Designing a mobile app isn't easy. You need to take into account the preferences and needs of your target market, your niche, the app’s nature and design best practices. But the most important aspect is incorporating the latest design trends to fulfil user expectations.

Mobile app designers know the fleeting nature of its trends and how crucial it is to keep up with the Jones to keep developing user-centric and creative experiences. 

If you are designing a mobile app, you need to learn about the trends that will dominate the mobile app design landscape in 2024 and beyond. So buckle up as we explore the top mobile app design trends for 2024: 

The Latest Statistics for Mobile Applications

The Latest Statistics for Mobile Applications
  • By 2025, experts expect mobile app revenue to rise across most segments and hit a total of about 613 billion dollars
  • In 2023, mobile apps generated around 935 billion dollars in revenue
  • The App Store and Google Play produced a total ROI of 111 billion dollars in 2021
  • The total number of mobile apps on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore surpassed 5.7 million in 2022
  • The app store alone boasts 2.2+ million mobile apps
  • Business of Apps reported that 98% of the profit of Google Playstore comes from free applications
  • Consumers interact with thirty applications each month which means there are about two-thirds or more applications downloaded on the average user’s device 
  • An average mobile device consumer uses about 9 to 10 applications every day and 30 apps every month 

Mobile App Design Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Gradients and Shadows

Gradient backgrounds in mobile apps are pretty common these days and will be in trend in 2024. They help foster motion and depth and attract eyes to particular design components.

Gradients in app designs offer intricacy, grace and a robust concentration by incorporating vibrant hues to a minimal interface, underlining the primary content. 

You may also add patterns and transparency effects, improving the user experience. 

Shadows provide depth to the UI’s volume. It is an appropriate design element to create a sense of objects in the phone as in reality (cards, buttons etc.). Shadows are best when designing with 3D effects, offering depth to written content.

Less is More

Less is More

Users’ attention span is pretty short these days (around 8 seconds), which is why minimalism is among the top design trends for mobile apps and the web. 

People are usually in more hurry when using smartphones than desktops, which makes minimalistic design even more crucial for mobile apps. 

An uncluttered interface offers a clean look and diminishes cognitive overload. 

Simplistic design clarifies what you convey through your mobile app by cutting unnecessary elements and giving every component a job. 

Though immersive design is quite popular, straightforward and neat design is still in demand. It looks beautiful and helps users navigate the app without hassle and shift from one device to the other seamlessly. 

Designers now employ neat outlines, more white space and legible typefaces. 

Abstract Geometry

Abstract Geometry

We have mentioned that “less is more” might be the go-to design philosophy in 2024, but there is another design trend that will offer a new standard of simplicity — abstract geometry. 

Designers use new components of visual interface effects for this design trend. They are utilized to foster a business style of the software. Abstract geometry will dominate as the core visual component, with a move beyond traditional shapes.



Direction helps app design companies attain a uniformity between asymmetry and symmetry in the design. You can employ the structure to make outlines vivid and aesthetically pleasing by implementing size, typography, shades and shapes. 

The method offers an off-beat appearance that gives an outstanding look to your app, unlike its competitors. Mobile app designers will not use rigid lines while working while applying asymmetric design in their overall app design strategy. 

Dark Mode

Dark Mode

It has been a famous design pattern for a long and hasn’t lost its relevancy today. Dark mode will be used in 2024 as a design trend that helps mobile apps stay ahead of their competitors in terms of elegance and user-friendliness. 

You can put distinct functions on a dark mode, offering more ease and grace to the end user. Many software already uses dark mode, and even mobile phone operating systems employ dark themes.

Full-Screen Immersive Graphics

Full-Screen Immersive Graphics

Visuals that take up the whole space on your device screen make it look more charming and convenient to use. The aim of using full-screen immersive graphics is to make every space and corner of the screen look eye-catching. 

This trend immerses the user and compels them to move to a new section of the application. Full-screen effects offer mobile apps the chance to look more beautiful than the mundane, attracting attention to themselves. 



It is a new design trend that fuses digital and real worlds. Designers are implementing real-life tools in digital products. The primary idea of neomorphism is to use a simple flat design, which aids apps in appearing simplistic, but with real-life information such as visuals, buttons and more.

Light shadows and monochrome are ideal for applications that use this trend. App designers should utilise this beautiful trend in 2024 to drive a new target market. 

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We hope our list of the hottest mobile app design trends for 2024 will help you create alluring, navigable and modern designs to attract new audiences. The mobile app design industry keeps evolving, and designers should try fresh ideas, methods and tools to stay ahead of the curve.