solved this difficulty with the new version of iOS. Now, a phone having an iOS 15.4 would recognize the user’s face even when they are wearing a mask. Just don’t forget to enable this feature in the settings.

In settings, open face ID and passcode and enter the passcode. In the face ID and passcode section, turn on the new toggle saying face ID with a mask. A new screen will show up.

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Your face will be scanned again for a face ID because iPhone will need to identify the distinct features around your eyes. After that, you would be able to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask. Note that this function is only supported by iPhone 12 and beyond.

Users have found that this new feature works extraordinarily well. Some are guessing it may liberate us from the password ordeal.

Plus, if you wear glasses, you would have to add a glasses tab to make your face ID even more accurate. The phone will scan your face with the glasses on.

Tap to Pay- A Magical Functionality

Can you believe that you can pay for products/services by just tapping your iPhone on the person’s phone you have to pay? Yes, it’s true. No Apple watch is needed as it was in iOS 14.5. But, the receiver should have an iPhone 10S or beyond.

Now, food truck drivers can say goodbye to those tiny square readers. You can get paid with credit cards or any other electronic wallet payments. It’s a boon for small businesses.

But, before you get extra thrilled, remember that we need third-party vendors to accept it. Stripe seems to be the very first vendor that will support payments through the tap to pay.

New Emojis and a New Wallpaper

For all you emoji aficionados, this release has 37 new emojis including happy tiers, peaking face, melting face, salutes, hands making a heart, the pointing at you, a pregnant man, lip biting, and more. Additionally, iOS 15.4 comes with a brand-new wallpaper.

Dual Sim Users

Many users use two different sims for business and personal reasons. if you have a physical sim and an e SIM, you can choose one number you wish to send a message from. In the new iMessage section, you can pick a business number or personal number.

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Shortcuts Applications

iOS 15.4 has introduced a new feature that can be very helpful for you if you automate the tasks in your iPhone often. You would need to select <automations> inside your shortcuts application and then tap on any one automation.

At the very bottom, you would see a new toggle <notify when run>. It means that your notification functionality will get automatically disabled when this particular automation runs.

Moreover, you can add a new shortcut by opening the all actions tab. Here, you will see a new symbol icon with almost all system actions.

What is more, when you add a shortcut for the reminders app, you can edit the tags while creating your shortcut. In previous versions, it wasn’t possible. It’s a time of great joy also for companies that deal with iOS development in Dubai. Because their apps will run more smoothly on the new version.

Modifying your Keychain Entries

Now, you can include notes in your iCloud keychain entries. Just open settings and then passwords. Here you can view and add notes to your Keychain password entries.

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Software Updates Using LTE Connectivity

It’s the most thrilling feature of this new version. Before it, you could only update the software on the 5G-enabled iPhones.

Software Updates Using LTE Connectivity - iOS 15 Update for 2022 (1)

A New Siri’s Voice

Yes, iOS 15.4 has included a fifth Siri voice. To enable it, you would need to go to your settings, select Siri & Search and then opt for the new voice.


iOS 15.4 exhibits tons of unbelievingly great features. It helps you to strengthen your bonds with people, stay in the present moment, discover new things, and employ amazing intelligence. This version amplifies your performance with your iPhone far better than ever before.

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