Unity Ads helps game developers make money by showing ads. These ads fit nicely into games made with Unity software and don't annoy players. It makes sure games still feel fun while showing ads.  Plus, it works on computers with Windows, Mac, and Linux,  supporting all kinds of 2D and 3D games. With this, developers can create game startup screens and simulate augmented reality experiences. And the best thing is that Unity Ads helps game creators earn money from all their players, even those who don't usually spend money on games. 

It’s a game-changer for developers who want to monetize their games without ruining the fun for players. It has got features that make it super easy to make money while keeping the gaming enjoyable.


Unity Ads Features

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Unity Ads works on all devices, and it doesn’t even require you to write different code for Android phones, iPhones, or other devices. You don’t have to redo anything for any platform.

Access to Unity Ads Exchange

Unity guides you where advertisers want to show their ads in games and why it would be best to do so. 

Reporting and Insights

Unity Ads have got easy-to-use tools to see how your ads are doing in your game. You can track things like how many people see the ads and how much money you're making from them.

Ad Content Management

Unity Ads lets you choose what kinds of ads show up in your game. If you don't want certain ads to appear, you can block them. You can also see how blocking ads might affect the money you make.

Flexible Orientation-Free Ads

No matter in which position players hold their devices, Unity Ads shows ads correctly. So, whether they're holding their phone vertically or horizontally, the ads will look perfect and work well.

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Unity Ads Payment Methods

Unity Ads makes it easy for publishers to get their money. You'll get paid every two months, with a minimum payout of $100. Although it takes a bit of time to get your earnings, you get quick help if there are any payment problems. They have a guide to help you set up automatic payments step by step. Right now, Unity Ads only pays out in US dollars and takes PayPal and Credit Card. If you're a big organization, you need to spend at least $1000 to get paid.

Supported Ad Formats

These Unity Ads are all great quality and you can skip them if you don't want to see them. They won't bug you or anything.

  1. Rewarded video

Rewarded ads are those ads you can watch while using an app to get cool stuff in return. It's like when you're playing a game, you can earn game money, extra lives, or boosts by watching ads.

Rewarded video
  1. Full-screen interstitial

This type takes over the whole screen. They show up when you're moving from one part of the game to another. You have the option to tap on the ad to visit the link, or you can just close it and get back your game.

  1. Banner ads

Banner views are rectangular picture or word ads that hang out on your screen. They stay glued to the bottom-center of the screen while you're busy playing. And, sometimes they switch up on their own after a while.

Banner ads

Pros and Cons of Unity Ads

Interactive ad display for education programs
Unity Ads lets you show ads in an engaging way for educational uses.
Not ideal for B2B companies due to limited market reach
Unity Ads might not reach enough people if your business sells to other businesses.
Provides analytical tools for user interest
It gives you tools to understand what types of ads users like, helping you choose the best and tailored ads for your audience.
Low eCPM rates compared to competitors
The money you earn for showing Unity Ads might be lower compared to other ad networks, affecting your overall earnings.
Easy setup and user-friendly dashboard
You can easily set up Unity Ads. They offer an easy-to-use dashboard to keep track of how your ads are performing.
Sometimes less competitive compared to other networks
Unity Ads might not pay as much money as other ad networks.
High fill rate compared to other networks
Unity Ads shows more ads compared to other networks, increasing your ad-reach.
Presence of excessive ads within games
It doesn’t happen often but at times there are too many ads in games built with Unity Ads.
Reliability in performance and integration
Unity Ads usually work well and integrate easily into your games. So there are fewer problems for developers.
Payments released on a 60-day policy
Unity Ads takes 60 days before paying you for showing ads. So you can be frustrated as it delays your income.


Unity Ads is a good choice for game developers who want to make money from their games without making them salesy. You can use it easily, it works well on different devices, and you can choose between a lot of ways to show ads. 

Although there are problems like late payments, it’s still a reliable ad network. It also gives useful information about how ads are doing, helping you to perform better. Big games like Ruzzle use Unity Ads, showing that it's a good option for game makers who care about making money while keeping players happy. So if you want to put Unity Ads in your mobile game, talk to Maven Digital now.