Businesses are shifting towards digitalization more and more each day. The industry has grown more than having an online presence on the internet. Now the business is shifting towards mobile-optimized businesses because of the organic traffic generated from such. There are 80% of the potential customers going through new businesses on the mobile services.

Among different strategies, on-demand mobile apps are winning the competition with the help of a professional mobile app developer in Dubai.

Why Should You Opt For an On-Demand App

On-demand apps don't require a massive budget for development. It can be built on cross platforms and native frameworks for scalability. With scalable and flexible development, you can hop on the bandwagon of both B2B and B2C business with careful strategizing. Since the majority of the traffic is now received from mobile devices, a variety of start-up ideas can take a jump start with a good success rate. On-demand apps encourage users to be more engaged with the business and promote more conversion through the app and have a better retention rate as well.

One of the major benefits of on-demand service apps is that you don't need a physical store to operate. you can either operate from a small warehouse or work in collaboration with the vendors and the service providers.

Top on Demand Apps To Start A Business

Healthcare On-Demand Services App:

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Dubai’s healthcare system is impeccable and the government is encouraging healthcare organizations to move towards digitalization more. Healthcare on-demand apps are a growing industry covering a vast spectrum of services and features. Healthcare on-demand services apps can be commercialized whether you are connecting the audience to the specialist or you are running a pure medicine delivery service. You also get into the industry of delivering medical equipment at home depending on the market demand. Some of the features and services you can offer on the on-demand apps include:

  • Book an appointment
  • Order medicines
  • Schedules Health test
  • Connect to a network of doctors
  • Appoint in house professional nurses
  • Searching a psychiatrist with reviews

Handyman On-Demand Services Apps:

Plumbing, electrical issues, wiring, and so on are some of the most common household issues. And even the bigger issue is finding a good handyman with minimal charges. In this industry, there is a vast space to pick up a specialty and work for it. If you own a handyman service business, on-demand service apps can really boost your business. With the handyman’s on-demand services, you can provide plumbing services, send professionals for electrical work and contracts or offer other woodwork and other services. Some businesses combine the handyman and repair services as a whole

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Food/ Grocery Delivery On-Demand Service App:

Food is always going to be in trend regardless of the situation. Even though there is quite a lot of competition in this industry, if you can crack the code of quality services, collaboration and distribution you can give a tough time to the competition and emerge as a new business as well. As a food delivery service, you can focus on savories OR desserts Or combine both depending on your network.

There are a couple of food delivery apps across UAE including Zomato, Talabat, eat clean, eat easy and careem now from who you can operate ideas, the missing points and consumer pain points to build something new, beating the competition.

Ticketing On-Demand Service App:

Standing in the long sequences before major events are the worst part and the most hectic. Additionally, there is a fear of tickets running. Through your book or your ticket on-demand app you can target individuals with 5-6 days work week and who have barely time to actually get in the queue. Before you launch the app you will need some of the collaborators and contractors to supply you the exclusive tickets. With the ticket delivery on-demand service apps, you can focus on:

  • Movie tickets
  • Exhibition tickets
  • Play & theater tickets
  • Concert ticket
  • Adventure park tickets

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Cleaning On-Demand Service Apps:

Annual cleaning is like a festival for the cleaning and hygiene industry. There is too much work and revenue. The cleaning business also offers a lot of potential to build on-demand service apps. In this industry, you can offer interior or exterior cleaning or a combined offer. There are alot of cleaning services for the garage, yard and AC around the season. Cleaning services may also go for car washing or pet grooming as far as your hygiene sense goes.

Accessory & Gears On-Demand Apps:

Accessory and gears are a good industry too especially when paired with customization. You can focus on gears and accessories that are less available on the online market. For example, COvid19 waves confined us in the house a lot and individuals at such phases require functionality and activity they carry out in the gym. Focusing on those individuals, you can provide gym equipment and accessories through your on-demand service app.

Similarly, you can focus on other gear-specific industries as well.

How can you generate more ideas for business with on-demand service apps?

All of the 0n-demand apps mentioned above are simple e-commerce ideas and can be executed with inspiration from other businesses. On-demand services thrive when they are solving a particular issue faced by the consumer market. For example, food and delivery, on-demand transportation apps, and numerous health apps. You dig into any niche where consumers are continuously demanding an online solution and work through how on-demand service app development can be applied to that niche.

If you are unsuccessful in finding such a niche due to the overall digitalization, you can simply pick a niche where the consumers would love the convenience.

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