Welcome to the fast-paced realm of social media, where new trends emerge every other day and disappear as quickly. It has become challenging for marketers to keep up with the Jones on these social media platforms to boost their brand awareness and foster connections with their target audience.

Understanding different social media sites is crucial to developing a killer marketing strategy for them as per their specific audiences. But you don't have to spend hours examining every social channel and researching their demographics, general attitudes and subcultures to create marvelous marketing content.

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This piece sheds light on two important social media networks — Snapchat and TikTok. Let's see which one is better for your needs and why! Without further ado, let's get started:

TikTok Vs Snapchat: Main Differences and Similarities

TikTok VS Snapchat

You might be familiar with these two social media platforms, or you may have never used them. Nevertheless, our guide will look at the aspects that can help you in your marketing if you decide to use them for your brand.


Snapchat Logo

Snapchat is comparatively older than its rival and is an instant messaging app where you can send different types of media to your friends. The fun part is that these messages, in whatever format, only stay for a short while before they disappear and are inaccessible. The messages may be only images, text, videos or some mixture and could be put on a story, similar to Instagram stories, among other stuff.

Features and Pros of Snapchat

All types of content that are sent using Snapchat are consistent in their impermanence. Users need to save them intentionally. But there are other features and benefits of Snapchat, including:

Direct Messaging

Snapchat’s chat features enable messages to be sent directly through text or via images or videos (that may also include text).

Snap Story

Users may publish snaps either in image or video format on the app for each follower to view that disappear after being shown for 24 hours.

Filters and Lenses

What if you see a rainbow coming out of your mouth? Ever dreamed of making it appear as the first image that was ever captured? Snapchat’s filters and lenses can make it all possible.

Geofilters (Also Called Community Tags or Geotags)

Geofilters can help you enjoy a travel spot by tagging your location while taking pictures and videos using the filters. It means if you are in France, it will show two Eiffel Towers in your image to put more stress. 

Call Features

Both video and voice calls are accessible to people, another aspect links buddies, family members and loved ones.


If you like a picture, you don’t need to stress over it expiring permanently, as you may store it in your Memories file in Snapchat’s gallery. The app even fuses the month’s images for consumer perusal and shares reminders regarding a specific day when you took all those pictures in that combination. It allows users to revive their memories. 

Snap Map

Your Snap pals and other users are publishing all around the globe, and this feature lets you consume their posts. You may check out foreign or neighboring cities and view what’s buzzing in several locations and which of your followers are there.

Discover Page

You can view publicly shown stories on this page as well as specific business posts. The Discover page functions somewhat as a news feed with posts from recognized creators, smaller profiles and compiled public feeds.


TikTok Logo

TikTok is all about videos with soundtracks as the secondary element. There are no creative restraints for these videos because you may publish anything you like, from lip-syncing videos to challenges to tutorials. Yes, there are regulations on what you can publish just like any other social media platform, but these guidelines don’t stop creators from posting wild and amusing videos. Algorithms create a feed that transmits new videos into a consumer’s sight depending on what they like.

People shoot, modify and create their content and publish them on the platform. These may be small videos ranging from 15 seconds to three minutes. 

Features of TikTok

These are the unique and best of the best features of TikTok:

Video uploading, creating and editing

You may shoot or upload your content to the platform and modify it with size, soundtrack or playback speed.

Effects and filters

TikTok boasts tons of fun stickers and animations, and you can include a filter to beautify your face in the video or lip-sync along to a song in the app. These can help your videos shine.

AR Features

Augmented reality is famous on different social media channels and TikTok is no exception. You may include accessories online for additional enriching effects.

Exporting Other Social Media

Users can easily share content on other sites, making it quickly exportable.

Comments and Likes

Liked videos gather on one of the pages available to you. TikTok shows likes as hearts and comments below the video for your followers to check out.

User Tagging

Unsimilar to Instagram’s hashtags, you may tag other users or trends, asking TikTokers to join a challenge such as the Duet challenges or just to add to a trend such as the #DatingWrapped trend.


On TikTok, you can see yourself reacting to other users’ posts. You can publish content in which you are taking in others’ content.

Live Video Streaming

You may shoot yourself or live events in real time and even receive cash with this functionality. 


You may run live broadcasts for others in your locality and also view if another TikToker is living near you.


It's hard to decide which one is the winner in this battle between TikTok and Snapchat. We will say it depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both platforms have a lot of potential not just for individual influencers but also for marketers wanting to boost their branding. So, we have discussed the features of both apps and leave it to you to decide which one is better!