While Adsense is still really popular, there are other ad networks out there that might be even better depending on what kind of stuff you write about and where your readers are from. Media.net is one of those networks. People are making almost $2,000 a month from media net ads that match what they're writing about without having to work too hard. It's connected with Yahoo! and Bing, bringing in good ads that pay well. They've got access to over $5 billion in ads, making them a solid option if you're looking for something different from Adsense.

Media.net puts ads on your website that fit what your website is about. If you talk about or sell vapes and pods, you'll see ads for e-cigarettes, nic salts, and stuff like that. Contextual ads are more clickable because people find them matching what they're reading. Media.net is choosy about the websites it works with. It likes websites with really good content, even if they're not huge. So if you partner with Media.net, you can make money kind of like with Adsense, sometimes even more.

Media.net Review

Media.net Unique Features

Dynamic Optimization for Relevant Ads

Media.net changes ads to fit what you talk about and who sees them. This makes sure the right ads show up at the right time, making the most money possible. Media.net uses a way to show ads called display-to-search (D2S). It makes money by counting how many times people click on the ads. Companies compete to show their ads and pay for each click. This makes sure your visitors see ads that match what they're interested in, and you make more money.

Customizable Ad Formats for Aesthetic Integration

Website owners can use Media.net to change how ads appear on their site, so they blend in better and look great. You can choose from different types of ads, such as ones that pop up on the screen or ones that appear below articles. This helps you make more money from your ads, especially if people are visiting your site on their mobile phones.

Personalized Support and Optimization

Media net ads is different from Google AdSense. They give you dedicated account managers to talk to about your account, no matter how big or small you are as a publisher. These folks are there to help you out with your questions and worries. They make sure everything runs smoothly and helps you make more money. Their team works hard to make sure both sides win, making your experience better and helping you earn more. And their system keeps getting better at showing ads that people actually like, based on what they've seen before. This means your ads will be more relevant and people will be more likely to click on them.

Integration Options for Different CMS Platforms

You can add ads whenever you want, no need to deal with code or extra plugins. You just want to create your ads in your Media.net PubConsole, then ignore the code they provide. Instead of messing with code, go to your WordPress plugin and choose the “Configuration” menu. You'll find plenty of spots to place your ads without any coding hassle. You can insert ads on any page of your website. You can even customize each page type with different ad spots. If you want to fine-tune your ad spots and style, go to the advanced editor.

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Media.net Ads Approval Requirements

Media.net strictly prioritizes high-quality publishers and premium content websites.

  1. Language and Traffic 
  • Content must be in English.
  • Majority of traffic should originate from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.
  1. Content Quality
  •    Websites must feature mainly original and regularly updated content.
  •    Content should not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights.
  1. Website Traffic
  •  Websites should have a reasonable volume of visitors. Media.net hasn’t specified it but some users say it could be as little as 100 visitors per month.
  •  Excessive advertising is discouraged.
  1. Content Volume and Design
  •    Websites should contain a reasonable amount of content (at least 20 posts is preferable).
  •    Navigation-friendly website design is preferred.

Things to Avoid

  1. Prohibited Content
  •    Websites featuring software piracy, illegal downloads, or deceptive content will be rejected.
  •    Free hosted pages and under-construction sites are not accepted.
  1. Unacceptable Practices
  •    Hidden links and text are not tolerated.
  •    Sites intended for search engine manipulation will be declined.
  •    Websites engaging in unsolicited bulk email or spyware activities will be rejected.
  1. Content Restrictions
  • Media.net does not approve websites featuring adult, pornographic, or illegal content.
  • Content promoting hate, violence, or discrimination is prohibited.
  1. Community Engagement
  •    Websites with unmoderated public forums or chat rooms may face rejection.

Media.net Payment Process

You earn a certain rate for every 1,000 impressions with Media net ads. And it issues payment after 30 days, with a minimum threshold set at $100. For instance, if you get 10,000 impressions with a rate per mille (RPM) of $5, you'll earn $50, but you won't receive payment until you reach the $100 threshold, which may take two months.

Plus, it doesn’t process payments via PayPal. Instead it offers Payoneer or wire transfer. To avoid Payoneer's $1.50 fee, you can transfer funds to your bank account, which some users find reasonable despite complaints.

Pros and Cons of Media.net

Provides a user-friendly interfaceLong waiting periods for account approval and review 
Customer service offers quick feedbackOnce you move on to another ad network, access to your account is restricted
Offers a variety of ads for monetizationPoor ad revenue ($5 per 1,000 impressions) compared to competitors, such as Mediavine ($10 per 1,000 impressions) 
Large pool of advertisers ensuring high-quality adsLimited information available about the platform and its operations
Potential for decent performance as an Adsense alternativeRequires manual approval for each website owned, unlike other ad networks such as Google AdSense
Issues with site performance and speed due to the ads


Media.net is a great choice for ads. It has options like changing ads to fit your site, making ads look how you want, getting help just for you, and working with different website systems. Media.net checks things carefully before you join and cares a lot about good content. So to make more money using Media.net, you need to keep people interested on your site. If you want to run Media net ads on your website, reach out to First Growth Agency and we'll help you out!