We are living in a tech-saturated world. If businesses want to not only survive but thrive in this world, they should adopt technology as much as possible. Mobile phones are central to online media success.

Giant companies have already started taking interest in mobile app development. However, not all mobile apps succeed in fulfilling their goals. The ability to monitor and apply the latest trends in mobile app statistics is the determiner of success. 

If your application fails, you will also stay behind the competitors who successfully leverage mobile apps. It's time you get acquainted with the trends and statistics related to app development.

After conducting fact-based and thorough research, we have picked the top trends and astounding statistics regarding mobile application development.

Usage of Mobile Applications

Read those statistics and trends if you want to get inspired to create a mobile application to boost your business marketing.

  • A whopping 6.3 million people download multiple mobile apps daily, and approximately 250 million apps are downloaded each day. This number is increasing at a rapid pace
  • Mobile phone users use more than ten applications daily and nearly 30 monthly
  • By 2023, app developers are expected to make a total revenue of 935 billion dollars
  • The Play Store has 2.87 million mobile apps for any niche and objective
  • People spend 90 percent of their time using smartphones on mobile apps 
  • On average, people use their mobile phones for over 4 hours daily and dedicate three and half hours to only apps

Revenue Generated by Mobile App

Revenue Generated by Mobile App Development

Google Play Store VS Apple App Store

Android has the largest market share globally, but still, there is less competition among apps here than in Apple's AppStore.

  • As of 2023, the Google Play Store, which caters to Android devices, leads the market with approximately 3.718 million applications available for download. This is a significant increase from the 3.3 million apps reported in May 2022, reflecting key trends in mobile app statistics.
  • In the realm of mobile games, these apps continue to dominate consumer spending on mobile devices. Specifically, games account for about 77% of revenue generation on Google Play, showcasing the significant role of gaming apps in the mobile app economy.
  • The Apple App Store, catering to iOS devices, has around 2.24 million apps and games as of 2023. This marks a slight increase from the 2.2 million apps reported previously. The Apple App Store, despite being smaller in size compared to the Google Play Store, remains a significant player in terms of consumer app spending and is a key component in mobile app statistics.
  • In Apple's App Store, gaming still represents a large segment with approximately 460,000 gaming applications, making up about 21.06% of the App Store. Following gaming, business and education are the second and third most popular app categories, indicating a diverse range of interests among iOS users.

Number of App Downloads

Gaming is the Most Popular Segment in App Store

Out of all the segments on App Store, gaming is the most popular among the developers as more then 21.53% of all the apps available belongs to the gaming niche that's twice the numbers of business category and 4x more then the entertainment category.

Segment in App Store

Latest Trends in Mobile App Technology in 2024

Mobile App Trends And Statistics To Know In 2022

Here are some top trends you should consider while developing an app for your brand in 2024.

Voice User Interfaces

Making voice user interfaces is the top trend in mobile app development. Therefore, prominent brands use voice capabilities in their business apps. 

They have successfully increased customer engagement and improved brand awareness through voice user interfaces. Here are mobile app statistics to understand how much customers like voice capabilities in mobile applications.

  • According to Adobe Voice Technology, eighty-five percent of smartphone users use voice commands
  • 94% of the participants of the same study said they wish to have voice capability in all apps

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets allow consumers to leave cash and cards at home and carry a mobile wallet app on their smartphones. Unsurprisingly, mobile wallet apps are trending due to their responsiveness, security, and comfort.

  • Some experts in mobile app development trends say that 75% of smartphone users will use mobile wallets by 2025
  • GetApp conducted a Retail Comeback survey that revealed that more than sixty-five percent of the small retail businesses have already executed mobile payments and twenty-five percent intend to apply them

The popularity of mobile apps also owes to the fact that users can earn loyalty points through them, apart from transferring money and paying for products.

Starbucks offers you loyalty points whenever you buy coffee at their outlet. You can pay the next time using the loyalty points you have collected.

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The 5G Technology in Mobile App Development in Dubai

Mobile app developers have already started incorporating 5G technology in their products which is slowly brushing off the 4G/LTE mobile internet networks. 5G mobile technology is being used in cloud computing, wireless healthcare services, and driverless transportation technologies and more in the upcoming years.

  • In 2019, the United Arab Emirates was ranked number one in the Arab world and number four globally in releasing and setting up 5G networks (Global Connectivity Index)
  •  The country’s regulatory authority regarding telecommunications, called TDRA, is working on 5G research activities and determining the goals and requirements for 5G
  • According to Carphone Warehouse, Emirates also secured the third position in the world’s most connected countries
  • Nearly 47.5% (660 million) of all smartphones will support 5G networks
  • 5G users are expected to reach an astounding number of 3 billion by 2025
  • The data transfer rate is expected to rise to 100 GB per second, motivating the advancement of other mobile technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, etc.

Foldable Devices

Do you think that foldable devices are still relatively new? You are wrong. You should start thinking about the user experience of folding displays while developing your app. Smartphone manufacturers will ship 75.6 million foldable smartphone displays in 2025., as per Statista.

Foldable displays provide users with convenience as they can use them as a tablet when they need a larger screen and then fold them when they need to use them as a mobile phone. Developers need to ensure that your applications run smoothly on these devices.

When users find convenience in new technology in apps, mobile app development agencies should start focusing on creating products to optimize the user experience for those apps.

Here are some more reasons why users love foldable devices:

  • Foldable displays allow for an immersive and thorough experience with more space available
  • You can execute various tasks at a time with multi-windows
  • By increasing screen size, gaming and video streaming applications can get enormous benefits from foldable devices. Or they can utilize the additional space to deliver more information and settings

Mobile app developers should develop apps that can change preview instantly with the user action. To understand it, think about the portrait and landscape orientations in mobile phones and how we change them. The foldable display has challenged mobile apps to split into two majors.

Bottom Line

By seeing all these trends and mobile app statistics, we can conclude that the app development sector will go to new heights of success. Businesses thinking about creating an app for their brand awareness and marketing should not waste more time.

The app development industry is growing fearlessly, as it is adopting and experimenting with new technologies every other day. Startups and ventures are making a good amount of profits with mobile apps. 

However, as the competition is tough, you should take help from a trustworthy mobile app development company. They will develop an app using cutting-edge technologies to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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