Apple has been wiping out apps that haven't been updated for a long time from its AppStore. It's part of the app improvement program that they initiated in 2016.

Many developers have been criticizing this policy, especially indie game developers. Let's take a look at what exactly Apple has said in its notice to developers.

According to Apple, developers haven't updated their applications for a long time. Therefore they need to update it in 30 days, otherwise they will remove it from the sale.

The notice further said that the users who already have their app installed on their devices don’t need to worry. Because the app will stay available for those users.

Apple has given 30 days to submit an updated version for review. The notice threatens that the app will be deleted from the AppStore if a review isn’t submitted until the deadline.

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What is Apple’s App Store Improvements Program?

The major aim of this program is to make sure that all app store applications are up to date and running well. This will aid consumers in finding amazing apps that fulfill their needs.

Apple has been imposing a continuous process of assessing apps, deleting apps that no longer run as expected, don’t obey recent review guidelines, or have become old.

As per this program, Apple will notify the app owners to update their apps to save them from getting removed. But, applications that collapse on release will be deleted instantly from the Appstore.

What are the Recent Review Guidelines of the Appstore?

Apple takes pride that its list of apps is well-curated. According to them, each app is inspected by professionals and their editorial staff assists people in finding out new applications every day.

AppStore has divided its review guidelines into 5 categories: Safety, Business, Performance, Design, and Legal. This article can’t encompass all these sections in detail. So, we will discuss each briefly.


Applications having user-generated content must include a mechanism to complain about hurtful content, a process for filtering offensive content from being published to the app, and the functionality to shut abusive users off the service and post contact data so people can easily contact you. Other important considerations are:

Your app shouldn't have content that is defamatory, intended to disgust, offensive to a particular group, in extremely poor taste, or just creepy. It should not be damaging to users’ devices likely to inflict physical injury from its use.

Additionally, it shouldn't realistically portray humans/animals being tortured, killed, or abused.


The performance criterion deals with app completeness,  beta testing, accurate metadata, hardware compatibility, and software requirements.

The app you submit for review should be complete with all required metadata and completely working URLs included. It should be already tested on-device for errors and stability. 

Professionals who deal with iOS app development in Dubai shouldn't use the app store for beta testing. They should rather use Test Flight for this purpose. Furthermore, if you submit an app for beta distribution through Test Flight, remember that its purpose should be public distribution. Also, it must follow app review guidelines.

Your app’s metadata should reflect the app’s actual experience. It should function on the recent shipping OS. Furthermore, keep your app updated and eliminate objectionable features, technologies, or frameworks.


There are a lot of ways to earn money through an application on the Appstore. Make sure that your business model is obvious. Otherwise, provide details about it in the app review notes and metadata.

Remember that Apple should be able to understand how your app functions. And your in-app purchase should be instantly obvious. Or else, your app will face a delayed review and it might be rejected altogether.

Apple intends to keep iPhone app development’s integrity intact. Thus, don’t try to manipulate reviews, boost your chart positions with incentivized, paid, filtered, or fraudulent comments, or interact with external services to do so. Otherwise, you may be dropped out of the Apple Developer Program.


Apple expects you to bring your own ideas to the table. Don’t copy from the other apps or just make some little modifications to a popular existing app. Your product should have features, materials, and user interface that boost it beyond a reconfigured site.

Apple is especially wary of applications that can’t function on their own and require users to download another app to run. Moreover, don’t create various Bundle IDs for a single app. Instead, submit a single app and offer the variations utilizing in-app purchases.

As far as game streaming is concerned, it is allowed provided you stick to all the guidelines. 


Make sure that your app fulfills all legal requirements in any place where you make it accessible. Developers have to follow local laws, applicable laws, privacy best practices, and the conditions of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Additionally, your app should contain a link to your privacy policy in the metadata field of the Appstore Connect and the link should be easily accessible within the app as well. Developers should put original or licensed-to-use content in their products.


Apple says that its objective is to give a secure user experience to people when they download the apps. And they wish to provide amazing chances of success to developers too.