New social media and messaging platforms emerge now and then, but only a few become a favorite of users. Snapchat is one such example, which is a top photo and video capturing app that 238 million people actively use daily across the world. 

Seeing Snapchat’s massive success, many companies created apps that are like Snapchat in features. Though Snapchat is still unique and irreplaceable, it's a good idea to check out those apps as well, as you may find features that speak to your unique needs. 

"As of October 2023, the number of Snapchat users worldwide is estimated to be around 492.70 million, with 384.30 million daily active users."

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This blog entails a list of top Snapchat alternatives that you should check out in 2024! Let's start with talking about some Snapchat features.

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat’s Unique Features

Capturing and Sharing Photos or Snaps

Snapchat - Capturing and Sharing Photos or Snaps

It's the key feature of the app and allows users to capture and send videos or photos that self-destrcut in seconds. Snapchat also contains innumerable various text captions, tools and filters to edit videos.

Self-Destructing Content

It is Snapchat’s custom feature that made it a favorite of teenagers and college students. Here is how its mechanism works:

  • When you shoots a message, the Snapchat uploads it in its server
  • They send you a message about the new snap that they download in a temporary place on your device
  • Once you opens the notification, message copy is deleted from the temporary location and a notification is sent to the app server
  • The app then removes the message from the server. If a user doesn’t open it till thirty days, snapchat automatically deletes it.

Snapchat’s Lenses

Snapchat - Lenses

 The app leverages the Active Shape Model to capture someone’s face and develop facial borders. Their machine learning mechanism helps them adjust the face as per the picture provided. Snapchat finetunes the image and matches the filter with your face. Lastly, they employ the following face points to balance a 3D mask that moves and adapts with a face.

Finding and Adding Friends

Snapchat - Finding Friends

You can add your pals through personalized QR codes as every users bears an individual QR code that you can scan and begin following. They are called snapcodes. 

You can also turn on the Add Nearby feature to allow snapchat to send your coordinates to the servers. The server compares the location of people with an active Add-Nearby scream and displays your potential buddies. 

7 Best Snapchat Alternatives


Instagram Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web and desktop

Number of installs: 1,000,000,000+

Instagram is one of the Snapchat’s competitors as its also an application for sharing visual content. 

Face masks and filters for videos and photosNumerous extra applications such as Layout for Instagram etc
10 minutes long IGTV videosDon’t allow rearranging pictures on the feed
Private chat optionScreenshot notifications
Allows sharing pictures and videos with close pals only-
Likes, comments and statistics-
File sharing capability -
Audio messages and video calls-

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TikTok Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web

Number of installs: 1,000,000,000+

TikTok is another app like Snapchat which allows users to share entertainment, dance and educational videos. This Chinese app features loads of filters and songs and soundtracks that users can add to their content. 

Interactive short videosNo built-in messages
Minimalistic and intuitive interfaceLack of self-destructing content
Numerous video filtersLimits for video length 
A vast array of soundtracks and music to pick fromLimited editing
-Occasional glitches

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Wickr Me

Wickr Me Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android and iOS

Number of installs: 6,000,000+

WickrMe is another Snapchat like app for android and iPhone users. It has encrypted messages, photo and video sharing, voice memos etc.

Super fast and safeLack of screenshot notifications
Complete privacyNo sync between devices
Zero pop-up ads-


Telegram Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web and desktop

Number of installs: 550,000,000+

Telegram is another user-friendly and safe app similar to Snapchat. Its secret chats feature enables users to share self-destructing videos like they do with Snapchat.

Secret chat option just like the one on SnapchatA little user community
Smart botsAbsence of face filters
Public groups and group chatsNo screenshot notifications
Allows sharing files as heavy as 1.5 GB-
Increased confidentiality and safety-
Video and audio calls-
Multiple stickers and GIF-

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Snapseed Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android and iOS

Number of installs: 150,000,000+

Snapseed is a photo and video editing app which has a vast array of photo editing features such as brushes, structure, healing and digital filters. 

User-friendlyNo sharing option
A vast array of features for photo and video editingNo self-destructing files
Hassle-free sharing option to various social media platformsLack of built-in chat or video calls


Cluster Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android and iOS 

Number of installs: 110,000+

Cluster app lets users make private picture albums for friends and family and share them with specific people.

Group sharingAbsence of editing tools or filters for photos and videos
Sends alerts when a user includes a new picture to their albumNo built-in chat
Sync between web and mobile-


imgur Snapchat Alternative

Download: App Store & Google Play

Platforms: Android and iOS 

Number of installs: 10,000,000+

Imgur is a video creation app that has many funny menes, cute pet videos and other amusing stuff. 

GIF creatorNo chat
NewsfeedLack of image modification features
Tons of classy memes and amusing GIFsNo self-destructing content


Snapchat was the first photo and video sharing app with disappearing pictures and stories. After its success, many social media apps copied its features but they haven’t been able to replace Snapchat. But still, you should know about the snapchat alternatives to see if they offer some features that you might like! If you want to create an app like Snapchat, a trusted mobile app development company like Maven Digital can help you. Drop us a line to share your app idea!